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Kim Taehyung,the CEO of the Lim enterprise,is a single father for a 4 year old boy whose name is Kim Jaehyng.His wife was dead due to a car accident when Jaehyung was 1 year old. Shin Inha,a jobless person who is looking for a job.She is not a kid lover due to her own personal reasons but she doesn't hate them.Her friend Jeon Jungkook,introduced her to Taehyung as a babysitter. what do you think which held for them in the future?will Inha brighten Taehyung's and Jaehyung's world or destroy it?

Romance / Children
Xu Zen
Age Rating:

Chapter 1



I entered my house or should I say mansion.It was past 10p.m.Today was a very busy day for me.I was so late to come home.

I expected the house to be dead silent but the sound of the tv from the living room got me confused.I went to the living to see my best friend Jeon Jungkook.He is 3 years younger than me but he is still my best friend despite our age.He has been living with me since my wife got in to the accident. He helped me a lot.He took care of my son when I couldn’t even make a milk bottle for my son.He was there with me whenever I was struggling. He is still a college student.

When I was coming to the living room,he was just blankly staring at the tv.I knew this mood of him.Something is wrong.

“Kook”I called him from behind but he couldn’t hear me.

So I placed my hand on his shoulder making him startled.He looked at me in shock.

“Oh Tae. You came?“he asked after heaving a sigh.

I sat beside him.

“Yeah.Where’s Jaehyung?“I asked although I knew he must be sleeping.

“I put him to sleep.”

I nodded.

“You alright kook?”

I asked seeing his upset mood.He sighed.

“My dad called me.”

“What did he say this time?“I asked knowing how bad Jungkook gets stressed because of his dad.

“He wants me to take over his company.”

“That’s the everyday recording.Just do whatever you want Jungkook. Don’t force yourself. “I said.

“This time,I don’t think that I can do whatever I want.He threatened me if I didn’t do what he wants,he will kick me out of the family.“He said and sighed.

He is a stubborn kid.He does whatever he wants.But he loves his family so much.

“So I agreed.And now he wants me to go to America for my studies.so I can become a successful CEO”

My eyes got widened.

“What?!b-but---“I was cut off by him.

“I know tae.You can’t take care of Jae alone.But atleast,try to make this chance to get close to him”

I got panicked.

“Jungkook,he literally hates me.He only loves you.How can I take care of him?!”

Yes.My son hates me because I don’t have any time for him.He spends his time with Jungkook everyday.He even calls Jungkook ‘daddy’.

“Taehyung, he doesn’t hate you.He just needs your attention.You always ignore him”

I sigh.

“I don’t know how to take care of him”I whispered.

“What if you hire a baby sitter?“he asked.

I thought for a moment.

“Do you know anyone?because I don’t know where I should find a baby sitter. “I said and smiled cheekily.

He glared at me.

“Fine.I’ll do it too.But I hope you will be in good terms with him when I come back”

I sighed.

“I’ll try.”

“No.you should. He is your son Taehyung. Your own son!”

I nodded and looked at him.

“When will you leave?”

“After this week”

“How do you plan to tell about this to Jae? You know,he won’t take it good.”

He pouted and sighed.

“I will miss him”he muttered.


In the morning,I decided to go to find a baby sitter after driving Jaehyung to his nursery.

I went to Jaehyung’s room to wake him up.

“Jae,wake up.It’s already morning.”

He whined not wanting to wake up.I chuckled.

“Come on Jae. Appa is waiting for you.”

He calls ‘appa’ for Taehyung and ‘daddy’ for me.

“If you’re not gonna wake up,I’ll give you a tickle attack”

He didn’t even budge.

“Okay!then tickle attack!!!“I shouted and tickled his body.

He started to giggle.

“D-Daddy!!n-no. S-Stop”

I laughed and stopped.I held him in my arms.

“Okay.now let’s go.Appa has a meeting early today.So he has to go earlier. “I said and carried him downstairs.

He hugged my neck.

“Tell him to go”he said coldly.

“Jae!he is your appa”

I saw Taehyung was standing in the living room.He smiled seeing us and approached us.

“Good morning Jae”he greeted cheerfully.But Jae ignored him and hide his face on my neck.

Taehyung came close to us and patted Jae’s head.

“Hey,appa is leaving. Aren’t you going to give me a kiss?“Taehyung asked softly.

No reply.

“Jae,appa is waiting.“I whispered.

“No!why would I kiss someone who leaves me everyday?!!“Jae shouted making me shock although it is not the 1st time.

He wiggled in my hold trying to get out from my grip.I put him down and he ran to upstairs.

I sighed.Taehyung looked at the ceiling trying not to shed the tears which were already formed in his eyes.I patted his shoulder.

“Tae,please.Just spend your time with him.That’s all you need to do.”

He gulped and nodded.

I was driving Jaehyung to his nursery.He was pouting all the time.

“Jae,what’s wrong?“I asked while driving.

“Daddy,why doesn’t appa love me?”

“He loves you Jae. He is just busy.He is working for you.He wants a bright future for you.so that’s why he is working so hard”I tried to explain.

“What is future?“he asked confusely.

How am I going to explain?

“Beautiful,adventures and exciting days that we still haven’t seen.Your appa is working to give you that future”I explained and smiled.

After sending him to nursery,I went to an apartment building. I entered to the elevator and got to the right floor.

I knocked the door few times.After waiting for what felt like eternity,the door was opened by a girl.How should I describe her?

Well,a messy hair,sleepy eyes,pyjamas. Am I really going to give this job to her?

As soon as she recognized me,she gasped.

“Kook!!“she shouted in happy.

I smiled and waved.She is one of my high school friend.I still keep in touch with her since she is like a sister to me.

“Hey,Inha.Long time no see huh?“I asked and winked.

She rolled her eyes and glared.

“You still have that flirting habit. Don’t you?”

“Yeah baby!“I said in a flirty way.

She laughed and shook her head.

“So,why are you here?”

“Ugh,is this how you treat a guess?let me come inside”I said and didn’t wait for a reply as I pushed her to a side and entered.

I quickly sat on a couch comfortably and placed my leg on the coffe table.

“Last time I check,this was my house kook.“she said with her both hands on her waist while giving me a glare.

“Oh come on.It’s like my house too.And now sit down.I have a good news to you”

She sat down next to me and folded her arms.

“I heard you’re looking for a job?“I asked.

She sighed and nodded.


“What happened to your job?”

“I caught our boss was cheating on his wife with his Secretary. But some other idiot has seen it too and told it to his wife.Boss thought it was me.And then you can imagine the rest”

I nodded understanding.

“So what is your good news?“she asked.

“I found a job for you.”

“REALLY?!“She shouted excitedly.

I nodded.

“What is it?”

“Baby sitting”

“-_-“she made a blank face.

“Jeon fucking jungkook!are you kidding me?!”

“Wait!please listen. He will pay you a good amount.Just for few months.“I tried to explain.

“I don’t know how to handle kids!”

“He is just a toddler. He will behave.Trust me”

Well,I lied a bit.He doesn’t like strangers.He will do anything to make them leave him alone.

“Plus,you need money right now”I reminded.

She sighed in annoyance.


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