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Panic: Oumasai Pregame


"You don't get it!" I screamed while trying to struggle against the chains of my abuser's bed. "It's not that I don't like you. It's that I'm scared of you!"

Horror / Erotica
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Author's Note

Author's note!!!!!

Fair warning I wanted to write Something SaiOuma ( Shuichi x Kokichi) for a while so this is what I am doing.

But that's not what the warning is about, I'm trying to work on Abuser/Victim relationships in writing and I found the Pregame AU would fit.

So that means that This will be a very bad attempt at a Stockholm syndrome relationship between Kokichi and Shuichi.

That's all the warning was so if you're uncomfortable with this type of shit then don't read this, just block me and it will be over with.

Another thing if you don't know about the Pregame AU to save you from your parents looking through You're search history I'll explain it to you.
The Pregame AU takes place before the killing game (No Shit Sherlock) therefore it should be over right? NO, Shuichi is batshit crazy and Obsessed with Danganronpa.
Kokichi is a hell of a lot different and is super shy and is bullied by everyone but Rantaro, Kiibo, and Shuichi.
Shuichi has Kokichi Convinced that Nobody loves him and they're all pretending. So yeah an abusive relationship. But this thing is Kokichi is in love with Shuichi so um yeah.
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