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I'll never say


Tord has gone through a lot as the red leader, but this might be the worst. Will this be the thing that finally breaks the Red Leader and everyone who cares about him?

Thriller / Action
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Chapter 1

Tord slowly woke, soreness dulling his body as usual. The pain was normal in this hell. He heard talking, voice sending shivers down his spine. How were they there? No one knew where he was, right? Were they there to kill him? Were they here to save him? Maybe if he just pretended to be asleep they wouldn’t hurt him.

“Ugh, I can’t believe we’re stuck here with commie” Came the annoyed voice of tom.

“Is he even alive?” Matt’s worried voice chimed in.

“Well, he is breathing. I am worried though…” edd sighed. So they weren’t there to kill him… if anything, they seemed like they didn’t know why they were there. Tord decided to take his chances and pretended to be waking up. “Ahh look! He’s waking!!”

Opening his eyes tord found he wasn’t in the small room he was used to. Instead, he was in a bigger room with four beds, one the other side of the room, a bunk bed on the right wall, and the bed he was lying on. Edd and Matt were sitting across from him while Tom was sitting on the bottom bunk.

“So you’re finally awake,” Tom said, glaring at tord as if he brought him here.

“What the fuck?” Was the only thing tord could come up with. Because honestly, what the fuck? How were they here? Why were they here? The black army wasn’t planning on hurting them, were they?

“Are you okay, tord?” Edd asked, a look of genuine concern on his face. He felt a pang in his heart. Edd still cared about him.

“Of course I’m fine! Why wouldn’t i-FUCK!” Tord cursed out in pain as he tried to sit up. His stomach burned painfully and he had no choice but to collapse back into bed. “I’m alright…” coughing, tord was shocked to see blood.

“Tord!” Edd shouted in surprise. He quickly got up and rushed over to Tords side. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine Edd. Just a little banged up.” tord said, hugging his stomach weakly. Edd used his hoodie sleeve to clean the blood that clung to his chin. He rubbed Tord's cheek gently, running his thumb over one of tords fading bruises. Tord knew he had bruises on his face, that his whole body was probably black and blue. Tord most definitely wasn’t okay, but he wasn’t about to tell them that.

“So commie, you know why we’re here?” Tom said suddenly. Tord raised an eyebrow at the alcoholic brit.

“No..? Why would I?”

“You’re always causing trouble, it’d make sense if you had someone kidnap us. What are they gonna do to us?!” Ouch. That actually kinda hurt. Tord was getting annoyed at Tom’s wild claims and chose to close his eyes and ignore him. “Hey!”

“Tom stop being so rude! Can’t you see he’s hurt? Why would he even have anything to do with this!?” Edd said with a frown. Tord grinned before coughing up more blood. “Tord! Okay, this isn’t normal, you’re going to tell me what’s wrong with you!”

“Edd…” tord whimpered softly. Edd gently brought him up onto his lap, and Tord didn’t miss the death glare Matt gave him. “It hurts…” he moaned. So much for not showing weakness. His arms wrapped around his midsection.

“What? What hurts? Matt, tom get over here!” Reluctantly the two males moved over to tords bed. Edd stared down at his friend In worry, oblivious to the fact that he was being glared at. Tord shook his head, holding onto Edd like a lifeline. “Tord, where does it hurt!?”

“Jesus fuck edd, he’s not gonna tell you! Just leave commie to choke on his blood” tom shook his head with a scoff. Edd gasped and tord coughed wetly.

“Fuck you Jehovah, this is a new level of hate. Even I would try and help you.” tord said, forcing himself to sit up and move out of Edd’s lap. “But you’re right about that I guess, I can’t tell you what’s wrong”

“What? Why not Todd” Matt asked. He held Edd’s hand almost as an extra ‘fuck you’ to tord. If tord wasn’t choking up blood he might’ve pushed the annoying ginger off his bed.

“I just can’t... okay?” Tord huffed as he pushed himself into the farthest corner of the bed. His eyelids felt heavy but he knew what might happen if he wasn’t awake.

“Tord… Please…” Edd looked so genuinely hurt by the fact that he couldn’t help tord it pained the Norwegian. “you know we’re still your boyfriends, right? You know we care about you, right tord? So you have to tell us what’s wrong…”

A single tear slipped down Tord’s face. “I- I…” tord squeezed his eyes shut. He didn’t want to deal with this. His friends didn’t deserve to burden something so big. ‘But if you don’t tell them now they’ll be even more hurt later.’ Whispered a little voice in the back of his head ‘shouldn’t they know what to expect?’

“I-its... A lot” he said after a few more moments of silence. Edd perked up, a hopeful look in his lime green eyes. “Don’t freak out or anything… ugh,” Taking a deep breath, tord removed his black tee-shirt. He had to fight the urge to cover himself.

Bruises littered his upper torso, the biggest one on his stomach. His right side had burns and his right arm was covered in bandages. There were a few colorful band-aids placed seemingly at random, but really it was just a failed attempt at making him happy. They’d managed to capture his uncle, Pay, and he was forced to medically aid Tord in any way.

“O-oh my god..” Edd breathed, covering his mouth with his hands. Embarrassment and fear filled the silver-eyed boy and he quickly tried to put his shirt back on. “Tord,” edd grabbed the shirt and took it away from tord.

“What the fuck happened to you!?” Tom said loudly, causing tord to flinch. He looked extremely disturbed. Tord wrapped his arms around himself.

“C-can I have my shirt back?” he mumbled weakly. Being exposed like this was making him uncomfortable, his clothes were the only protection he had. Edd frowned but gave tord back his shirt. The Norwegian was quick to put it back on.

“What happened?” Tom asked again. Tord didn’t respond, looking at the floor like it was the most interesting thing in the world. “Tord! What happened? You can’t just fucking show us something like this and then not say anything!”

“Why do you even care!?” Tord shot back, tears spilling down his cheeks.

“We’re your boyfriends, of course, we care!” Edd said, reaching out to touch Tord but he flinched away.

“You shouldn’t, all I’ve ever done is hurt you!! Being my boyfriend will only hurt you. They’ll hurt you if they know I care about you. Go away, please just leave me alone!” Tord buried his head in his knees. It was quiet for a long moment, the only sound Tord's sniffling. Something draped over his shoulders and the bed dipped.

Tord poked his head out to find everyone on the other bed talking quietly, Tom’s jumper laying over him. He put it on and went back to curling in on himself. The hoodie provides more than just warmth and protection, it gave him comfort. The smell of Smirnoff and Toms peppermint soup made Tord feel a little bit safer.

If only Tord wasn’t here, maybe in his office working on something new. Maybe if he hadn’t blown up the house he could’ve gone there, laughed with them while watching ‘Insane zombies pirates from hell’. But of course, he had to go back for his damn robot. He just had to blow up the houses, tell Edd that he didn’t love him. He wouldn’t be here, none of this would’ve happened. Tord really did ruin everything.

“What is that!?” Tom suddenly shrieked, startling tord. Looking up tord saw that pink smoke was slowly filling the room.

“If you breathe it in you’ll pass out…” tord muttered but made no move to get up. He took a few deep breaths as the other began to panic.

“What do we do?” Edd said, voice frantic as he jumped to the top bunk bed.

“Smoke rises idiot! Get down!” Tom spat. Edd made a surprised face and jumped down onto Tord’s bed, jostling the Norwegian. “Damn it, commie! Is there a way we can get out of this?”

“Not that I know of, the smoke is just gonna fill the entire room,” Tord responded, a little winded.

“There has to be a way!” Edd said in distress, looking around. Tord was holding his breath. The thing about the smoke was it wouldn’t instantly knock you out, you had to inhale quite a bit of it. That wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t hurt. The smoke, when inhaled, would burn the throat and irritate the lung. Then you’d be stuck coughing and gasping for air. Tord would rather hold his breath and try to knock himself out.

His chest felt tight, and he could see black at the edges of his vision. Loud, horse coughing from beside him jerked him from his dais and he involuntarily inhaled. He coughed as pink smoke filled his lungs. The others weren’t faring any better. Edd was grabbing at his chest, face pale and he looked close to passing out. Tom was shaking, face first on the bed. Matt seemed to have already passed out, and they weren’t far behind. It felt like razor blades were cutting his throat with every breath. Finally, he passed out...

3 months earlier


It was the last thing tord heard before a blue harpoon perched his robot, not only hitting his control board but impaling Tord’s side. “No no no no-” came his frantic chanting as everything began to flash red and his whole world spun with bright and disorientating colors.

“Hjelp hjelp! Feil, det gjør vondt for noen!” He wailed into his radio, unintendedly switching to his native tongue. It wasn’t long before his radio died. “Nei! Faen nå hva!?!” He didn’t have much more time to react as the machine he was trapped in began to violently rattle. Without warning it exploded, fire licking Tord’s skin and smoke filling his already aching lungs. Thick black smoke rendered him practically blind as the ground approached ever faster.

The robot had a somewhat graceful landing, burning chunks and pieces raining down in an almost beautiful spectacle. That is if you weren’t in the middle of the burning mess. It was impossible to tell up from down in the darkness underneath the rubble. The only light source was the flickering flames, but all it did was take up oxygen and produced tord with even more horrid pain. Fire ate away at his flesh, cooking him alive. His right eye was all burning painfully, and the nonstop ringing in his ears was deafening… “help… help me please.” he rasped out, vocal cords shot from screaming and smoke inhalation.

Finding the strength to stand seemed like an impossible task to ask of tord, seeing as he was pinned under pounds of metal and one wrong move could result in it all collapsing in on him. However this was tord, and no task was too hard for the ambitious leader. So pushing past the pain he mustered up all his strength and pushed away the broken pieces of his hard work and stumbled out of his fiery prison. Blood leaked from his open wounds and soaked into the grass beneath him.

Tord made his way to the very edge of the hill, noting the lack of his most trusted men. The thought of Paul and Patryck, his own parents, abandoning him seemed laughable. That didn’t get rid of the very real possibility and likelihood seeing as they were nowhere near in sight. He fell to his knees, far too weak and dizzy to stay on his feet.

His eyes(or rather his eye) caught something off in the distance, something that made his heart clench. Three figures in blue, green, and purple, walking away from the smoking rubble of a destroyed house. They were happy. Happy that they defeated Tord, that it was him not them.

“I’m… sorry…” he whispered. His words drifted off into the wind, meaningless, and lost. Saying it wouldn’t change anything. Tord chose power over family and now he was paying the ultimate price for it. He had no one, NO ONE! His ‘boyfriends,’ dads, army, all gone! And it was all because he couldn’t stop for one fucking second and think about what the hell he was getting himself into.

“WHY DOES EVERYTHING I LOVE LEAVE ME!?” He screamed out, tears burning down his face. It stung his fresh wounds on his face but he didn’t care. The ringing in his ears was so loud he barely even heard himself, heard the sound of cars pulling up. He couldn’t hear the screaming just behind him, gunshots ringing out. He was so overwhelmed with his own thoughts he didn’t feel the rough hands grabbing him and restraining him, tossing him into the back seat of a car.

In the few moments of clarity he had, he could see what had just taken place. Maybe staying in the rubble would’ve been better. Sitting slumped over was Patryck, bleeding heavily from his gut and glaring at the vehicle tord was currently in. Tord for one of the first times in his saw tears in those golden eyes. Paul was next to him, panting and bleeding as well. Haze began to take over his mind before he truly had a chance to work out what just happened and before long Tord's world was cloaked in darkness…

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