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Until The End


This is a fan fiction of the show SUPERNATURAL. Billy and Westley intertwine with the most famous hunter brothers, the Winchesters.

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Chapter 1 Vengeful spirit

Before you continue I wanna say that I do not own Supernatural or any of that original characters. Also wanted to point out that this story was written by me and my friend.

Billy Gray and his best friend Westley were sitting in a cafe in Sandpoint Idaho. Billy was 26 years old with average length `black hair and hazel eyes. He had an average build and was average height. Westley was taller than Billy, he was average build. He had gray dull eyes and short dirty blond hair. He had a mask of light brown freckles. They were eating when Billy’s phone rang. Billy reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out his phone. He opens his phone and puts it up to his ear. “Hello,” Billy says.

“Billy it’s Bobby. I might have a case for you,” Bobby says. Bobby had taken care of Billy after his parents died as a child.

“What do you got?” Billy asks.

“There have been two murders in Cut Bank Montana. Both victims with the words. You didn’t say anything carved into their chest. There was no evidence of force of entry and the cameras saw nothing. This is only a few weeks after their friend died in her husband's home. The wife was beat to death. He is a suspect but the cops don’t have anything. I think you and West should check it out,” Bobby says.

“We’ll head there. Thanks, Bobby. Talk to you soon,” Billy says as he shuts his phone and puts it back in his pocket. “We’re heading to Montana,” Billy tells Westley as he pulls out his wallet.

“Well, What's happening?”Westley looks at Billy with curiosity,”Do we have a case?”

“I don’t know. Bobby told me two people were found dead. Same way. No evidence of force of entry and the camera's caught nothing. Might as well check it out,” Billy tells Westley as he puts money on the table. He stands. Westley nods and follows Billy out the door. Billy walks over to his bike, a Honda VTX 1800. Westley walks over to his car, a 1996 dodge charger. Billy climbs on his bike as Westley gets in his car. Billy starts his bike as Westley does the same for his car. They leave the cafe as they head for Cut Bank, Montana.

Cut Bank, Montana
They arrive in Cut Bank about 15 hours later. The moon was high in the sky as they pulled into a motel. Billy turns off his bike and climbs off as he walks over to Westley’s window. “I’m gonna go get us a room,” Billy says to Westley before he walks inside. Billy walks inside and pays for a room. He walks outside and over to Westley who was waiting by the door of his car. He walks to his friend. “Come on,” He tells him.

“What’s the deal?” Westley opens the car door, “Do we have a room?”

“Yeah, room 14. Let’s head in, get some sleep and then head to the station in the morning,” Billy tells his friend. Westley nods and they both head into the motel. Billy throws his bag on the bed. He sits down and pulls out his gun. He starts to clean it. Westley sits down on his bed, he places his bag next to him. He unzips the bag and pulls out his small, gray laptop. “All Bobby told me that a woman was killed in her husband's house. A few weeks later two of her friends turned up dead. The cops suspect the husband. Maybe abuse. Husband did someone maybe got his wife killed,” Billy says to Westley.

Westley turns his head towards Billy, “Maybe the husband was in on it. Who reported the murder?”

“No clue. Bobby didn’t tell me. We can check tomorrow. Let’s get some sleep,” Billy says.

“Yeah we had a long drive.” Westley places the laptop on the small dresser next to his bed.

The next morning.
Billy wakes up the next morning and gets out of bed, He walks over to Westley. “Wake up,” Billy says to the man.

“Ok mom,” Westley says as he rubs his eyes. He sits up on his bed.

“Let’s go get some breakfast,” Billy says as he walks to the door.

“Yeah, good idea,” Westley says before following Billy out the door. They go to their vehicles and leave the motel.

They arrive at a cafe and go in and order food. “I’ll head to the sheriff station. You should go talk to the husband,” Billy says to Westley.

“Alright, i’ll talk to the husband,” before taking a bite of his blueberry waffles. They eat their food and leave the cafe. Billy heads back to the motel and changes into a black suit. He walks back outside and gets on his bike. He leaves and heads for the station. Billy gets to the police station and walks inside. He walks up to the desk.

“Can I help you?” The Sheriff asks.

“Yes, Special agent Smith,” Billy says as he pulls out his fake badge which the Sheriff looks at before he nods.

“How can I help you, sir,” The Sheriff asks.

“I’m here to talk with you about the two murders that have happened. The one with the carvings,” Billy says.

“I didn’t think the FBi would be interested in something like that,” The Sheriff says.

“Well we are. So what can you tell me,” Billy says.

“Well, the wife was found dead in her house a few weeks ago. Husband wasn’t there. And his friends say that he was with them. A friend came there and found her dead. One of the suspects is the husband. The friend who reported the body was the first victim. Found 2 days ago. Then the second friend was found dead 1 day ago. Same carving. There was no sign of force entry and nothing on the camera's. We’re stumped here,” The Sheriff says.

“What happened to the woman’s body?” Billy asks. The Sheriff looks at him confused.

“She was buried in Crown hill cemetery,” The Sheriff says.

“Do you have the names of the other friends and husband?” Billy asks.

“Yes we do. I’ll get them for you,” The Sheriff tells Billy who nods as he waits. The Sheriff comes about a minute later with a file. “This is everything we have,” The Sheriff says as he hands Billy the file.

“Thank you Sheriff. If you find out anything else. Call me,” Billy tells the Sheriff who nods as Billy hands him his card before he leaves. He looks in the file and reads the other friends' names. Billy pulls out his phone and calls Westley.

Westley pulls up to the driveway of the husband's house. The house was small, but cozy. The yard wasn’t big but big enough for a garden and a small pool. “Here we go,” Westley says to himself, before getting out of the car. Westley straightened out his sleeve of his black suit. Westley walks to the front door of the house. The outside of the house was painted white, the paint was peeling, revealing an ugly brown. Westley knocks three times on the door, he takes a deep breath, and scratches his head. A man who was in his late forties answers the door. The man was wearing a plain white t-shirt. The shirt had a small brown stain in the center of the shirt. The man was wearing a black, torn jeans.

“Can I help you?” The man asks, his voice deep and rough. Westley is distracted by the scar on his right cheek.

“I’m agent grimes,” Westley says, as he shows the man his fake badge. “I am here to ask you questions about your wife’s murder.” The man looks at Westley with an irritated facial expression. The man sighs and lets Westley in.
“My wife and I had our ups and downs, we were trying to have a child.” Tears begin to form in the man's eyes. The man gestures Westley to follow him towards the living room. “What do you want to know?”
“How was your relationship with your wife?” Westley asks after he sits down on an old tan sofa. The man sits down on a chair across from him.

“Like I said earlier my wife and I were having trouble having a child,” the man frowns and continues, “My wife and I argued and fought over this. But we both knew it was nobody’s fault. We talked to doctors; professionals.”

Westley gives a sympathetic frown. “How has your wife reacted to these events?” The man looks at Westley with confusion. “Has she been acting differently, like being distant, doing uncharacteristic things?”
“She has been spending more time with her friends. I don’t think these people are healthy for her... I mean they aren't a good influence. Ever since she started going out with these people she hasn’t been acting herself.”
Westley nods as he takes in this information. Westley looks around the room, he sees the pictures of the man and his wife on the wall. “May I look around?”
“Of course,” the man says.

Westley gets up and walks into the kitchen. Westley quickly notices three beer cans on the counter next to the sink. Westley, leaves the kitchen back into the living room. Westley knew it would be weird to search the man's bedroom. The man still sat on the chair.
“How have you-” Westley was interrupted by his phone. Westley pulls his phone out of his pocket and answers.

“It’s me. I just got done at the station. I found out that the first victim that was killed was the one that found the body. That was 2 days ago. 1 day ago another was murdered. They said the husband had an alibi. The file says he was with his friend Ron Grant and Bailey Habison. Both murders are three days apart. When you are done there meet me back at the motel. I have an idea,” Billy tells Westley over the phone.

“Ok, cya in a few,” Westley says before closing his flip phone. I have to go, thank you for your time.” Westley then leaves the man’s house and walks to his car. He gets in the car and drives to the hotel. He pulls into the small parking lot, he notices Billy’s bike. Westley gets out of the car and walks into the motel. “So what's the plan?” Westley asks.

“I forgot to mention on the phone that the wife was buried in Crown Hill cemetery. I think we might be dealing with a vengeful spirit,” Billy tells Westley.

“I don’t know why the wife would kill her friends?” Westley asks.

“That’s what we're supposed to find out. I found the address of the last two friends. That’s where we're going next,” Billy tells Westley as he pulls on his jacket and walks to the door.

Westley sighs, as walks back out of the motel. And gets into his car. Billy gets on his bike and they head for the home.

They pull up to the house and get out of their vehicles. Billy walks up to the door as Westley follows. Billy knocks on the door. A chubby man with black hair opens the door. “Can I help you?” The Man asks.

“I’m Special agent Smith and this is my partner Special agent Grimes. We’re here to talk to you and your roommate about Marget Jones,” Billy says to the man. The sun was setting.

“Ok, Come in,” The man says. Billy turns to Westley before he walks in. “Go get the back with our iron weapons and salt from the car,” Billy tells Westley. Billy walks inside.

Westley walks to his car, he opens his trunk. The trunk was filled with weapons and books. “I really need to organize,” Westley says to himself as he searches through the pile of items. Westley finds a can of salt and an iron crowbar, and firesticks. Westley closes the trunk and walks inside.

Inside Billy follows the man inside and he sees another man. “I’m Ron and that is my roommate Bailey,” Ron says. Westley walks in with the bag. “What’s the bag for?” Ron asks.

“Supplies just in case. Don’t worry,” Billy tells Ron who nods as Billy and Westley follow Ron in and sit down.

“So what is it you need to talk to us about?” Bailey asks.

“The Sheriff told me that Marget’s husband John was here when Marget was killed. Is that true?” Billy asks.

“Yes,” Ron says quickly. Both men could tell that they were lying.

“Look I’m gonna be honest. You two could be in danger. Real danger. We need to know the truth. If you want to live tell us the truth,” Billy says seriously. The two men look at each other and Ron nods.

“I’m assuming one of you talked to John,” Ron says. Westley nods.

“So you know that they were having trouble having a baby. John started to drink and he would come home and hit Marget. We knew and so did the others who are now dead. We didn’t think it was getting two bad. The night Marget was murdered we were going over to hang out. When we got inside we saw John holding her as he sobbed. He made us promise we wouldn't talk. Us Chris, and Nick. Now they are dead and we think we might be next,” Bailey says, Billy looks at Westley.

“Looks like I may be right. I think a vengeful--,” Billy was saying when the lights started to flicker and the room became freezing cold. “Westley. Salt Circle,” Billy says to Westley.

Westley pours the salt on the floor, he makes a circle,” Everyone in the circle now!” He orders. The other three get in as Billy pulls out a crowbar and fire poker. He hands the fire poker to Westley and grabs it. They then hear a noise as Marget appears in front of them. Ron let’s out a scream as he runs from the circle. Bailey tries to follow but Westley grabs him as Billy follows Ron out. He hears a scream as he rounds the hall that leads to the kitchen. He runs in and sees Ron on the ground dead. Marget moves for him. Billy swings the crowbar at Marget who disappears when hit. Billy runs back to Westley and Bailey.

“Westley. Go to John. That’s who she’s going after next. I am heading for the cemetery. I need your keys,” Billy tells Westley who nods as he throws Billy his keys. Billy grabs his bike keys and throws them to Westley. “Get to John’s,” Billy says as he runs out the door. He runs to Westley’s car and opens the driver door and starts the car as he leaves the house and heads for the cemetery.

Billy pulls into the cemetery and slams the breaks. He shuts off the car and gets out. He goes to the trunk and opens it. He pulls out the shovel, salt, gas, and matches. He starts to look around the cemetery for 15 minutes when he finds her grave. He sets down the bag with the salt, gas, and matches as he pulls out the shovel. He starts to dig the grave. It takes him about 20 minutes to dig the grave. He jumps down into the hole and breaks open the casket. He looks down at the dead woman whose body hadn’t even decomposed. Billy grabs the salt and starts to pour it on her body. He pours the gas on the body and pours almost the entire can on her body. He could feel the cold of the night as he gets out of the grave and throws the match on the body when it catches fire quickly as the body starts to turn to ashes.

Westley Runs out of Ron’s and Bailey’s home and gets on Billy’s bike. “Why couldn’t I burn the remains.” Westley thinks to himself. Westley drives to John’s home, the cold winds of the night gently crash through Westley. Westley arrives at John’s house. Westley could see the lights through the windows of the house. “The lights are on, that's a good sign,” Westley says to himself. Westley pulls onto the driveway and gets off the bike and runs towards the front door of the house. Westley doesn’t knock, he kicks down the door. He walks down the hallway and into the living room. The room was empty. Westley moves towards the kitchen. John was on the floor next to him was an empty beer can.

Westley instinctively runs towards John and checks for a pulse. Westley feels a pulse, relief swallows up his worry. The lights begin to flicker, Westley turns his head towards the light in the kitchen. Westley helps John up, John couldn’t use his limbs. Westley moves John into the living room. Westley places John onto the center of the living room floor. He grabs the can of salt from his bad. And draws a circle around John. The whole house began to get colder. Westley could see his breath.

“Come on Billy.” Westley thought as he looked around the room. Suddenly Marget fades in the room. John suddenly grabs Westley's leg. John begins to get up,” John what are you doing?”
John begins to lean forward as he begins to lose balance. John pushes Westley out of the circle. Not a moment later Westley was thrown against the wall. Westley struggles to get back up, his vision blurry from hitting his head. Marget grabs Westley by the throat. Her hands were as cold as death.

Marget’s grip tightens; causing Westley to lose the ability to breathe.

“Marget?” John says with disbelief. Marget lets go of Westley and turns towards John. Marget lets out a ghostly laugh. Marget quickly moves towards John who has stepped out of the salt circle. Westley fought the urge to close his eyes. Westley slowly gets back up. Westley stumbles forward. Westley looks around the room for anything he can use. He looks at an old fireplace poker. Westley quickly moves the poker and picks it up. The screams of John sent chills down Westley’s spine. Westley quickly turns around Marget’s hand through John’s chest.
“You broke my heart, so now i’m going to break yours.” Marget says, her voice loud and booming. The house begins to shake as Marget rips out John’s still beat heart. John collapses to the floor.

“No!” Westley says as he runs at the vengeful spirit. Before Westley could swing the poker, Marget began to scream. Soon she begins to burst into flames. Westley knew Billy had finally burned the remains. Westley quickly leaves the house and drives back to the motel.

Billy pulls Westley’s car into the motel and sees his bike there. He shuts off the car and gets out. He opens the door to the room and sees Westley sitting down. “How did it go?” Billy asks.
“Marget killed John. He stepped out of the circle. I guess he got what he deserved.” Westley answers as he hops on his bed.

“Maybe. That’s what happens in our line of work,” Billy says as his phone rings. Billy pulls out his phone. “Hey, what’s up Bobby?” Billy says into the phone.

“Turn on the news,” Bobby says. Billy grabs the remote and turns on the news. The news shows a woman reporting about a fire at Stanford College. That is where Bobby’s friend John’s son Sam Winchester went to college. A woman named Jessica Moore died in the fire. “We’ve got work to do,” Billy says as they watch the T.V.

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