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Until The End

Chapter Two: Wendigo

It’s been a week since Billy and Westley did the case in Cut Bank. They had been staying at Bobby’s house while they waited for another case to show up. Billy was sitting on Bobby’s couch drinking a beer. Bobby sat at his desk reading a book. Westley was at a bar. “Any word from Sam or Dean?” Billy asks. Bobby looks up from his book.

“No but I’m assuming whatever they are doing involves that demon. If they need us they’ll call,” Bobby says. Billy nods as he takes a drink of his beer. Bobby’s phone rings. Bobby picks up his phone. “Hello,” Bobby says into the phone as Billy looks at the man. Bobby listens as the person on the other side talks. “Okay. I’ll send someone,” Bobby says. Bobby shuts his phone and looks at Billy.

“Who needs help?” Billy asks.

“I don’t know. A hunter had a meeting with Bela Talbot. She never misses those meetings. I think she may be in trouble.” Bobby says. Billy groans.

“Bobby. I have so many problems with that woman,” Billy says. Bobby looks at Billy. Billy groans. “What do we know?” Billy asks.

“Not much. Bela was last heard from a hunter who had a meeting with her. She never showed up and after a while he reported her missing. Another hunter went after her and now they are both missing. They were both last seen in Butte Montana,” Bobby says.

“What are you thinking?” Billy asks.

“I don’t know. From what I know about that place is that it has mines and a lot of them. If they are alive. That’s where they are. And if not they might still be there,” Bobby says.

“And Westley and I are taking this case cause?” Billy asks.

“Cause I have to make sure Sam and Dean don’t call and need help. I know you have some issues with her and Westley has a lot of problems with her. But you and her do get along sometimes,” Bobby says.

“Fine, let me call Westley,” Billy tells Bobby who nods. Billy pulls out his phone and dials Westley’s number.

Westley sits at the bar, waiting patiently. “Hey, anything going on?” Westley asks the bartender, Marty. Marty was mixing a drink. He called his drink the white werewolf.
“Something strange is going on. A hunter reported a missing person, another hunter heard about this and started searching for the missing person.”
Westley looks at Marty with a confused look on his face. “How is that strange?” Westley asks.
“That’s just it, the hunter also went missing. My guess is that it was a vampire hive. The hunter looked young, he was new at hunting.”
Westley looks around, then back at Marty, “Do you have any leads?”
Marty leans forward, “The hunter who reported the missing person came from Butte Montana. But other than that I got nothing, if you’re thinking about pursuing the case just..be careful.”
“Thanks, Marty,” Westley says as he gets off the bar stool. Westley walks out of the bar, he starts to walk to his car but notices someone standing just outside of the bar. The person was wearing a black hoodie. Westley stops and stares, something was off about the person.
Westley walks towards the figure, “Hey, are you okay.”

The person looked up at Westley, the person was a woman in her early twenties. She had long jet black hair, and Bright blue eyes. She had very pale skin. Her brown freckles dotted her face. “Are you a hunter?” The woman asked.
Westley’s eyes widen with shock. “Maybe why?”

The woman smiles at Westley,” I did just see you walk out of this bar.”
“Yeah, it’s a nice bar,” Westley says.
“It’s a hunter’s bar, and I’m not talking about the rabbit kind.”
Westley was relieved maybe she was a hunter. “It’s ok if you are, I may have a case for you.”
“Case? I’m already on a case,” Westley says as he walks closer to her.
“Awe that’s too bad,” The woman says as she walks closer, “ I’m in need of a hunting buddy.” She continued.
“You’re a hunter?” Westley asks with curiosity.
“You can say that?” The woman says in a half-laugh half-chuckle. “Well if you ever change your mind, you know where to find me.”
Westley nodded, “I’m not sure?” Westley says.

Before Westley could say anything else his phone began to ring. Westley looked down and pulled out his phone and back up. The woman was gone.


“Hey, It’s Billy. Meet me at Bobby’s,” Billy says into the phone
“Ok,” Westley says before getting in his car.

Billy waits about a half an hour when Westley pulls into Bobby’s house. Billy sat on the couch as Westley walked into the house. “I have a job. Two hunters went missing in Butte Montana. I am going to check it out you can come along if you like.”

“Bobby just got the same call. One of the missing hunters is Bela Talbot,” Billy tells his friend as he stands up.

“Bela? The theft? I didn’t think she was a hunter. You have to actually have a heart to be a hunter.”

“Bela has a heart. A small one but a heart. Also, she’s a hunter when she needs to be,” Bobby says to Westley.

“She doesn’t do it to help people she does for money? She is a disgrace to hunters.”

Maybe she is. Doesn’t change the fact that she is a person and a friend sometimes. If she’s alive we have to help her,” Billy says to Westley.

“I’m going to pursue the case not to save her but if there is a monster killing hunters then it is my duty as a hunter to avenge my fallen brothers and sisters,” Westley says.

“I don’t give a shit why you do it. Let’s go,” Billy says as he waves to Bobby and walks past Westley out to his bike.
Westley walks to his car shortly after. Billy starts his bike and drives out of Bobby’s scrapyard. Westley follows.

Butte, Montana. Morning.
Billy pulls into a motel and turns off his bike as Westley does the same to his car. Billy pays for a room while Westley sits by his car. After they get to the room. They head inside. “Get online. Look for anything weird happening in this town,” Billy says.

Westley searches the local online newspaper, he finds something about two miners presumed dead after a cave-in. He also finds something about the mine reopening and closing after four miners went missing.

“I think I got something, a mine was recently reopened. It was closed 30 years ago when two miners went missing after a cave-in. Since it’s reopening two more miners have gone missing. They are thinking about closing it again,”

“You think whatever either killed or captured Bela is in that mine?” Billy asks.

“Perhaps,” Westley says.

“We can’t just go in blind. We don’t even know what or who could have taken them,” Billy tells Westley.

“We should get more hunters on the case,” Westley says.

“The only other hunters I can think of are Rufus and Bobby and Bobby is busy waiting for Sam and Dean to call. And I don’t even know where Rufus is,” Billy says. “Search for any missing persons before winter from the past 20 years,” Billy says to Westley. Westley opens his laptop and searches.

“Every winter since the cave-in three people go missing,” Westley says.

“I’m thinking of a wendigo. Let’s head to the mind and hope to god I’m right,” Billy says. Westley nods. They leave the hotel and get into their separate vehicles before they leave the motel and head for the mines.

They get to the mines and get out of their cars. They walk over to Westley’s trunk and grab out the flamethrower and flare guns. After they grab their flashlight and head into the mine. The two walk through the mines slowly. Their flashlights being the only light they see. They walk slowly until they get to a part of the part that was dimly lit, They see two people tied by their hands.. “Bela,” Billy says as he goes over to the unconscious woman. Bela was skinny, she had shoulder length light brown hair and green eyes. Westley goes to the other man. He cuts down the rope that’s wrapped up. Westley recognized the hunter as Bailey. Bailey’s eyes were bruised. Westley throws Bailey over his shoulder.

Billy cuts Bela’s rope and as the woman is about to fall Billy catches her. Billy lightly slaps the woman. Bela let's out a small groan as she opens her eyes slowly. “What the hell?” Bela says.

“Morning sunshine,” Billy says with a small smile. Bela looks up at him.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Bela asks.

“Saving your ass,” Billy says as he helps Bela stand. He wraps Bela’s arm around his neck. “Westley, we good?” Billy asks.

“As good as we are going to get,” Westley replies

“Look at that. You brought your boyfriend,” Bela says.

“Everyone check your pockets we have a theft among us,” Westley retorts.

“It’s okay. You guys don’t have anything nice anybody. Maybe besides your cars,” Bela says as they begin to walk.

“Why don’t you shut your mouth and get the hell out of here,” Westley says.

“Both of you shut the hell up,” Billy snarls at the two. They then hear a loud screech. “That’s not good,” Billy says.

“Oo-we have some friends,” Westley says sarcastically. Billy looks at Bela.
“Can you stand?” Billy asks the woman who nods. Billy lets her go and Bela stands. Billy hands her a flare gun.

“You sure you should be trusting me with this?” Bela asks.

“No,” Billy says as they walk forwards.

“Oh great now we have a sociopath with a gun another thing to worry about.”

“You are already one,” Bela says. They keep walking when they hear another screech. The wendigo comes around a corner.

“Look at that. I was right,” Billy says to Westley sarcastically.

“Lucky guess,” Westley says as he tightens his grip on Bailey.

“Get him out of here. We got this,” Billy says to Westley.

“Yes mam,” Westley says as he runs.

The Wendigo moves to the two. Bela shoots and misses. The Wendigo then runs and tackles Bela to the ground. It was about to cut her open when Billy shot in the back with the flare killing the monster. Billy goes over to Bela and helps her up. They go outside the mines and see Westley waiting by his car. “Is he awake yet?” Billy asks his friend. Billy and Bela walk over to the man.

“He’s still unconscious, Westley says

“Okay, let’s get back to the motel,” Billy says as he climbs on his bike. He looks at Bela. “You can either stay here with the dead monster or get on,” Billy says to her. Bela lets out a little smile as she climbs on the back of the bike. Billy starts the bike. “Meet you back at the motel,” Billy tells Westley before he leaves.

Westley drives to the Motel. When he arrives he gets out and picks up Bailey and heads in.

Billy pulls into the motel. Westley was there. Billy and Bela head inside. Billy sits down on the bed as Bela looks at the two. “I guess I owe you guys,” Bella says.

“Psh. Maybe stop stealing candy from orphans,” Westley retorts

Before Bela can say something back Billy speaks. “There is a way you can pay us back,” Billy says. Bela looks at the man with a raised eyebrow. “Hunt with us. No stealing two months no stealing and you have to hunt with us,” Billy says to Bela who frowns.

“Well this is when we part ways,” Westley says as he gets up.

“See you soon man. Good luck at your bar,” Billy says to Westley.

“See me soon Ha! I moving into the bar,”

Bella looks at the two. “Fine. I’ll hunt with you. No stealing,” Bela says the last part to Westley.

Westley walks over to his bed where Bailey was and moves him off the bed. Westley lays down and closes his eyes.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Bela asks as she sits on a desk in their room.

“Yeah, he’s just a grumpy old man,” Billy says to Bela who lets out a small laugh. Billy grabs the blankets off the bed and lays them on the ground. Billy lays down. “Sleep on the bed,” Billy tells Bela who nods as she goes to the bed and closes her eyes.

The next morning Billy wakes up and Westley and Bailey are already gone. Billy gets up and walks over to Bell. “Wake up,” Billy tells the woman who wakes up. Billy grabs his bag and walks out to his bike. Bela follows him. Billy puts his bag in his bike’s compartment. He climbs on. Bela follows, gets on after and they head back to Bobby’s.

Thanks for reading. This story is being written by me and my friend. Also if there are any goofs well I'm sorry.
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