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School days -naughty and nerdy


It's a story about a nerdy and naughty. You will be able to cherish all your school memories here. It's a humorous story in an emotional backdrop. You will see how the demons of adolscence come in between love. Jealousy immaturity being some of the demons of adolscence. You will see a pure saga of emotions,love, friendship, betrayal,pain, seperation etc. Peep into know that the demons of adolscence will win or love. Immaturity will win or love and friendship. Will the person be able to see through the facade and understand that appearances are deceptive or will he succumb to the cruel gameplay of destiny. Peep into know more

Humor / Romance
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A girl was standing in the principal’s office scanning everything present their with her eyes while the principal was busy shouting his asses out on her for what fiasco she created in the college the other day. The girl very casually shrugged whatever he said as it was her regular pass time to come in this office and listen to the continous blabbering of her principal . Principal”ananya are you listening to me . This behaviour will not be accepted ” he shouted on the top of his voice and snapped her out of her dreamland in which the girl was thinking about SRK. she came out of her zone as she was busy thinking about SRK very casually ignoring whatever he said. The girl was none other than ananya agnihotri daughter of the renowned bussinessman Rajiv agnihotri who is the owner of the agnihotri industries and akshara agnihotri owner of a chain of restaurants and hospitals in mumbai. They were one of the richest people of the town and akshara was not actually the owner she was actually the manager as the actual owners of whatever akshara was handling were her children ananya and cabir agnihotri.

Princi”are you even listening to me ananya”he barked

ananya”sir first of all i have not done it and secondly if i have done it also then you don’t have any proofs and you surely can’t confront me without proofs”

princi”behave ananya you are crossing your limits .I am the principal got damid”

ananya”I know sir and that is the only reason i am standing here and listening to whatever you are saying without retaliating back. You know that’s so not me but still i am respecting you and standing here with due rspect”


ananya”sir firstly you don’t have proofs that i have done that and what makes you think that my father who is apparently trying hard to come into my good books will listen to you when you don’t have anything to prove your truth. and secondly sir you were not there then how can you believe that harshad you never know what happened and then how can you prove me guilty without even asking my side of the story. well i don’t think so that this is the way a mature person handles the situation”she blurted her anger

princi”so are you trying to say that i am immature”he glared

ananya “sir i never said anything and you have done the honours yourself. I have done nothing and i am within my limits talking to you in the boundary of respect”she smirked

princi”anaya you are trying to say that you are not at fault”

ananya”Sir i am just trying to make you understand that we can’t clap with one hand and every coin has two sides rest you know it well”she smirked and felt proud at her sentence which was philosphical she thought .I can be a motivator as well ya nice career option . Just then somebody coughed and she was snapped out of her thoughts while the principal too was not left with anything to talk to ananya more because he understood that somewhere down the line it can be unfair and harshad is also not having that good of a reputation and messing with the trustees daughter is not at all a good option and that too when she is so witty .he also came out of his zone because of the cough and soon realised that he was fighting with her infront of a student.

ananya”what the hell are you doing here . Don’t you know that when ananya agnihotri or cabir agnihotri talks to the princi in office no one is allowed”she barked

princi tried to calm the situation understanding the seriousness of it “Manik sorry i forget to tell you to move out. You can go to your class and we are happy to have a bright student like you . I hope you will match upto our expectations and hope that whatever you saw won’t go out of this room”

manik”Definately not sir and i am pleasured to be a part of this institution”manik he is the son of the leading businessman raj mahlohtra and prerna mahlohtra who run the mahlohtra industries and are leading businessmen but gives family priority instead of ananya’s family and ananya’s parents and manik’s parents are childhood best freinds which they both are unaware of.

ananya”Sir if your interrogation is over can i leave and ya he is such a nerd .Don’t worry he will not have the guts to say things outside and ruin your reputation so rest assured and ya sir you are the principal so talk with authority rather than requests. This dosen’t goes well with your reputation and position have an aura of a principal “she said with attitude and lashed out of the cabin without even seeking for permission as if she dosen’t needed it.

manik”sir can i leave.”


manik “sir i have a question why she is so disrespectful to you.You should throw out of this school”

princi”did i not made myself clear that you have to leave and ya the things inside this room shoud not go outside”he said in an authoritative tone and manik turned around to leave

princi”and an advice for you don’t mess with her and you can’t throw her out because she owns it . she is not the daughter of the trusty instead this school is shares are held by her and her brother nobody can throw her out”

manik was baffled at the new found information. he just thought that this is the reason i seriousely thought that princi and ananya are friends because firstly they were fighting like maniacs and then she adviced him and he took it seriousely that i was able to see the outcome by the way he spoke to me after that .I mean like that girl even if she is the trusty she dosen’t have the right to talk to him like that this is not guts it is misbehaviour manik thought and went to his class.

cabir″bunny what happened why that oldie called you who is even more old than the india gate″and then chuckled at his own joke

ananya”stop it bhai . I am seriousely telling you that asshole harshad is going to pay for it this time .as now he has messed up with me and taken this too far .I will make sure that he will repent his actions”

aditya”Listen to me i have a great plan to screw him up”

nelson”shut the fuck up . Haven’t you had enough of him you mother fucker”

rahul”guys stop it we have to work for musicana and not for these foolish pranks which you guys will go and pull and that harshad and his buddies”

maddy”Stop it guys . we have musicana which is more important than those idiots right”

ananya”shut the fuck up guys. You all will only be the spectator and no one will be involved >he has messed up with me and know he will pay for it and where is anushka tanya and arusha”

adi”You know how boring they are . They are attending the classes and dosen’t know about all the fiasco happened with you and hence not here”

ananya “Lets go class”

rahul , nelson , maddy, aditya are friends of ananya and cabir .Ananya, rahul, aditya, nelson and maddy together have a band named DARE DEVILS which is popular and talented as they have won many music competitions. Arusha , anushka and tanya are ananya’s best friend and also of the four boys of the band. They are the most happening group of college. harshad and his friends rohan soha aryaman and navya hates them or is jealous of them and can go to any limits to bring them down. All of them are from rich families and therefore are spoiled.

In the class the dare devils went inside without seeking permission and sat wherever they wanted leaving the teacher to sigh as it was not new for him but manik was astonished with all this.

teacher″Ananya can’t you ask and come″

ananya″i thought about you″

teacher″how? please elaborate″

ananya”i didn’t want to disturb you when you were so engrossed in teaching.you know sir some manners”and she smirked while the teacher frowned at the reply

teacher”solve this question on the board right now”

ananya”and why so much love towards me sir today”

teacher”No arguments just do as i say”she started moving towards the blackboard while she kept thinking god please save me this time . please SRK my love rescue me Please somebody help from this monster.Just then the peon came inside for some work and the teacher got busy with her work .she took the oppurtunity and snatched the book from the first bencher and copied the solution on the board and carefully returned the copy while giving a death glare to manik to shut up. she winked at the peon and smiled who noded and returned mummuring”crazy girl she is”while laughing

ananya”maam i have done it so can i leave i guess i don’t have any other work”

teacher”yes ” After that she went ahead and sat near the nerd Manik mahlotra and she started nudging him and when she got no response she poked him with a pencil and this was it for manik’s patience”what the hell do you want from me”he whisper-yelled on her with his deadly glares but that didn’t affected her even a bit and she very casually asked him”well i wanted to know your name”seeing that she was least bothered of the fact that how he reacted to her . He wanted to end the conversation as soon as possible and so he told her”Manik mahlotra”

nandu”ohh gemstone nice name”with an impressed expression on her face”so gemstone do you do anything other than studies because its clearly written on your face that you are a nerd so just for general knowledge is their anything else that you are good at”

manik”and how does it bothers you ”

nandu”i asked casually nothing in this world bothers me . It was just that you did a favour and i wanted to return it .So therefore today your canteen bill is on me”

manik”No thanks”

nandu”well gemstone i have niether requested you nor asked you .You know its not ananya’s style ”

manik”then what was that”

nandu”It was an order . I don’t ask people such a looser thing . I don’t keep favours and that is why returning it to you man .You are not my friend that i will ask you or have fun with you over lunch. So keep a break on your self obsession”

manik”i don’t want it . I won’t come it’s a challenge”

nandu “we will see challenge accepted. “and then she signalled rahul to bring him to the canteen . Bell rang and everyone dispersed.

rahul”Hello you are new or what”

manik”Yes i joined today”

rahul”and why is it so in mid sem”

manik”actually my dad transferred me here because they are now going to handle thier business from here”

rahul”oh! nice but i guess its your first day and you don’t have a company well i am a nerd and nobody here talks to me much . Only when they need me so will you be my friend and company for the break”

manik”well i am one too and i would love too”saying this he went with rohan and he straight took him too the canteen .Where they both ate and the bill was paid by ananya

manik”who the hell paid my bill”

ananya “I have paid it and won the challenge as you came to the canteen with my best friend and ate and the bill is also paid by me”

manik”i didn’t wanted it . Don’t you get that”

ananya”No, and today you proved that you are a nerd i.e. bookworm as you are so naive.A minute ago you challenged me and then in the next second you believed at a person blindly at a new place where you don’t know anyone ”

rahul”From where the fucking hell you explain me that you find me as a nerd ”

aditya”leave it man”

arusha”ananya what happened in princi room tell us”

ananya”Nothing just that harshad thing”

anushka”that asshole needs to pay for this definetely. Such a pervert i just wanna kill him right know”

tan”Calm down guys . Haven’t you had enough she just a period ago went to the princi’s office just for some time give your bitchy mind a hault like fuck off”

nelson”no we can’t”

rohan”yes we can we have to practise for the musicana and work for it rather than all this”

cabir”Bunny please don’t do anything which you will regret later”

ananya”I won’t bhai. Tommorrow when he will come to college i will just make him taste his own medicine nothing else “she winked at him and left for her jamming session with dare devils. Manik was hell confused the whole day as the after break all the five of them didn’t come to class and only came in the last period. ananya came and as usual entered the class and got seated

physics sir”where were you four the whole period and is this the way you enter a class”

ananya”sir we entered by our legs like everyone if you want us to come in any other special way then tell us . we will see if something can be done about it or not”

physics sir “ananya you think you are witty right”she interrupted”I don’t think i am sir”

physics sir”Fine come and solve this numerical on the board”

ananya”Sir your class is over this is music period.So please mind leaving”

physics sir”I want let the music class happen and then the musicana which you are waiting for .How will you practise girl”

ananya”sir what do you think why didn’t we came to class after break that’s because we were practising for musicana and dance-o-mania. so to burst your bubble i am providing you with this information and this numerical i will solve it .Wait”manik hid his notebook within a flick of second which was noticed by ananya but she cared less.she went straight to the blackboard and solved the question”sir now will you mind leaving”

The teacher stomped his foot on the ground and went away muttering some abuses to himself. Then annaya annouced that music sir will not come today but they will witness a dare devil performence today.everyone”YAY!! “and then they sang in their melodious voice a song on friendship and everyone was literaly mesmerized listening to their voice even manik. He found peace in her voice and the beats which was provided by her band it was magical he thought. Then school got over and everyone left for their homes.

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