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School days -naughty and nerdy

close encounters

when manik reached home he was happy to see his parents as it was their routine to have a family lunch .They were happily waiting for him with his elder brother rohit.Well rohit is his cousin whose mansion is this in which they are residing for rohit they are the only family left for him and he is happy as they have come to live with him. After his parents death who was manik’s fathers elder brother the only people in blood relation left to be called family for him was these three. Manik saw them and “i will freshen up and join you guys”and then he joins them.

prerna”So how was your day”

manik″fine mom usual″

rohit″bro you have come just now .How can you say it a usual day as if you are going their since ages. Bro don’t you need friends to have a normal day in college″

manik”I said like it was normal for the first day”

rohit”well i have my close friends studying in your class . I am sure they will be happy to accompany you”

raj”well how do you have friends of his age and that too close friends″

rohit″ya my closest friend’s are agnihotri uncle’s children and they study in his school.His daughter is in his class and his son is his senior and as i am close to them so their freinds also and they are close to my friends as well. Actually they are very jolly and easily get attached but the only thing they hate is disloyality and they can go to any level to teach you a lesson if you try and cheat them . What matters to them is trust and friendship and nothing else and you cannot get better friends than them”everyone gasped at him while they were digesting all the facts about their friends children .It was like a warning which they thought in the way he told him.

raj”you have close relations with thier parents also .Actually they are our childhood best friends”

rohit “no we hate them”he blurted while they gulped down the information

prerna”what do you mean by we”

rohit”means me and their children”

all in unison”WHAT?”

rohit”well they are your best friend .Didn’t they tell you this that they are trying hard to be in good books of their children specially uncle as aunty dosen’t even care about them altogether”

raj”what are you saying”

prerna”ok fine . manik go and get ready we will go in half an hour to agnihotri mansion .It is the mansion just accross the road.They are our nieghbours also and our friends wants to meet you”

manik”ok”and left

rohit”You guys are going to meet them together. You mean uncle and aunty together”


rohit”shit . take care guys because the four of them meet together only on festivals or special occasions and whenever they have a family reunion in the year which occurs rarely it always turns out to be a disaster”he said with a tensed expression


rohit”i know them inside out but i will not tell you guys further details once you will meet the family together you will get to know yourself”saying this he left leaving behind baffled prerna and raj


cabir and ananya entered the house chit chatting and laughing their asses out as they both were telling each other all the mischievious plans they carried out successfully in the school.

ananya”we need food kaka”

cabir”and don’t forget about the chocolate shake with chocolate ice cream “Just then their eyes fell on thier parents and thier eyes popped out will be an understatement to explain how shocked they were to see them at this time .

ananya”bhai i think mom dad is no more because i can see their ghost replica’s in front”

cabir”bunny i too feel the same .I think we should shift to some other place . we are not able to live with the real and human form of parents with us how will we manage with the ghost of them”

ananya”Bhai living with thier ghosts will be still better than their real selves”she smirked


rajiv”they are kidding . why are you taking this too far”

ananya”firstly we can see who has lost it completely”

cabir”and secondly good morning dad she has already taken this too far 3 years ago”

akshara”You both have forgetten that i am your mother”

ananya”Happy realisation mom whenever you want you become our mother and whenever you want you become are torturer right”

cabir”ya she thinks everything will work according to her will as if it is a video game going on”

akshara raises her hand to slap ananya but she holds it and twist it

ananya”listen to me loud and clear i am not that frail girl of class 4 or 5 who was afraid of you and also not that girl of 7th who got beaten by you brutally to save her bhai from your wrath not knowing that he also has faced it. I am not going to take this shit from you anymore and you dare not raise your hand on us because if i loose my calm then this time the one on the hospital bed will be you mrs agnihotri because you don’t deserve to be called mom and you very well know to which aspect of you i am talking about”

rajiv”Leave her ananya and akshara dare you do this kind of act again .Then nobody can save you from my wrath .Got it”

cabir”so dad finally remembered that he has kids whom he has to protect from his wife .WOW!! bunny today we are getting suprises on suprises. But let me tell you mr agnihotri that we have seen the worst with her and now we know how to protect ourselves no need of you and mrs agnigotri i don’t think that we should remind you that you are not in a position to even shout at us but i should say you have guts. Still gave you a chance to back off and the blunder which you were going to do always remmeber the consequences of it “and he winked at her and dragged his sister to thier room.This whole scenerio was watched by three pair of eyes but they preffered to act normal and went inside all though it was difficult for them to just gulp the scenerio which they saw infront of them.

prerna”I missed you guys like hell seriousely”

akshara and rajiv”we too as we wanted you to be with us but you guys choose that place over us and we still hate you for that”

raj”Guys please forgive us and now we are back and we are not going to leave our friends now. We learnt our lesson”

all of them hugged each other with love and care and even they were teary eyed seeing their friends after such a long time

akshara”Is he your son”

rajiv”what sort of a question is that .Obviousely”akshara and rajiv hugged him and kissed him on his cheek

Manik”hello uncle and aunty nice to meet you”while cabir and ananya were in a state of shock seeing thier parents loving thier friends and his son and it was something in which they were not having any benefit

ananya”like seriousely what a family drama. why don’t you guys try in daily soaps i must say you all will have a great future and career”she said in a sarcastic tone

akshara”who called you hear get lost”she barked and ananya was taken aback

cabir”Mom oops mrs agnihotri its our house and we also have the right to stay here as much as you have so stop treating us the way that we are servants and have no rights to be anywhere and you are our master giving us orders because you clearly are not Mrs agnihotri get that straight in your head”

akshara”Cabir enough of your crap .I am listening that dosen’t mean i won’t do anything”

cabir”Mrs Agnihotri are you kidding me seriousely have you forgotten about the consequences”

ananya”This not the time to talk about this and mr and mrs agnihotri don’t worry we will not be a hurdle in your PDA for your friend and thier son . So carry on with it we are leaving and we know that you least care about it but still to assure you guys that you can have your things done i feel to tell you guys this”

prerna”Hello i am prerna can you talk to me ignoring the fact that i am your parent’s childhood friends. You can consider me as your classmates mother”

ananya”ohh this naive gemstone”


ananya”ya that’s the nick name we gave him after all that’s the meaning of his name manik”

while prerna gave an ‘0’ expression with raj and ananya chuckled

raj”so girl what you think about her offer being your friend and i don’t think so you will mind if i also get into it”

ananya”See i don’t judge people on thier face value because i know it is always deceptive . so we can give it a try “she said with a faint smile

cabir”No not at all .I am not allowing you bunny and whoever you guys are . I will like to tell you that i judge people and knowing the fact that you guys are our parents close friends .This will not happen even in our wildest dreams because if you are close to mrs agnihotri then you will be the last person or i should say the person who will be out of the qeue to be our friends”saying this he dragged her out of their and they went straight to mahlotra mansion.

raj”will you oblige to tell us that why your kids hate you so much”

prerna”manik go home and guys we need to talk”


rohit”what happened guys you met your parents”

ananya”how the fuck do you know about that ”

rohit “well i can sense the danger. Then i would like to tell you that my uncle and aunt are your parents childhood friends”

cabir “what the fuck .That means they will live in this house with you”

rohit “ya guys”

manik”well i don’t think so that we need to take permission from you guys to live in our own house”

ananya”so the nerd also have a voice to raise”

cabir”ya i see”while smirking

rohit”Guys don’t you dare he is my brother”

ananya”are you serious”

rohit “as hell”

cabir”fine have fun with him but give us some alcohol and lets play playstation .we had a hectic day today because of your so called brother”′

manik”i am his brother not any so called brother”

cabir”ya right so gemstone you wanna play or bieng a nerd want to go to study”


ananya”suits yourself”with a smirk and rohit came with the alcohol for them and cold drink for manik and all of them started playing while when raj and prerna came back they were shocked to see the scene.

prerna”You guys drink”she almost shouted on the top of her voice making everyone look at her in astonishment

cabir “no doubt bunny caught you . You are perfect for daily soups with you bieng so melodramatic”and he rolled his eyes

prerna”will you oblige to tell us that you guys drink”

ananya”No and one more thing that its none of your concern and well i should say that you should get your eyes checked lady”

raj”But its bad for your health and not your age also . Ananya you are in 16 years old and cabir 17"he said angrily

cabir”Well i don’t find anywhere written on it the age after which we should drink”he said smirking as if thier angry attitude didn’t had a slightest effect on the both of them

ananya”sir if its bad for health which we all know it is then it is for the person of every age and therefore it should not be good for a person of any age group drinking it.So i don’t know that from where the hell you brought the age matter”

cabir”mr and mrs mahlotra we are not forcing your son to drink it and for us i know you guys are least concerned .So rest assured”

prerna”I know that he is drinking cold drink and we are worried for you guys and rohit you are thier close friend then how can you let them drink at this tender age .Have you gone nuts”she shouted and he was taken aback which infuriated ananya

ananya”Mrs mahlotra stop faking concern and our parents have made us to drink in front of thier friends at a tender age of class 5 th to maintain thier class and reputation infront of thier friends and if they don’t care about us .You guys please don’t fake it and don’t you dare shout at him i can take anything but not the insult of anyone who is close to me .Enough of your crap”i shouted on the top of my voice and they all were taken a back at my sudden outburst

manik”how dare you talk to my mother like that “he shouted

cabir”you go and talk to our mother like that matter solved”and he smirked

ananya”Bonus offer talk to our father as well”and they both hi-fied each other

prerna”they they did this “raj held her and tried to drag her to thier room and calmed her down and manik left from thier to talk to his mother and calm her down while the others continued thier bickering , playing , drinking and laughing thier asses out.They always did all this except for the drama part which happened today.Everybody met at dinner together.

raj”You guys didn’t leave for home”

rohit”They do dinner with me “he said avoiding thier gaze and telling them the whole thing

prerna”That’s lovely come children we will love to have dinner with you all”she smiled brightly while manik just rolled his eyes on this

cabir”Its not because of you that we have come here to eat .Its our daily routine so don’t get high hopes”

after this everybody did the dinner silently while we three were having our cute fights and fun talks which brought smiles on the faces of our three spectators every now and then.

prerna”Now i think you both should go .Your parents must be worried its 11:30 in the night”

cabir”Don’t worry they will not be because they themselves don’t come back before 3:00 and they don’t even bother to check wether we are thier or not”

ananya”ya why will i go . I sleep with rohit in his room”she said this casually while prerna and raj’s eyes popped out on hearing this.

cabir”Ya we all sleep together in rohit’s room”

rohit”I was going to tell you guys this that since six years we three sleep in my room together and not the way her statement sounded to you guys”

prerna”Ya but her parents and”she was cut of in the middle

ananya”I seriousely doubt that you guys are thier close friends. They will not give a damn also if we don’t go to that house for a month because they fucking don’t care and they only care about the acting which they have to do infront of the public to have an image of family goals”

cabir”And today we almost half revealed the truth in front of you guys and now we know that we will have to pay for it .So we are already going to suffer because of you guys .so please mind to not to disturb us because it just boils me from inside when we talk to you. “saying this he dragged me out from thier while i just mummered a sorry under my breath and the four of them saw that.

prerna”I never knew when they turned this way that to towards thier kids. I just want to bring the happiness into them back”she said while a tear rolled down her eyes

rohit”its better for you guys to stay away from us because you guys don’t know the truth and seeing you guys i can bet you guys would have asked them and they would have told you that fake spoilt brat story and you guys would have believed it.WEll good for you but i should say to stay away from them because i guys will get to know the truth you will not be able to accept it”saying this he went away

manik”mom just don’t think about them they are just spoiled and misbehaving”

raj”manik not a word just go and sleep . I want to talk to your mother”

then everybody left to sleep in thier rooms while raj just said to her”we will heal them together for our friends”

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