Train of the Dead

Chapter One - Marshzipangiac

A heavy rasping noise filled the air as a blue police box appeared in the middle of the street. A man stepped out, his bowtie whipped around in the wind, somehow still connected to his chest. He brushed his brown hair out of his face, and his hazel eyes darted around, taking in the environment. With a slight spring in his step he walked to the nearest door and opened it. By the smell of beer and the laughter and cheering that echoed down the corridor he could tell that it was a pub. He walked down the hallway and entered a large room full of cheery red-faced men gathered around a pool table laughing their heads off at what must have been a joke that someone had previously told. The man sat down on a stool and swung himself around to face the bartender, a small red-headed man with a bushy moustache that almost covered his entire face. "Hello!"He exclaimed brightly "I'm the Doctor!"

"What'll it be sir?" the bartender asked, putting down the glass he had been polishing

"Oh, I don't drink" He laughed "though I don't suppose you have any Marshzipangiac?". The Doctor didn't hear the bartender mutter "Fresh out sir". A sudden cheer erupted from the end of the room, and the soft clink of a ball sinking into one of the pockets could just be heard over the din. The Doctor turned and headed over to the other side of the bar, standing on his tiptoes to see over the slightly drunken men leaning over the table. "You nearly won Ken!", one of the men yelled, The Doctor turned to face the man that had just been spoken to. Ken's face looked thunderous as he watched his opponent being lifted up and carried over to the bar. The Doctor tapped Ken on the shoulder and he turned to face him."Yeah?" he asked, but before The Doctor could answer he asked "Are you asking about the posters?", he pointed to the back wall. The Doctor followed his finger and saw that there was some sort of strange wallpaper there. As he moved towards it, he saw that it was actually made up of hundreds of missing posters plastered to the wall, "Strange..." The Doctor muttered, every poster said:


Last seen: Waterbridge Railway station, Gurchie Park, London

The Doctor looked closer at them, "So many people missing? Did they all vanish in the same place then?". "I don't know do I?" Ken replied , "I know just as much as you do". Yes, thought The Doctor, that was the problem. He walked onwards and was standing at the door when a voice called out, "Where'a you goin" to at this time of night eh?". The Doctor swung on his heel to face one of the men that had previously been gathered around the table. "Night?" The Doctor questioned, for it had been day when he had stepped out of the TARDIS."Yeah" the man replied, "what with it raining and everything?". The Doctor gazed out of one of the windows, sure enough, the moon shone in the sky, barely visible through the torrential rain. "Hmm" The Doctor murmured,"Well, if it's all the same to you I think I'll be leaving now" and with that, he pulled a short, magenta umbrella from out of his coat, and walked through the open door.

Through the slits in the mask that he had been fused to, he could see a man. If you could call it that, the terrible metal horror that stood before him was barely a living creature, let alone a human being. He tried to move his head, but it was as if it was frozen stiff. He could only watch as the thing bent down low over him, and in a terrible screeching electronic voice said " YOU WILL BE UPGRADED". Samuel Livingstone let out his last scream.

The Doctor jogged through the busy London streets, careful not to slip over the sopping wet concrete that was the pavement. There was a post office up ahead, and he opened the door and welcomed the warmth and light. There was a jingle as the door shut behind him, and a finger tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around to see the face of Ken, his black hair plastered to his face."Ken! Hello!" he said loudly, the woman at the register looked up at him. He turned back,"This is my friend Ken everyone!" he announced to the post office in general. Ken started"What are you doing?" he hissed,"No Ken" The Doctor replied jollily, "What are you doing? Why did you follow me?". He looked around, and then sat down in a chair in the corner, next to an old man "Hello!" he said brightly, the old man scooched down four seats, and then promptly left the building. Ken sat down, "Why did you follow me here?" The Doctor asked again, "I, uh, wanted to tell you something" he responded "Yes?" questioned The Doctor,"Can I come with you?" He rushed, he expected The Doctor to be taken aback, but his face brightened "Why of course Ken!" he replied "Seventeen minutes fourteen seconds" He muttered, "Excuse me?" Ken asked "Seventeen minutes fourteen seconds" He said louder "That's how long it took for you to follow me". "Sorry what?" Ken asked "You knew?"

"Oh please, I saw it in your eyes" The Doctor replied casually.

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