Train of the Dead

Chapter Two - Sarah

Sarah Travers was lost, she had been following the group, she had just accidentally taken another door. Why had she done that? She inwardly slapped herself. It seemed as though every door just led back to the place where she already was, where was she again? Sarah looked up at the sign above the ticket stalls. Waterbridge station? That was in Gurchie park! How had she gotten there so quickly? A sudden wind blew through the station, and she turned around to find that a train had pulled up. "A way out of here at last!" She said. She climbed on to the train and looked around for someone to talk to. But there was no one there, before she could climb out the doors slammed shut and she was thrown from her feet by the force of the train speeding through the station. She stood up and looked around, the carriage somehow looked greener. She turned around and saw that the green light was coming from a door at the end of the carriage. She headed towards it, sliding open the door she screamed. She tried to run, but a silver hand grabbed her hair, it pulled her towards it and with a last scream, the door slammed shut. Sarah was gone.

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