Train of the Dead

Chapter Three - Drainage

The Doctor was holding an ice cream, and a dog. He was posing for a photo just beside Cleopatra's Needle. "You know. I've met Cleopatra, and this monument definitely has nothing to do with her, itactually came from the..."The Doctor looked at Ken. "Look Doctor, no offense, but I thought that we would be looking into this missing people thing". "Right, yes! Good job Ken! Off we go!" And with that, he put the dog down, and plopped the ice cream in a little girl's hand. The little girl looked up at him, and then she walked off. The Doctor was half-way down the road by the time Ken caught up with him. "Er... Doctor, where are we going?" He asked "Waterbridge station" he replied promptly, before sliding down a stair rail and taking a map from a stand. He stopped for a bit, for which Ken was grateful, but then turned in a different direction and speed-walked off.

By the time they had reached Gurchie park, both of them were breathless. Reaching into his pocket, The Doctor pulled out some sort of weird stick-thing. "What... Is that?" Ken asked, puffing to get the words out. The Doctor, apparently re-energised turned to him "It's a sonic screwdriver" he said simply, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. Ken didn't ask any more. The Doctor pushed a button, and stared. "Something's wrong" he said, "It's not working, it should... be... working..." he trailed off. "Unless... Oh, stupid, stupid, stupid!" he turned to Ken, "It's being drained! Something around here is draining the power. And what's the bet that it's in Waterbridge station?".

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