Train of the Dead

Chapter Four - Gurchie Park Station

They headed down the steps and turned right. Walking into a chamber, they could see a maintenance worker up ahead, he was patrolling the ticket stalls when he saw them. "Hey!" he shouted "You're not supposed to be in here!", The Doctor ran up to him and pulled a wallet out of his coat. "We're, whatever it says here" he said, rather lamely, the man looked at the wallet being thrust into his face "Health and safety" he grimaced, "You're here about the missing people?", "Ah, yes, that would be us" The Doctor said. The man scanned a pass into the stalls and they opened, The Doctor grabbed Ken's arm, and both of them passed through the gates. "My teeth are itching" The Doctor said, Ken looked surprised, "There's something nasty going on down here, something sinister, something. Ooh! Donuts!" He said, and sped over to a nearby vendor, snatching one out of the case.

There was a train coming in, as The Doctor and Ken walked through the many empty corridors and chambers. The white tiles that coated the floor, ceiling and walls where strange somehow, Ken just couldn't place his finger on it. The train pulled up and The Doctor stepped on, realising where he was just in the nick of time, Ken jumped on. Just as the doors closed he realised that there was no one on the train, why hadn't he noticed that before? As the train sped through the tunnels, The Doctor started inspecting the seats, as if he would find clues on them. Ken turned, and noticed a flickering, green light shining through one of the doors, he walked towards it. Just as he was about to open the door The Doctor shouted "KEN! STEP AWAY FROM THE DOOR!" Ken jumped. The door swung open, and Ken yelled with fright. There was something in there, illuminated by the green glow he could see some kind of machine. Made of silver-like material the thing stepped towards him, metal tendrils uncoiled from it's steel flesh, they zoomed towards Ken, hooking him in, and slowly, he was pulled towards it. "Cybers!" The Doctor shouted, and a strange buzz filled the air. Ken turned his head, and saw The Doctor wielding his sonic screwdriver. He came towards it, and pressed it into the metal-man's eye socket, the thing wailed in a horrible grinding voice, and the metal tendrils unhooked from Ken's clothes. "Cybermen? On a train?" The Doctor asked. Ken was puzzled, "I thought that your sonic thingy didn't work?", "No, it didn't" The Doctor admitted, "But when the Cyberman burst the door open, the power went back on". Ken turned back and looked at the smoking steel body. "Um, Doctor, what is a Cyberman?", "Humans really" The Doctor responded immediately "They replace their organic body parts with metal ones, they call it upgrading. They also install emotional inhibitors into their chests, so the poor soul doesn't wake up and go insane from looking at themselves in a mirror". Ken could guess what an emotional inhibitor was, so he didn't ask. Stepping past the metal corpse The Doctor explored the room beyond. The carriage that they were now in was green, the smell of rotting meat filled the air, and in every seat was... Ken turned and threw up all over the floor. In every seat sat the corpse of a passenger. Ken passed by a shriveled old woman with a handbag by her side. He retched, her skull had been cut open, revealing the brain beneath, although the liquid around it had been drained, the organ was still in there. The Doctor was already at the end, peering through the door. "Every carriage is like this except for the one we started in" He said grimly, he wandered through the aisles looking at all the craniotomized passengers, nodding sadly at every one. Until he came to the third aisle from the front, then he stopped, and laughed"Oh! Oh that's brilliant that is!" he shouted, he waved Ken over, and they both looked at a small green box installed into the side of the wall, "Perception filter!" He grinned, "It's what's making the victims unaware that the train and station is empty!". Just as The Doctor said these last few words a door was ripped off it's hinges, and a crowd of Cybermen stepped out.

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