Train of the Dead

Chapter Five - The CyberLeader

"DOCTOR!" The first one shouted "YOU WILL BE DELETED", it stepped towards him, the others did the same and soon The Doctor and Ken were surrounded by them. The Doctor had his hands in the air, his sonic screwdriver back in his pocket. "No! No!" The Doctor yelled"We'll come quietly! Just take us with you!", the cybermen all tilted their heads slightly, and a small buzzing noise filled the air,"They're sharing information, wirelessly" He said. The Cybermen straightened, "PRIORITY 1, CAPTURE THE DOCTOR" The obvious leader of the group screeched, and behind them, two Cybermen grabbed their arms. "W-what are you going to do with us?" Ken whimpered. "CLASSIFIED INFORMATION", The Cyberman shouted. "That is strange" The Doctor said quietly, Ken turned his head slightly, "What's strange?" He whispered, trying not to trip over the various obstacles that lay on the floor as the Cybermen led them on. "These Cybermen are taking orders from something, or someone" He said darkly, "But I distinctly remember destroying Lumic" he looked at Ken "-the old CyberLeader" he explained. "You've met these things before then?" Ken asked, horrified. "Oh yeah" The Doctor said casually "These guys even existed in an alternate dimension" He looked at Ken's confused face and stopped talking. There was silence, save for the whirring and clanking of the Cybermen's moving limbs, they were approaching another carriage, but this time it wasn't glowing green. Yellow light was shining through the door, and The Doctor and Ken winced as they came out of the dim, green carriage and into the bright light. Ken looked around at the blinking lights and heard the soft electronic hum of all the different machines that were crammed into this small space. "Oh... I see" The Doctor said softly, "This is a Cybership. But what's it doing down here?" He muttered the latter to himself, "Unless, unless. Oh! You're converting, this is a conversion!", "You are correct" a deep voice boomed from the front. A chair spun around, revealing the face of the new CyberLeader.

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