Train of the Dead

Chapter Six - The Horde

It had a face like a nightmare, with snake-like slits for eyes and a glass casing over the top of its forehead, revealing the brain underneath. "This is a conversion" It said to The Doctor, "We are upgrading the humans to our kind, this will allow us to take over this planet. The Cybermen will rise" All the Cybermen turned to The Doctor and Ken in one, swift movement. "Take the human, he will be upgraded" The CyberLeader droned to it's subjects, and Ken was grabbed from behind by a pair of cold metal hands. Ken yelled as he was dragged into a cupboard, "NO!" The Doctor shouted "He doesn't need to be upgraded" and he forced himself out of the Cyberman's arms, and ripped open Ken's shirt. The Cybermen stopped, and The Doctor stood back. Inside Ken's shirt, there was a metal torso. Ken was a Cyberman. Confusion shrouded Ken's face, "You didn't know then?" The Doctor asked him, "No! I... How did I-" "You've been all along, that's why you wanted to come with me in the post office, you were programed to" "What? No!" Ken said, horrified "Yes" The Doctor responded immediately, "That's why the time's been changing, the enormous amount of power it takes to keep you running drains the power from everything around it. That's why my sonic screwdriver wasn't working, until you opened that door. Your heart stopped for a second, and the power shut down" Ken had tears in his eyes now, "NO" He shouted "I'M NOT A CYBERMAN!". "You are one with us" The CyberLeader said monotonously, "Shut up you" The Doctor said, focusing his gaze on Ken. "You're a Cyberman Ken, you have been ever since they-" He gestured towards the other Cybermen "-first started converting". Ken stood there, dumbfounded at this information. He sagged slightly, and then straightened. "It doesn't matter what I am! I can still stop this!" He clenched his fists, and swung them at the nearest Cyberman's head, as soon as it made contact, it's face crumpled, it looked like a timelapse of a paper bag shriveling up. The Cyberman made a screeching noise, and then turned on The Doctor, he buzzed his screwdriver at it menacingly and it backed off, The Doctor gave it one more buzz and it exploded. The shrapnel bounced around the carriage, but uselessly clattered off of the Cybermen's strengthened steel armour. Ken looked down at his fist, it was mangled beyond recognition, sparks flew up from it and into the air. The CyberLeader stood, it's terrible electronic voice boomed through the carriage, "STOP THE DOCTOR!", all the Cybermen turned and faced The Doctor, one grabbed him, before he was tackled to the floor by Ken, "GO! RUN!" Ken yelled at him. The Doctor slid open the back door and ran through the carriages. Slowly, row by row, the skullcapless passengers were standing up. They flooded the space between the seats quickly and marched after him, like some gruesome parade. The Doctor ran through the many carriages, taking quick looks behind him every few steps, more and more passengers were making their way after him, their faces blank and expressionless. Finally The Doctor reached the last carriage, the one they had started in, he got to the end and realised that there was a locked door there, inside he could see an enormous machine that he figured was the power generator, whipping his sonic out from his pocket he pressed it to the door, it wasn't working. He tried again and again, trying hard not to notice the gathering mob behind him, they were closer now, within an arm's reach. Suddenly the sonic screwdriver switched on, the door unlocked and The Doctor fell inside, he had just enough time to shut the door before the mob closed in on it. He looked around, ignoring the incessant pounding of the horde on the door. He searched frantically for a way to turn it off, humming a Gallifreyan lullaby to himself to cool his nerves. Finally he found a thick cord plugged into the main section of the machine, pulling on it so hard he thought his arms would be ripped out of their sockets, he heard the dense glass on the door smash, the mob had found a way in.

The Doctor pulled and pulled on the cord, he brought out his sonic screwdriver and tried to use that as well, but it was no use, it wouldn't budge. He looked around for something to cut the cord with, noticing a shard of thick glass in one of the zombie-like person's hand. "Thank you!" He said kindly to it, snatching it out of it's hand. He started sawing through the cord, his arm moving back and forth over and over again until he finally made a dent in it. The lights immediately flickered and burst, glass rained down like shrapnel onto The Doctor's face and arms. It took a few moments for him to realise that the pounding had stopped, he turned and by the light of his sonic screwdriver, he could see that the horde had all collapsed. He unlocked the door and looked around the dark corridor. Bodies littered the floor like discarded newspapers. "It's bed time" The Doctor murmured.

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