Train of the Dead

Chapter Seven - The End

Sliding open the door to the driver's carriage The Doctor immediately realised something. The CyberLeader was still alive, it was shifting around in it's silver throne, groaning something over and over again. The Cybermen in the carriage were dead, they all had holes in their faces and bodies where they had shot themselves repeatedly. "Oh I'm so sorry..." The Doctor whispered, realising that deactivating the power generator had meant that all of their emotional inhibitors had also been switched off too, they had seen themselves in the frosted glass and immediately they had gone insane and killed themselves. He wandered through the field of metal corpses, until he reached the CyberLeader, "14 minutes..." It moaned "14 minutes and 37...", and then the dim light in it's eyes went out. The Doctor further examined the carriage, inspecting every inch until he came to a body on the floor, not just another Cyberman, nor another zombie-passenger. This was the body of Ken. He heaved it up off of the metal floor and over one of his shoulders, he waved his sonic over the console and the train came slowly to a grinding halt near another station, he opened the doors and dragged the body through the now-gathering crowds of anxious people, cameras flashed, people shouted and asked questions but The Doctor trudged on, ignoring them all, he'd already lost Amy and Rory, he wouldn't lose this one, he had to get to the TARDIS, he had to...

Ken's eyes snapped open, he was lying on something, something cold something metallic. He sat up and looked around, he half expected to see the Cybermen gathered around him, but he didn't, instead he saw The Doctor, leaning over him and grinning. "Good morning!" He announced joyfully. He grabbed Ken's hand and helped him to his feet, "Where am I?" He asked, "My home! Well, not really my home per say, I mean it's more like my car or my..." He looked at Ken "It's the TARDIS isn't it?" Ken said simply. The Doctor sighed, "Yes, it is" he didn't ask Ken how he had figured that out, The Doctor knew that it was in his CyberCode. He ran his hands over the the TARDIS console and flipped a lever suddenly, a heavy grinding noise filled the air as it faded from existence. "So!" The Doctor declared "So what?" Ken asked, puzzled.

"So all of time and space, everywhere and anywhere. Every star, every planet, every thing that ever was or ever will be. Where do you want to start?"

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