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Heart Shaped Candy | Sirius Black


Amara 'Love' Hayes was a Pureblood witch with an obsession for love-hearts. She would pop the sweets like they were pills, throughout the day and that caused her to have the nickname Love despite her cold-hearted attitude and icy nature because as her parents told her feelings are weakness, it's better to have people fear you than love you The Black Family and the Hayes Family were very good friends. It was decided the eldest Black family son were going to marry Amara when they became of age, but when Sirus Black turned eleven, and he was sorted into the house of the lions. Amara was sorted into the snake pit and it was decided instead of marrying Sirius she would marry Regules instead. But along came fifth year and after an event, the snake and the lion were pushed together and old feelings start to emerge. But with war looming over their heads and the Hayes family pushing Amara to marry Regules and wanting her to become a Death Eater and take the ranks as the last Hayes family member to serve the Dark Lord. It isn't certain that Sirus and Amara will get a happy ending.

Adventure / Romance
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AMARA HAYES HAS an obsession with the muggle sweets Love Hearts, it was perhaps the only muggle artefact that the Hayes family-owned -- they were Purebloods after all -- and they had to show that they were by holding their superiority over others in their life and while Amara didn’t particularly like it, it was how she was raised so it was what she had to do

“Amara Hayes!” Her mother called from up the stairs and Amara could hear her mother’s footsteps echoing up the stairs and she lets a sigh pass through her lips as she falls back on her bed staring up at the dull grey ceiling, keeping her eyes trained on the cracks in the ceiling as she waited for her mother to appear in the door, stony-faced just like always “Why are you not up and dressed yet?”

“Sorry mum” Amara mumbled, the words slipping out before she had the chance to realise what she had said and her eyes widen slightly but that and biting the inside of her cheek was the only thing that indicated that she was nervous

“Don’t call me mum I thought I had taught you manners” Cora Hayes snapped

“Yes mother” Amara corrected herself, trying to keep the sarcastic bite from her words

“Don’t call me mother in that lazy tone either, you’re brother never did such a thing at least one of you had manners” Cora snapped and this time Amara could not help but roll her eyes although luckily Cora didn’t see as she had already made her way downstairs straightening out the non-existent wrinkles on her dress as she went

“Well it doesn’t matter because Maxwell is dead” Amara sighed as she sat back up on her bed, threading her hands through her dark knotted hair before making her way over to her wardrobe and pulled out formal robes that she wore when leaving the house because as her mother puts it you have to put on the appearance that you are better than everyone else

When she was dressed she walked down the stairs to see her mother impatiently waiting for her at the delicately designed oak door, her father had clearly gone to work at the Ministry early as he would normally be waiting for Amara alongside her mother

“C’mon now we don’t want to miss the train” Cora urged

What Cora failed to mention was that the time was currently twenty past ten and considering Apparating takes just a few seconds there was no way they were going to miss the train but Amara hurried along anyhow just to appease her mother

Because appearances were important

That was probably why she was labelled as a cold-hearted bitch within her peers and even within her own house because she carried on appearances on blood supremacy and of course her views on the Dark Lord and his position, it was well known where the Hayes family stood with their views in the Wizarding World but they were careful about where and how they stated the views so that Dumbledore or the mystery could never catch them doing anything wrong but at the same time they couldn’t do anything about it

When they arrived at Kings Cross Station the landing causes Amara to stumble a little as she grasps onto the back of her mother’s robe to keep upright. With a stern look in Amara’s direction, Cora yanks her robes out of Amara’s hold and walks out of the alleyway that the two of they had Apparated out of the eyes of the Muggles that were rushing in and out of the station and different shops

Yes while the Hayes family don’t exactly like Muggles they aren’t stupid enough or ignorant enough to Apparate in front of them like that they weren’t like the Black family who thought so little of Muggles they thought that they couldn’t see people appearing and disappearing

“C’mon we need to hurry up, we don’t want to be around these people any more than we have to be” Cora urged Amara saying the word people with so much disgust that her lips curled upwards into a sneer

Amara didn’t answer but she did glare at an old woman who had ended up tripping over her robes before bumbling an apology but Amara just snatches her robes from the older woman before hurrying after her mother and going through the barrier at Platform 9 3

“Have a good year at Hogwarts and remembering studying is the most important thing your O.W.L’s are important and you must do well if you want to amount to something in life and remember most importantly our golden rule, stick with your own house they know what is important in this world. Stick close to Regules and stay clear of Sirus Black, the blood traitor and his blood traitor and werewolf friends” Cora hisses sharply in Amara’s ear and she was so close that from a distance it looked like Cora was hugging her daughter

But Cora Hayes didn’t do hugs

“I know mum” Amara sighed, already having heard this speech a hundred times throughout the summer and when Cora handed the dark-haired daughter her trunk she took it looking her mother directly in the eye “I won’t let you down”

With a pop, her mother had Disapparated from the scene leaving Amara alone and the dark-haired Slytherin girl twisted on her heel and made her way to the train. Even though it was relatively early and the only people there were her and a few first years who were bursting from nervous and excited energy it gave her more than a few minutes to collect herself and get things sorted away from the loud swarm of people who usually bordered the train without a second to those who actually enjoyed the peace and quiet

She got herself situated in one of the last compartments, even though she was the only sole on the enchanted trained and rested her head on the back of the seat and closed her eyes hoping to catch a nap before the rabble broke up the world of silence she had built around herself

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