Once More, With Squealing

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

It was afternoon and an excited Dawn Summers entered The Magic Box.

"Oh my God," she said, walking in, "you will never believe what happened at school today." Then she came to a dead halt as she looked at the familiar scene of the gang studying books of magic and saw what they were wearing to do it. "Oh my God!" she repeated. "And I thought the teachers' clothes were slutty."

"Yeah, I know," said Buffy, looking up from her book. "The others got hit by this weird fashion sense, but not me thankfully. I just threw on this old thing."

"Lucky we're not wearing the same school outfit," said Dawn, "now that would be awkward."

Buffy smiled at her, completely failing to recognize Dawn's sarcasm. "Did everybody at school start singing and dancing too?"

"Now, that you mention it, yes, I think they did. And even weirder, some of the teachers reeked of custard."

Dawn wandered over to The Magic Box's counter and took a seat. Looking down, she saw a beautiful talisman on a chain, almost hidden away by the other junk lying there.

"So, what'd you sing about?" Xander asked her.


Xander seemed relieved.

"Ours were more about biology," said Anya.

"Well, ours featured some sea life," said Dawn. "Apparently cod, haddock, crustaceans all love quadratic equations." Ugh, now she'd have that song stuck in her head all night.

Suddenly, Willow and Tara looked away from each other and at everyone else, announcing that they'd made some progress. As they talked to Giles, and everyone's attention was turned their way, Dawn took advantage of the distraction to sneakily pocket the talisman, before listening in on the conversation.

"Well, I'm a hair's breadth from investigating cheeses at this point," Giles was saying, "so I'm open to anything."

"We'll check it out, we'll give you a call," said Willow, as she and Tara got up.

"Yeah, this could blow the whole thing wide open," added Tara, as the two of them hurried away.

It was a sunny afternoon and Tara and Willow had started heading home, when they found themselves taking a long scenic detour through the park.

"Do we have any books at all at home?" asked Tara.

"Well, who wants to stay cooped up on a day like this?" asked Willow, running her hand along Tara's arm. "The sun is shining, there's songs going on, those guys are checking you out..."

"What?" she said, looking over her shoulder and seeing some college guys looking over at them. "What are they looking at?"

"The two of us making out, doofus," explained Willow, pulling her closer, and giving the college guys even more to look at.

Tara felt the excitement spreading through her body and before she knew it she needed to express her lustful lusting lustiness through the medium of song:

I lived my life with a stammer

Didn't know there was such bliss

Now, unlike MC Hammer

I find that I can touch this

Her hand glowed as it moved down Willow's body.

We make love all night, somehow it all seems so right

Her glowing hands now moved upwards.

And I think these are swell

Luscious as can be

Bags of fun and dullness-free

Now I know them so well

Fill me with such glee

They stand up so perkily

Tara would have happily fondled Willow's breasts for longer, indeed for the whole day, but there was another verse to sing so she tore her hands free. Then, taking Willow by the hand, they made their way through the park, across a bridge, moving in perfect synchronicity.

I was so disenchanted

Seemed like I had no air

Feel like I've been transplanted

Loving and lusting, oh yeah

They stopped and Tara wrapped herself around Willow. She needed Willow like she needed oxygen, without her she'd be blue.

Now I breathe you in

As my thoughts turn to sin

Desires I can't quell

Such a wicked witch

Climb on me and scratch my itch

Turned on by your smell

Need you oh so much

Need the wonders of your touch

You bring me relief

Willow and Tara spun around and around, and found themselves appearing in Willow and Tara's bedroom, dizzily falling onto the bed. As Willow moved down the bed, Tara continued her song, her voice now breathless.

Your mouth 'tween my thighs

I can feel you inside

And we won't need no gel

You make me get so wet

Your mouth too busy to duet

Tara convulsed on the mattress, her body covered in sweat, as her hands tightly gripped the covers.

I think I'm gonna yell

Yes, just keep it there

Mmm, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!

As the excitement grew within her, Tara slowly started to rise from the bed, levitating, floating, feeling Willow's hot flesh against hers.

Now make me come, please

Now make me come, please

Now make me come -

"I bet they're not even working," said Xander, frustrated that Willow and Tara could go away and no doubt make sweet passionate love, whereas that now eluded him and Anya.

"Who now?" asked Buffy.

"Willow and Tara. You see the way they were with each other? The get-a-roominess of them. I'll bet they're -" he noticed Dawn was in the room, "- singing. They're probably singing right now."

"I'm sure Willow and Tara are making every effort," said Giles.

Xander went silent, as his mind drifted off, picturing their efforts.

"Xander?" said Buffy, pulling his mind back out of the gutter, at least for a second until it had time to focus on Buffy's bulging blouse.

"It's okay, Buffy," Dawn reassured her, "I do know about this stuff. Mom and I had the singing talk a year ago. Besides, it is all kind of romantic."

"No, it's not," said Buffy and Xander in perfect harmony. For a second Xander was afraid they might burst into a homophobic song.

"Come on, songs, love... what's gonna be wrong with that?"

It was nighttime and a desperate man was in a dark alley, his right hand working away to no avail. He'd been doing it for hours, but he couldn't stop. A grin was fixed on his face; this was supposed to be pleasure but it felt so much like pain.

He looked down and saw smoke begin to rise. He tried to stop, but before he could, he found himself igniting, fire spreading all over his jerking body. Within seconds he was consumed entirely, his burning corpse falling to the ground. A pair of blood-red leather stilettos walked over to him. Their owner looked down at his smoldering remains and smiled. Rubbing wood was a sure way to start a fire. Still, some liked it hot, and she was one of them; hot reminded her of home.

She stretched and gave a sensual sigh of pleasure. It was nice to be out and about again. Usually they summoned her brother; sure he had better lyrics, but he was far too nice a demon. She, on the other hand, was anything but.

This demon was many things, but she sure wasn't Sweet.

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