Once More, With Squealing

Sexy And She Knows It

It was later that night and Dawn Summers was in her bedroom, dumping her schoolbooks out of her bag onto the bed. At that moment, a breathless half-naked Tara poked her head in the room.

"Lotta homework?" the blushing Tara asked.

"Math," Dawn replied, kind of tired that she was the only one who could make the effort to get fully dressed these days. "It seemed so cool when we were singing about it."

"Well, Willow said they got a lead on this whole musical extravaganza evil," Tara told her. "This demon that can be summoned -"

"Do they know who summoned it?" Dawn interrupted her.

"They don't even know its name yet. But Willow'll find out. She's the sexy brainy nerdy type. You know what I want to do to those brains?"

Dawn was afraid to ask, so instead ignored the question. "I'm glad you guys made up."

"I think you mean 'made out'?" Tara corrected her, tidying her unkempt hair.

"No, that whole fight you guys had."

"Oh, the pillow fight? You heard that?" Tara said, remembering the morning the music had arrived, and smiled as she looked down at the flowery herb that she'd found under her pillow, a gift from Willow, now pinned to her bra strap.

Dawn shook her head. "No, your fight about magic and stuff."

"Dawn, Willow and I never fought. Don't let the banging and yelling from our room fool you, we're making love, not war."

Tara was clearly in denial about the fight, Dawn figured. "It's okay, I mean I can handle it. It's just, you guys are so great together, I just hate it when - but that was like the only real fight I've seen you guys have anyway. But I'm still glad it's over."

As Dawn was saying this, a horrible notion crossed Tara's mind. She looked down once again at the little flowery herb, but this time she wasn't smiling.

"Dawn, I... there's something I need at the shop. Will you be okay for a little while?"

"Yes," said Dawn, gathering up her sarcasm, "the fifteen year old can spend half an hour alone in her locked house."

"I won't be long..." Tara said, and then was gone.

With her friend out of the way, Dawn walked over to the dressing table and opened up a red jewelry box that was sitting there. From out of it, she pulled the necklace that she'd swiped the other day from the magic shop and slowly put it on, looking at herself in the mirror.

She didn't know why she needed to steal things lately, and she felt bad about having to keep this a secret from the others. Then again, they'd been keeping secrets from her too. Dawn wasn't at all sure what was going on in Sunnydale lately, but she knew that the grown-ups had all started dressing far too revealingly.

"Do they think I won't notice," she began singing, "that everyone's dressed like Cher -"

Suddenly her song came to an abrupt halt as the music took a scary turn, just as she herself turned and screamed as she found she was face-to-phallus with a horrible five-foot-tall papier-mâché penis henchman. Before she could move, two more men dressed as giant penises surrounded her and threw a burlap sack over her head, and everything went dark.

Dawn awoke, thankfully no longer in a sack, and hoped that the giant penises had been but a dream. She slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head and leg up in unison, looking around to discover that she was on a pool table at The Bronze.

She moved rhythmically on the table, to appropriate musical accompaniment, before lowering herself to the floor. As she danced around, in an almost balletic fashion, trying to find an exit, she found herself encountering one large penis after another. As each one insisted on dancing with her, she finally found herself stuck in the middle of three erections, each one blocking her in.

Finally, she managed to make a break from them, and skidded on her knees towards The Bronze's stage, ending up right in front of a staircase coming down from the middle of the stage, her head at eye-level with a pair of sharp red stilettos.

As the stilettos tapped their staccato way down the staircase, Dawn rose and backed away from their statuesque owner, while the penises retreated into the corners. So, this was the demon; dressed in blood red, wielding a whip, with a figure to die for and a face to match. A big grin stretched across the demon's face as she looked at Dawn, and then the demon launched into song:

So, you summoned me

Yet you're still a child

On the last word the demon cracked her whip and her leather outfit, what there was of it, suddenly turned from blood red to shiny black, as she walked toward Dawn, still singing:

A Minor quandary

I guess we'll have to start real mild

I come from your darkest desires

I'll make you sweat and I'll light your fires

So just come with me

Why don't we get real wild?

She danced around Dawn, and Dawn felt the heat coming from her fiery red skin. The demon's scent filled the room; she smelled good, the way demons ought to smell. Suddenly, Dawn felt the demon grabbing her behind. Instinctively she smacked the demon in the face with her open palm, and then, realizing what she'd done, nervously danced away. The demon's hand rose to her red cheek, rubbing it, and then a big smile crossed her stunning features as her song continued:

I've a heart of black

I'm the twisted type

So give me a slap

That's the kind of thing I like

You call me and I'll get things jumpin'

I turn the heat up, I get bods bumpin'

Just fall in my trap

And I'll set you alight

So how about a feel, girl?

Give me just one quick feel, girl

Dawn was afraid to answer her, afraid that she just wanted to be slapped again. As the demon closed in on her, swaying with her, Dawn suddenly found herself being drawn in by the demon's power.

"So, you're, like... a good demon?" she asked. "Making things hot and sexy and fun?"

The demon just laughed, and continued her song:

All these maladies

I give to the guys

Brings them to their knees

Well, it cuts them down to size

With no passion, there comes friction

Just leaves folks ashen, feeds my addiction

Can't resist my sleaze

Which leads to their demise

With her penises now dancing behind her, the demon continued singing, her voice now full of sexy menace:

You brought my tail to Sunnydale

But soon I'll wreck this place

Then we'll fly, kiss this hellmouth goodbye

Then we'll be sucking face

Dawn was a little thrown by all of this. It seemed this demon wanted to get intimate with her, getting to base numbers that Dawn didn't even know about yet. It wasn't even as if they'd been properly introduced, though Dawn figured that maybe the demon had a name that men couldn't pronounce (if only because they'd be drooling too much).

"So how about that feel, girl?" the nameless demon continued.

Dawn decided she better point out the obvious flaw to the demon, "Big surprise, I like guys, if you know what I'm saying."

"And I'll make you squeal, girl."

Dawn figured some elaboration was in order, "By the by, I'm not bi, so bye bye to the gay thing."

But the demon still carried on singing and dancing, her penises bobbing about behind her, as she tried to convince Dawn:

Take it from me and my penises

Men are marred and women are Venuses

"That's your choice, save your voice, hate to be a naysayer."

Give it a taste - sure it will thrill ya

A rocky road, we'll start with vanilla

"The name's Dawn, I should warn you, my sister's The Slayer."

The demon stopped mid dance step. "The Slayer?"

"Yuh huh," Dawn said, nodding, hoping that this news would drive the demon away.

However, the demon smiled instead and barked orders to her henchpenises, "Find her. Tell her... tell her everything. Just get her here. I want to see The Slayer burn." Then she went back to her song, as she reprised her earlier lines:

Just fall in my trap

And I'll set you alight

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