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Crumble | Percy Jackson x Avengers

01 | Search Party

| Nick Fury |

--One month later--

My one eye skirted off the TV in my office, at S.H.I.E.LD, about the recent freak disasters to see a new pile of folders on my desk related to terrorists and one black file, in particular, caught my eye and picked it up and skimmed through it but there really wasn’t much information at all, in fact, there was limited stuff on the kid, but the stuff that was there made me sure he was a terrorist and that he needed to be eliminated.

Name: Perseus ‘Percy’ Jackson

Age: 17

DOB: 18th August 1993

Mother: Sally Jackson

Father: Unknown (Presumed dead, lost at sea)

Step Father(s): Gabe Uglino (Missing presumed deceased) and Paul Blofis

Extra notes: Is connected to many unsolved crimes and is suspected of kidnapping his mother at age 12, as well as having a shoot out with an unidentified man in a bikers jacket in the middle-end of August of the same year, also suspected to have blown up St Louis Arch and many other artefacts as well as blowing up a parking lot last summer and was found travelling around Greece with six other people

Status: Dangerous

That was all that we had on the kid, along with an outdated picture of him as a twelve-year-old on what appears to be a field trip and he was as much a mystery than any other person I have dealt with but he was a danger to the nation and he must be bought in and interrogated at any costs.

“Stark, Barton, Rogers, Banner, Romanoff and Thor, Wanda and Vison get your asses to the conference room, I will be briefing you on your new mission,” I say through the cons and am greeted by ‘Yes sirs’ by all except Tony Stark who just groaned at me and muttered something he thought I couldn’t hear

I shake my head and walk towards the conference room and swipe my card into the register that lets people who have access in, most of my S.H.I.E.LD agents have cards except those who were working for HYDRA, the ones who weren’t killed during the attacks will remain a prisoner in the Hellicarrier for the rest of their lives.

When I made my way to my chair, in the centre of the room, I saw the all of the Avengers were here all except one, Tony Stark, who is honestly a pain in my arse but he is a good fighter so I keep him around.

Just as I slammed the kid’s file onto the conference room table, making everyone jump except the red-headed assassin, Tony Stark decided to walk in and make an entrance “Nicky, what has the great Iron Man, got to do for you this time?” and ‘the great Iron Man’ of course had to be wearing sunglasses indoors. I mean who does that?

I growled and felt my left eye twitch, he was really thinning the last of my patience “Stark, sit your ass down and then I will tell you all what your mission will be” He rolled his eyes but obeyed and sat down, he knew I was already in a bad mood and probably didn’t want to test me, which was a change.

“You are to capture a known terrorist who goes by the name of Perseus Jackson by the age of 12 he was put on the Most Wanted list for S.H.I.E.LD and please don’t let his appearance fool you, he has blown up multiple schools, including a parking lot and St. Louis Arch, he was also sighted near Mt St Helens just before it exploded”

Suddenly there was an uproar of responses

“But he’s just a kid!” Stark

“You can’t seriously want the avengers to catch a kid!?” Natasha

“He’s been on the Most Wanted list since he was 12?!” Clint

“I don’t see how it would be beneficial for us to catch this young child” Vision

“Good luck trying to catch young Perseus” Thor

That last statement caught my attention and I turned to Thor and narrowed my one eye before asking “Thor what do you mean?” He then went pale and muttered something too quiet for me to hear

“N-Nothing, I must go now Father wants me back in Asgard,” He says and I narrow my eye even more, but before I could do anything he grabbed his godly magical hammer and went away in a flash of lightning

All the Avengers were looking at the encounter between Thor and me with confused and dazed faces they had no idea what just happened but neither do I, all I know is that Thor freaked out when I mention Perseus. Did Thor know Perseus? It seemed like it his statement seemed like he knew Perseus well enough to know not to go into battle with him and that bough up another reason of why Perseus is a terrorist a god is scared of him, but I wasn’t sure as to how so for the meantime I decided to drop the matter

“The rest of you bring in this kid so I can question him” I order once again having to slam my fist on the table in order to get their attention, they all looked at me startled except Natasha whose eyes were skirting around the room wildly looking for any danger that might be lurking in the shadows but her eyes settled when they landed on mine and she deducted that I was the one who made the noise and she folded her arms, looking calm again and that’s when I realised that not one person who is in the room had moved, well Thor had mysteriously travelled back to Asgard, and I barked “What are you waiting for, Christmas? Get your asses in gear and get me that kid!”

At the start I knew they would come back with the kid, after all, they are the Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Hero’s or so some people claimed three years ago after the Battle of Manhattan but after Thor’s words I was doubting them if a god was scared of the name Perseus Jackson then how powerful was this kid?

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