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Crumble | Percy Jackson x Avengers

02 | Knock Out of The Red Russian

| Percy Jackson |

I went to the only place that seems to keep my sane, it has been just over a month or two since the Giant War and since then, I had lost so much including my family at camp, well most of them anyway and I had also lost the most important people in my life, the people who I always thought were going to be there for me along with Annabeth, my mom and Paul we’re dead.

The waves that seemed to be more like storm waves since I had arrived, crashed against the rocks almost lulling me into closing my eyes as I thought back to what had happened when I arrived back at the apartment almost two days after the war

| Flashback |

I walked into the apartment, tired and exhausted, the smell of Mom’s famous blue cookies filled the air except with a burnt aura battling with the delicious smell of my Mom’s home-baked cookies

Immediately my instincts kicked in, alerting me that something was wrong and I felt a tug of dread in my stomach as I fumbled for the familiar cylinder-shaped pen in my pocket and uncapped it so it grew into a big sharp, bronze, gleaming sword

“Mom, Paul!?” I called as I went inside every room searching for any danger that might lurk in the shadows, by the time I had reached the last room I was growing nervous I still hadn't found them and it was making dread and guilt pool from inside of me

I did find them, eventually, but the way I found them was too much to bear they were both sprawled out on the floor of their bedroom, hands joined and a pool of cold blood surrounding them that had more than likely spilt out from the claw marks and stab wounds across their hearts

A note was attached to my mother’s chest: A eye for an eye, toe for a toe, life for a life you took away everything in my world, I will take away everything from yours beware Perseus for I and my wife will rise once more

I sank down to my knees and cried until I had no tears left

| End of Flashback |

Suddenly my battle instincts kicked in or ADHD and I heard something snap in the not so far distance and some muffled Russian curses at another guy I subtly turned around while she was busy arguing with another person and saw a flash of bright red hair and another guy in some...Metal suit? I then continued to discretely scope out the are glancing at the storm-filled waves every few seconds and saw that along with the Russian Red and Tinman there were five or six other people, all watching me from different angles along the beach

I continued looking at the waves for a little bit, thinking it was just part of my paranoia, I had been on edge since the end of the war but it did nothing to calm down my battle instincts so I decided to see if these people were actually following me so with my hand in my pocket safely gripping Riptide I moved slowly down the beach and sure enough, six figures moved with me but one aura was more powerful than the rest and I was positive one didn’t have a human body

“You can come out now!” I call to them, it was going to end in a fight, either way, I might as well just beat them already

Reluctantly the Red Russian and the tin man came out from their hiding spaces and I arched an eyebrow, I thought they would have put up more of a fight “Look” the Red Russian started making me quirk my eyebrow just that little bit more “We don’t want to fight you, we just need you to come with our boss has some questions for you, if you come with us peacefully we will not hurt you”

“I don’t want to go anywhere” I ground out through gritted teeth

“Last chance to come peacefully Kiddo,” Tinman says

“I’m not a kid” I stated “And I thought I told you I wasn’t going anywhere”

That was when all Hades broke loose...

Red charged at me, but I was prepared and simply sidestepped her attack and not expecting it, she ended up with a face full of sand and when she flipped back up her face was all covered in grit and red with fury

She reminded me of Annabeth and Piper and Clarisse before one of them decided they were going to kill me. No stop -- I told myself this wouldn’t help me if I decided now to have a flashback to the war or something.

She snarled at me before kicking out her leg was high enough that it could have hit me in the face but I caught her foot and twisted it before it could land on my face and because of it Red lost her balance and went careening backwards onto the sound again

Red tried to kick up at me when I towered over her but I easily dodged her attack by leaning slightly towards the left side before delivering a hard enough punch to knock the Red Russian out but not too hard that it would kill the poor mortal

I turned towards tinman who was still stood there stunned from the fight and crossed my arms before asking “Who are you, people?” I was annoyed and beyond angry would it have been too much to ask for just one walk, without getting kidnapped or ambushed and attacked by a monster

Apparently so.

My question snapped The Tinman out of his daze and he stood up that little bit taller as he put his hands on his metal suit where his hips should be in the most dramatic way possible he yells “I’m Iron Man and I’m part of the Avengers along with little miss Spy you knocked out just then -- by the way how the hell did you do that?”

If he was expecting some kind of big show, he didn’t get it

I blinked and cocked my head to the side “Who?”

“W-What, how the hell do you not know who the Avengers kid we’re famous and we literally saved New York and the world a couple of years back and ever since then, we have saved the world multiple times” It took everything in me to not burst out laughing and eventually I couldn’t help it, I burst out laughing, these mortals saved the world once maybe twice and get famous for it whereas I saved the world on multiple occasions and nearly everyone I love dies, the fates really do have it in for me

“Why are you laughing kid?” Tinman asks perplexed

“Mortals are so ignorant” I mumble under my breath and in a clash of metal and skin I took on the second Avenger

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