Lyric's Wings


Single mother Lucinda Day would do anything for her daughter Lyric who is sick with a unique case of cancer. Unknown of what can happen she is willing to make Lyrics dream come true. Will Lyric see her favorite group BT?. If so, What happens next?

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Chapter 1

The kitchen counter is cold on my arm as I am leaning over. The smell of my coffee hitting me helps to wake me up. Another damn appointment. The fear of any type of bad news has kept me up all night.

Just imagine These scattered on Lyric’s bedroom wall.

I rinse out my cup and start up the stairs towards her room. Her bedroom is on the very end of the hall. The name Lyric is placed in the middle, surrounded by butterflies of all colors. Turning the door knob, I push the door open to see my daughter spread out on the matching bed sheets. Her blonde hair spread out around the pillow. Looking around the room I take in all the other butterflies that surround two of the walls. Above her headboard though, are the BTS posters that I have collected for her. She has been obsessed with them since we discovered them watching television. It was on one of her bad days, where her illness was getting to her. After coming back from the doctors, we sat in the living room to snuggle together on the couch. She had grabbed the t.v. remote and was flipping through the channels. She stops on a scene of seven guys performing on a talk show. BTS has been our thing since then.

“Hey sweety. Time to get up” I say, leaning over to touch her face.

She reaches her arms up over her head as she stretches before opening her big blue eyes. Looking at her, I see a younger version of myself. She is the exact replica of me at six years old. She reaches to hug me before sliding off the bed, tangles and curls bouncing as she heads to the bathroom. By the time she comes out, I have her outfit ready. After dressing her I tame her shoulder length curls into a ponytail and head down to the kitchen to grab her a cereal bar before heading out. She goes to the truck as I lock the door, already eating the cereal bar. We climb into my silver Chevrolet Tahoe, and head down the long dirt road on our land with the smell of the Wisteria on both sides floating in the air.

The land we live on was bought by my grandparents and was passed down to my mom and me. It is five acres of nothing but forest, and creeks with a huge pond. Lincoln county of North Carolina is mostly open land, farms, cow pastures, and southern hospitality. We live in an old plantation style home that’s been kept up, with a wrap around porch. The second floor consists of four bedrooms and one bath. The first floor has the living room, a bath, my mother’s bedroom, and a dining room that opens into the kitchen, with a pantry and laundry room in the back.

Our house


After fifteen minutes of us singing along to BTS and laughing over our goof ups (Try singing in Korean with a southern accent, uhm yeah.....), we arrive at the clinic. I unbuckle my seat belt and get out of the car, taking deep breaths to calm my fears before getting Lyric out. I am scared of what the doctor might say.

That’s it for chapter 1 . I know it’s short, but I am just getting started here. Hopefully I can make chapter 2 longer. It has been a long time since I wrote anything, so any feedback or info would be good. Just no rude comments please. Until next chapter.......

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