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Lyric's Wings

Chapter 2: An Unusual Case

Sitting in the Doctor’s office, I am looking at Dr. Pierce with worry and confusion. “What do you mean we can’t do surgery? Just a month ago, you said that surgery was the only option.”

“I know, Miss Day. I am sorry, but it seems that the situation has changed. After carefully looking over and going through your daughters files and x-rays, I’ve come to notice that the cancer in her nerve tissues is in such a vital place, that surgery will only kill her faster. It could either cause the cancer to spread or lead to her dying on the table. I am trying my best for neither of those outcomes to happen. Since the cancer has not spread, it is best not to take such risks. Usually Neuroblastoma develops in children under the age of five. The physical symptoms almost always occur instantly. This involves lumps in the neck, bruising around the eyes, and stomach and bone pain. The only symptoms that she has experienced is the stomach and bone pain. Lyric’s is an unusual case. To be honest, I am unsure as of right now what to do next. Give me some time to do some research and I will contact you once I gather some more information. Just know that I am determined to figure this out.”

Thirty minutes later, we are getting in the truck. Pulling out the parking lot onto the main road, I notice Lyric is awfully quiet.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“Mommy, did we get bad news?”

“What do you mean?”

“By the doctor..... Did we get bad news?”

“I really don’t know baby. All I know right now is that we don’t have to do surgery as of right now.”

“But isn’t that a good thing, Mommy?”

“Hey, how about some frozen yogurt?” I change the subject, since I have no idea how to answer. I refuse to lie to my daughter, so I can’t just make something up, But I honestly can’t answer since I don’t understand what is happening myself.

We stopped at a little yogurt shop down town. After getting her a strawberry cheesecake flavor and me a strawberry lemonade flavor, we sit at one of the small tables to eat. Distracting her from her recent Dr. visit, I talk to her about what she could do once we get home. Since she is home schooled due to her health situation, I can easily dismiss any assignments for us to do later.

Living Room

Once we park in the driveway at home, My mom walks out the house.

“Lucinda, honey, I wish you had woke me up. I could have helped you get her ready this morning.” She tells me this as I am getting out of the car.

“I was fine doing it, mom. She is old enough to dress herself, now. Besides, I didn’t want to disturb you” I say, helping Lyric out the car.

“Well okay. I’ll be in the kitchen when you’re ready” She knows I will tell her the news once I have Lyric settled in.

I follow Lyric into the living room to turn the t.v. on while she grabs her coloring books and coloring pencils. I find a channel she usually watches and place the remote beside her stuff before kissing her head and walking into the kitchen.

As I walk into the kitchen, I spot my mom at the counter, with a glass of her iced sweet tea. There is an extra glass sitting next to her that she prepared while waiting on me. With her blue eyes on me, she waits on me to give her the news. Her medium blonde hair dusted with grey is up in a simple ponytail. A southern woman to the core, Vivian Day was raised on a simple farm before her parents bought the home we are in now. She is well known in the community for her giving and caring nature, due to the charities and volunteering that she participates in. She is not one to put on the bad side. If at any time she feels that her family and home are threatened, she can be quite scary. Thankfully, not too many people have seen that side of her. Besides her looks, I get my honest nature and southern charm from her.

I sit in the seat beside her, grabbing the tea. I drain half the glass and take a few breaths, trying to prepare myself for the coming conversation.

“Alright darlin, spill it.” Her southern drawl comes out as she gets impatient. She sees right through me.

While I am telling her everything that happened, everything the doctor said, she sits there quietly until I finish.

“So have you figured out how you’re gonna explain all this to Lyric?

“No clue, mom. I don’t understand anything that’s going on. I need to figure it out for myself before I can tell her anything.”

“You’ll figure something out. Go ahead and start working. I’ll keep an eye on things down here. ” She grabs my hand in comfort. “Don’t worry, baby. We will work this out.”

“Thanks mom.” I get up and head to my bedroom and sit at my desk. The company that I work for gives me an option to work from home, which is perfect. All my work is based through the computer and all my contacts are just a phone call away. After working about three hours on the computer and answering phone calls, I notice it is getting close to supper time. I log off the computer and head downstairs.

After a nice night of delivery pizza (Lyric’s choice), I prepared my little girl a bath. Once dressed I tucked her in while singing Winter Bear. That’s her favorite lullaby. I then kissed her goodnight before going to take my own shower.

Once I am out the shower, I change into a black tank top and sleeping pants. I go through the house checking the locks and turning off the lights before checking on mom and Lyric and head back to my room to read before going to bed.

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