My Rewritten, and Well Rehearsed Death

That One Time, Remember?

(After The Day)

Insert Date: 2015, December 22nd, uh, Tuesday? Yeah! Tuesday!

Insert Title: 156th Day in College, A.K.A Just Another Day!

Well, today has been quite the weird one. I missed the bus, surprisingly, since Mom decided on staying in bed. She wasn't feeling too good. So I gave her some soup, to make her feel better! After that, I finished getting ready for my 156th ay of College! Its a wonderful University, and Mom said only the most brilliant of students made it in. It has so much to give, learning wise, but I couldn't help but feel sad for those who couldn't get in, either money, or just had a hard time learning. The University has so much to offer! And I wish everyone could get the opportunities I have with this College...

As much as I liked hearing how smart I was, coming from my Mom, I just didn't feel as good as I needed to be today. I cant let my friends feel bad too, with my bad mood!

-(This is a POV)-

In the hustle and the bustle of an area in the middle of London, England, a brown haired, parted to the side/fringed young woman ran at the speed of a elderly woman on her scooter


Huffed the woman, as she continued to speed up, as the large white vehicle continued on its way, as most of her fellow classmates stared out, and away from her direction. She puffed out the side of her cheek, as she lugged her bright blue bag over her shoulder, a hand outstretched, as if that would help her in any way, speed up her resolve of being late for the bus.


What she didn't know, as she neared the edge of the long white bus, was that the last group to get on, were Catherine, Marcy, and Bailey.A trio of girls that, honestly, never had taken a liking of the floppy brown haired happy mad-woman they called "Classmate". Though, for them, they had come up with another name for her, since she had only asked of everyone she met, to call her,

"Doctor, DD, or Who?" After the last one, a few questioned with "What?" on her first day, and she smiled and laughed, saying,

"Who, silly, not what!"

That immediately put on her the, "To-Watch List" with the Trio. And they all decided on calling her, "No-Name". Since, when they put their first plan to action, when trying to get her NAME so they could properly put her in her place here in "THEIR College". All they got from her is,

"Sorry, but I cant tell you!" With a friendly grin on her face. Catherine wanted to smack it right off, thinking she insulted her with her sarcastic remark.

But what THEY didn't know, was that "No-Name" was just being herself. Her rather hyper, friendly, crazy self.

So as said hyper crazy woman ran for her life, or well, her school life, the three held back their snickers of enjoyment, seeing their latest Plan in motion.

As they sat down in their seats reserved since all the bulky, less-than-three-years-ago pimple faced 'men' had protected them from contamination of 'hobo butts'.

Basically, No-Name and her friends.

Marcy had then turned to her Leader, Catherine, and grinned evilly, her lips curling like the Grinch before Christmas, when the blue-backpack lugging lady hobbled after the bus, screaming,


Coughing, sputtering, gasping, and all that nonsense, 15 minutes later, she had collapsed against a bench, luckily ridden of any homeless, and furrowed her eyebrows, glaring heatedly down at the dirt creviced sidewalk.

She absent-mindedly kicked her feet, skidding the toes of her own-shined black shoes, and hunched over, placing the sides of her forearms against the top of her thighs.

"...Well, I'm late now... " She grumbled pessimistically. Before she felt the edges of her mouth tilt upwards, in a dopey grin, as she pushed herself up with her hands grasping her knees, then standing straight, throwing out both hands high in the air, stretching, and making herself feel as though she was flying.

The grin still intact, she hopped over to grab her perched bag on the bench, and slung it over her back, its bright blue contrasting with the gloomy grey and the bleak black of London.

"Ah! What's the point in moping about 15 minutes?! There's always a time for a walk, there's always some time for everything!" She stated in a matter of fact tone, actually acquiring some glances at her odd optimistic saying.

Over everything else different about her, her backpack stood out amongst everything else entirely.

Making it quite easy to spot if one was looking for it.

-(Sorry for the tiiiiimeskips... ^^'''')

"...nd you also have the multiple numerals, with the...-"

Dozing off and on, the floppy haired, No-Name young adult, smacked herself against her shiny desk, that she shared, as it stretched across the large Study room, that made its chestnut-ness glow of the sun of the morning, as it flowed freely from the large windows taking place of several walls.

Closing her eyes again, she sighed in relief at the feeling of peace. No, she wasn't tired. She just wanted to think freely without the sound of the man droning on and on, making Math for her, almost unbearable. She was listening, though, She didn't want to take anything she had now, for granted.

So when she shook away a slight prodding, it surprised her when a light mumble echoed into her ear canals.


"...N... -me... No... "

Sorry, I didn't really catch that. Can you say it again?


Ah, thank you.


She then covered her mouth, as she raised an eyebrow at her own behavior. After trying to recall what she had been thinking previously, she couldn't. Which scared her. She remembered everything. Its a habit she picked up at the mere age of .. Well, as far as she could remember!


"No Name, are you listening? And what on Earth are you spouting on about now?"

Said her Professor, as she looked up at him, blinking like a deer in the headlights. Though her eyes were wide, not with her predicament, but from what she said. They spiked with curiosity, as they changed color. Only slightly.

Did she really have a conversation with him, when she wasn't even coherently understanding a lick of it with her ears?

Well, she had replied in her head as though she did. Weird. But, everything involving her was weird.

And what she said, in her spit of confusion. Dalek? What was that? A type of food? Blech.


After so long of silence, she looked around, seeing as every head in the room had their gazes on her, since the lesson was paused, and the source of such a situation had been her causing.


Muttered the Professor, as he had his hands folded across his chest, and the young woman before him wondered briefly why he cared whether she listened or not. She was practically an adult! She WAS! Then her mind switched gears, and she giggled, causing the gray-haired, puzzled elder man to shake his head. He scoffed, and grumbled something under his breath, then walked off back to his board to resume the lesson.

Apparently, he had thought the same.

1:27, Eating Time Distributed Among Students for the Duration of Specific Classes-

Expecting a bell, the people walking away and from school with hurriedly gathered things in their arms made a run for the nearest Café or cheap shop.

The skip in the step of a brow haired woman caught the attention of almost everybody. She also had a giddy smile on her face, and no matter how much the Trio prodded her.

Lunch break, rather, time away from University to ingest Healthy, or Fat-creating food for survival and proper brain function.

Conversed the young woman as she ruffled her jacket, to feel the of the edge of her jacket.

It was a type of purple, a dark purple, that wasn't noticeable in

certain lights, but still could be distinguished as purple if looked close enough.

Her Mom said it was her Dads, that when he went away, he had left it. On accident, she added in a rushed manner

At first she thought from that tone, she meant it was left for her on purpose, but when she added that part, she became a bit puzzled.

Why would it matter?

Well, all in all, she was wearing a mans jacket. So that made her stand out even more than usual.

But this was the norm for her, as she put it on everyday before heading out, and soon spotting a head of dark brown hair, she knew it was Chloe, because only she was that short.

It wasn't her fault, she always defended.

It just ran in the family.

So she made her way through the thick crowd of people treading across the roads and sidewalks at given times. Waving frantically like a loon, she tried to get her friends attention.

"Heeeey! Chloe! How're you doing today?"

Yelled the hyper-active brunette, when she bounced by her friends side, giggling like a mad-man. Finally making it, she ushered the startled woman at her side to the side of the sidewalk, under the roof of one of the many Café's.

"Oh! Doctor! I'm fine, thank you for asking, and how might you be as well?" She asked, playfully curtsying with her light blue skirt, to match the light blue headband holding up her bangs.

Chuckling, the purple clad girl bowed, mockingly as well, before she purposefully messed with her hair, by giving her a light noogie.


Chloe yelled, clearly in distress, as she tried to fix the stray strands now sticking out from the restricting hold of the headwear.

She stuck her tongue out at the woman, who laughed evilly, and with an issue without a mirror, she turned to the reflection in the glass, and began properly fixing her hair to the way it was. Thankfully, no one was seated near the window for other people to look in and watch them eat, so Chloe had no problem fixing her hair, because no one was there to watch her fix her hair while they ate.

Her friend, known as "Doctor" beside her, starting rambling about the types of scientists who found a "Black-Hole", since from what she was sputtering about, couldn't actually SEE a black hole, since they absorb, inhale, and envelope light. Basically, they're invisible. But because her Mother never let her out without her permission, or lets her get her hands on any book, let alone a telescope, without watching her like a hawk. She couldn't get the proof she needed to be able to prove her theories correct. But I think Chloe herself lost her sense of thought and possibly direction, as her friends ADHD kicked in, and went into a whole OTHER spiral on DNA Helix's and their starting formation.

Though when first meeting her, you would have the internal, "Fight or Flight" nag at the back of your brain. Chloe tried to understand the woman, she really did, but she couldn't. She was just too surprising, unpredictable, and smart.

"-...Black holes aren't necessarily all the same, but they do absorb light, so that's why I never understood as to how they ever "Caught one in action", per say, but when...-..."

She raised her eyebrows at her friends rambling, and grunted a,

"Oh, really?"

Well that got her friend going, thinking she had her full-blown attention.

That's when she noticed a man, a strange man further inside the Café, had his gaze on her. At first, she thought it rude he was staring while she fixed her issue, but then noticed he wasn't watching her fix her hair, rather, was gawking at her best friend, her mouth charging a mile a minute, with "handy-dandy" facts, as she liked to call them.

"...Also, when the chord malfunctions, as it splits into other asymmetrical dimensions throughout the entire-..."

It freaked her out a little, so as she was obviously in distress, the purple clad woman beside her stopped suddenly, and turned to look at her with concern glinting her now changing colored eyes.

"...What's wrong?" She mumbled, her eyebrows furrowing, like every other time she's worried for another, as she looked down at her companion.

Jumping at the sudden call, she turned back to her friend, smiling weakly. Trying to shake off the enlightenment of a probable stalker, she shook her head to clear her thoughts, checked one last time in the reflection, and glanced back to her friend, only to blink in surprise.

"...Ah, what?"

Blinked twice.

Saying she hailed from another country, she had no true accent. That is, until now, Chloe noticed.

"What?.. What's wrong? Is there something on m face?"

The now green-blue eyed woman in front of her questioned, grabbing her chin, and rubbing it, then her cheek, leering down closer, to see if anything changed in Chloe's eyes.

"...You are surprised"...

Her floppy haired friend murmured, shaking her head, turning her gaze to the base of the building in thinking moment, Then slowly raised them as she stood straight from her hunched frame.

She made a face between a pucker, and a grimace, which Chloe had seen plenty of times, especially when she found out something she'd rather not know about the world.

Making a face as well, Chloe raised an eyebrow half amused, half wary.

"..What?.. What is it?..."

Her friend only shushed her, as she turned fully, to walk over closer to the window.

Chloe's gaze followed her movement, then almost had a heart attack when her own eyes rested on the same man from before, who had watched her friend ramble.

He was on his knees, sitting them on the seat of the chair, and had both hands pressed against the cold glass, looking as though curious, desperate, and elated.

His mouth moved, indicating he had said something, then he looked back, when a shadow rippled in the far back, also showing that he was talking to someone behind him, all the while, a big smile on his face.

He kind of reminded Chloe of her friend, Doctor.

"...Know who he is?" Asked Chloe, her voice hushed, in case he had super-hearing.

'Doctor' leaned over, her eyes glancing over to the man, while she said in a voice filled with bewilderment,

"No idea... BUT! We can find out!"

She said, caution laced in her voice at first, before full on blaring out the last section of her sentence, in pure joy and curiousness.

"..W-Wait, u-uh, I don't think-.. DOCTOR!"

Chloe yelled, as she was left alone, only to have to follow her friend inside, as she raced inside the door, happy to greet the man, who was as equally eager to see his long lost daughter as well.

But she didn't need to know that.

-(Before the Lunch break, basically 1:00)-

After a loud hiss of steam echoed among the console room, The Doctor grunted, as he latched onto the railing for temporary support.

"Well... That... Ended smoothly..."

A brown headed woman in the far back, also hanging onto a shiny section of railing, hissed almost as loud as the TARDIS,

"Yeah, but I hope we landed where we wanted, this time..."

Clara mumbled, hoisting herself up, to shakily take a step forward, her eyes locked onto the form of The Doctor, as he himself had some trouble standing.

"Lets look and find out..." Said The Doctor grimly, before practically sprinting to the door of the TARDIS, as Clara only managed a feeble Granny walk.

How in the world does that man do it?

As the brown eyed woman steadied herself from walking face first onto the floor, she glanced up hurredily when The Doctor exclaimed in surpise,

"Blimey! We crash landed in the middle of London!"

Clara groaned at the incorrect target of interest, grumbling,

"Not again..."

as she shook her head in dismay, and wobbled further forward, to stand beside the Doctor on shaky legs, to peek her head out to stare wide eyed.

"... A... House..."

The Doctor grinned brightly, and turned to her, the grin plastered onto his face, as his green-blue eyes glittered in his child-like excitement,

"Not just any house, THE House..." He stated, festuring towards it, as though he was opening the door for a lady, and Clara bit her lip, her brows furrowed.

"...Its just a house..."

The Doctor sighed, and playfully tapped her on the head, as she flinched from the sudden contact, and raised an eyebrow.

"No no no no, THE House! Its THE House, because it has THE person!" He explained, as though she was supposed to know it, making her think it was in plain sight as to why it was THE House, with THE person.

"..Doctor, its not that obvious... " She shook her head, trying to prove her point that the house in front of them looked quite alike to the ones resting a few meters beside it.

But her reasoning fell on deaf ears, when she saw the purple covered man walk speedily ahead of her.

Sighing for what felt like the millionth time, she followed after him, having to quicken her pace, as when he was determined, he was fast.

Now, after walking around investigating everything in their wake, she had felt herself surprised when the Doctor didn't go inside the house like she had first thought. Instead, he had veered in the completely wrong direction. Now thinking he was going to he front door, she was again very mistaken. He had evaded the house as if it was the plague, and instead f curing it, like his title deemed him of, he neglected the House and ran off further inside the city, and away from the outskirts of it, from which the house was located.

But here they were, in the middle of a almost empty Café, as the Doctor tinkered with his Sonic Screwdriver, and ate a biscuit.

"So... What do we hope to find, in this Café?" Asked Clara, her brown eyes looking up from their original interest, the brown liquid inside her cup, to the man sitting halfway in front of her.

She was faced towards the interior of the Café, while he had a full view of what went on outside the small building. Not that he paid any mind, for he was still concentrated on the task at hand.

Fixing his Screwdriver.

It had surprisingly malfunctioned as soon as he went into the city, and though at the time Clara hadn't known, was relying purely on guttural instinct.

Which in retrospect, didn't really get him far. So that's why he had stopped at the Café they were in now. As he was fixated on the buzzing contraption in his grip, he saw something flicker in his peripheral vision. Considering either to ignore it, or glance up.

He tried to ignore it, while he reached over to grab another biscuit, when his eyes twitched over to the main window. Luckily, no one had wanted to sit where everyone could see them munch on their breakfast lunch or dinner.

He only glanced, when his curiosity got the best of him, and to his shock, almost dropped the biscuit nearing his mouth when his eyes landed on someone peculiar.

Very peculiar, to say the least.

Tilting his head, he immediately set his biscuit aside, to grab the newspaper he managed to snag while roaming around, and flapped it open, spreading it wide, as he crossed his legs, right over left, as he set it over the small table, trying to act as though he wasn't staring, when his eyes flitted over back to the person of interest.

Clara, being the perceptive woman she was, looked back after a few moments to see what the fuss was about, and yelped, covering it with her hand when she saw what his attention was directed.

Oh boy.

"Doctor. Who is she?"

The Doctor mumbled something incoherent, as he turned back to the newspaper, now seeing the girl fixing her hair in the glass's reflection had noticed his 'secret' stare towards what he presumed to be her friend.

Clara leaned over, turning her head to the side, as he began mumbling again.

"She saw me, and she's THE person"

His hair flicked as he sharply turned his head back to the duo, when he saw the floppy haired woman leer down, concern in her, what he also noticed, green blue eyes that matched his own.

Coming to a conclusion after what he figured out about the strange girl, he felt the need to shiver, and did so, rolling his shoulders to cough lightly, flipping the paper again, to show his sudden discomfort.

Clara saw him suddenly shiver, and stared in surprise. Again, telling herself to wait, for him to tell her after this ordeal was over. Sadly, what she didn't know was that this was going to go on for some time.

Finally with fading patience, she grabbed her teacup, blew the steam away for a moment, and took a sip, managing a small,

"Is she important?.."

He looked to her with neck-breaking speed, and opened his mouth to answer the question, but ended up looking like a gaping fish as no words left his mouth. He slowly closed his sagging jaw, and sat back, since he had practically jumped over the table, and only continued "reading" the newspaper he held In his hands.

He only kept mumbling incoherently after that, and since she knew that was more than likely all she was going to get out of him at the moment, decided on sitting back, and watching what was about to take place.

His eyes snapped back to the window, when he saw the shorter girl shake her head, and smile a little.

He noticed how the taller didn't seem the least bit convinced. Fighting back a small smile, he closed the newspaper, which told him it was the year 2015, and set it beside his ordered lunch, and stood up, brushing off his clothes, and walked over, sensing eyes tearing into his back, he knew Clara was curious, confused, and mildly interested in what was going on. He knew he would have to explain shortly, since the short woman had always wanted to know what was going on since the day he met her.

Finally reaching another ending to his thoughts, he now was setting his knees atop one of the wooden chairs up front by the window, and with a large friendly smile he couldn't keep from popping onto his face, placed both palms flat against the cold glass, and hesitated a moment in tapping it, by curling his right hand into a fist, and knocking lightly on the Cafe's glass window.

He saw the smaller woman hadn't noticed, but the taller 'look-alike', (he declared until he got the information he needed to properly classify herself as what he had full faith she was,) had.

She stood straight for her hunched frame, to turn fully and face the, what he knew they were thinking, strange man.

Seeing the curiosity spike in the taller, floppy haired one(not that he could say anything,) his smile grew. And he couldn't help but blurt out a,


When the shorter, dark haired as well as dark eyed one refrained from glancing in his direction, when she asked, 'What?' to her friend, she tiled herself over to mumble something he couldn't mouth-read. He had said what he wanted when the brown-eyed woman turned her gaze back at him.

Then, as Clara stood up to walk over, pushing her chair aside, he turned his head away from the two, to yell over to Clara,

"Ah, well, this is her! And, stay back, for now, I don't think they really trust me-..."

His words rested falsely in the air as soon as they left his lips, for the purple clad, look-alike woman raced across the Café, and the woman whom she had left behind, stared in shock, and the tiny bell rang out when she the taller of the one entered the room, a matching grin on her face to his own, and waved excitedly, when her friend followed behind her, peeking above her shoulder, hesitant.

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