My Rewritten, and Well Rehearsed Death

I Hate Coffee

Journal Entrie Date: Tuesday Time: Unknown

Well, this is the second half of my daily entry. So, here goes.
I'll try my best to explain…
"Why is it so cold out here?" "Its cold?"
"DOCTOR, I THINK I'M DYING…" "No, I don't think you are, but that's just my own personal opinion…"-
Yeah I know, crazy, but, right now, I can't help but feel happy.
I'm alive, and I'm sitting with two legs attached to my butt, I have ten toes, and ten fingers, two eyes, two ears, two kidneys, two lungs,
Two hearts.
I guess I'm not all I seem.
Wait, no, I don't think that happened. Did it? Wait that wasn't Chloe.- who was that? I don't know, really, where I was… Or why I was there. I just remember gearing some stuff, about other stuff.

"Are you related?"

Blinking bewilderly, the brunette who sat at one of the many round, rather cramped and small coffee tables, was currently being bombarded by a random assortment of questions.

"No, as long as my brain doesn't increase in size, and have a crave for all things fish, then I should be fine…. Why?"
Chloe raised an eyebrow, at the man before her.
At the moment, they were battling with wits, but they both had begun with a staring contest. Then a face-game, but that soon ended when, now known to Chloe as Clara, came out from inside the Café, carrying a tray with some food.
The sky was a tad bit on the gloomy side, almost looking like rain-making weather, but born and raised in London, Chloe grew to love the bad, semi-bad, and the kinda-but-not-really good days in the land she called home.


She jumped, her long brown hair swishing as she gazed over at the man again, currently in the mode of, 'Bad Cop'. Clara, who was seated to his far right, looked shocked.
Is he not normally like this?
Her startled expression told the Doctor he had her attention, as she reached over and gently cupped the side of her coffee glass with her palm, and slid it over to herself. Nodding in thanks to Clara, who turned and smiled in return, then glanced over to, well, she didn't know. Yet.

"I asked, how long have you known her?"
The seemingly impatient man prodded, and with what felt like one for cattle. Feeling it sting her side, she furrowed her eyebrows, almost glaring at the floppy haired stranger.
Why Doctor had trusted him, was beyond her reasoning.
Taking her silence as 'SILENCE', he opened his mouth to once again, repeat his question, when she blurted out her answer in one breath,

"I've known her for about 2 and a half years, and if you ask me another question, you'll just have to wait until my trust for you starts to exist"

Frowning, the purple suited, bow-tie wearing creep, in her perspective, blinked a few times, before Clara stiffled a chuckle with her hand, when they both heard a small laugh.

"H-Hey guys! What's up?"

Both Chloe and the 'creep' turned to look at whom had spoken.
It was Doctor, with a tray filled with treats varying in shapes, sizes, and goodness.
Balancing on her head.

"Hey! Hey! Hey hey hey!"
She said, repeatedly, wriggling her hand, spazzing the poor limb out, as she 'tried' to gain the already full attentive people in front of her.

Chloe, having put up with her for a few years, smirked, and rolled her eyes, causing a few glances from Clara and 'Creep' to come her way.
Doctor had that 'air' around her at the moment, as she twitched her hand to oblivion, which spelled to Chloe,
So humoring her, as she often did, Chloe turned and nodded to her best friend, a wide, energetic, almost maniacal smile split across her face. Clara, being the smart woman she was, had a feeling of what was about to take place. It gave her a sense of deja vù.

"What, what, what what what?"

As expected, her lip puckered in a way that gave her face a, 'I don't get it, tell me again so I will get it' look.

"Ah, sorry' I don't re-" The tray balancing 'look-alike' was rudely interrupted by Chloe, who screamed like she had seen something bad.






Asked a very confused, and very concerned Doctor.

Not noticing how her hands were splayed in front if her, as if she was reaching for something, but stayed in place. Her tray that was atop her head just moments before, had fell over, and onto the floor of the balconey.

"….What?..." She scrunched up her face, and rubbed her fingers against the inside of her palms. Anxious. Nobody said anything, as she kept rubbing her palms with her fingers.

Chloe then began to chuckle, when Doctor neared her, still concerned.
Thinking she had somehow upset her, she jumped and her eyes widened, walking closer, trying to apologize, hands now fully raised in surrender,

"Oh! No, no, no! Sorry, sorry, I just-"

Until Chloe, turning to look at her, and gave her the face.

Realization struck her like a train.

Gasping like she was just told some peice of juicy gossip, she gaped, stood up immediately shook her head, and turned slightly, as if to go, then turned back on her heel, and gasped again, a little more quietly, realization dawning on her face once more, to pout like a child, shake her head in disappointment and frustration again, before quickly moving over to her spilt tray.


Watching the other floppy haired 'look-alike', The Doctor smiled to himself, despite the circumstances.
Yes, these "circumstances" were indeed, circumstances.
The TARDIS sent him here for a reason, him and Clara. And he thought he was slowly figuring out why.

Seeing a flicker of movement in the field of his vision, he turned his head to lock eyes with a pair of all too familiar blue-green ones.
Despite what just happened to her, she had a large goofey smile on her face, as she quickly strode over to Clara, taking a seat beside her.

"Hello!" She said cheerfully, grinning brightly, as Clara chuckled again, covering her mouth,

"Yes, hello, how're you?"
Clara asked, and Chloe groaned in playful annoyance.

Giving the other brunette an also playful glare, Doctor stuck her tongue out, and turned back to Clara, smiling again.

"Well, I've been doing splendidly, and might I ask how you've been doing as well?"

Clara, looking a bit frazzeled at her excitement for a mere conversation, opened her mouth, and grunted a bit, before snapping it closed, looking anywhere but her eyes, as she nodded, soon staring at the large fringe in her brown hair, to keep her from the familiar, scaringly familiar green eyes.

"Well… Alright then. I take it you are Clara?"

Nodding, she sipped her coffee, coughing considerably, before turning back to the smiling, yet concerned woman beside her. Taking a deep breath, The Doctor clenched his fist at her questions.

"Okay, who are you, why do you look like him, why do you act like him, and what is your name?" She breathed out, vigorously gesturing to himself sitting beside her, then to her in general.

"Well, uh, I don't know why I look like him? Or why I uh, …. Act, like him? But if I do, then I can't honestly tell you, because at the moment, all I know is my unfathomable trust in him."

Shrugging nonchalantly, she smiled softly. Turning her head to Chloe, who had remarkably gone silent, sighed, looking down at her lap.

"As for my… Name,"
Pausing to gather her wits, she felt a tension build the air. Weird. Shge usually didn't have an issue with telling people she didnt have a name.

"Sorry, but, I don't have one…." She smiled, mumbling.

The Doctor and Clara both shot up in their seats, either glaring confused, or another feeling she couldn't place. Calmly standing up as well, Chloe followed suit.

"...But, you can just call me Doctor."

Smiling brightly, she leaned forward, a caged dread, covered by unexplainable happiness emmited off of her.

"...Doctor. You said Doctor. Like, Doctor Doctor, or THE Doctor, or just a Doctor?"

"Well, consider it a promise, or a label of sorts.
I have a name, I just don't remember. I think."

"So you DO have a name, you just forgot?"

"Well, not forgot, more like never knew…"

"Okay then, do you have a,... Family?" Clara skipped the last part of her answer, just wanting to get the basics, knowing The Doctor had failed miserably with Chloe. And she had wanted also to know, just who this 'look-alike' was.

That made 'Doctor' pause for a moment.


Carefully prodding further, The Doctor leaned closer in his seat, as Clara nodded. After the shock of her 'Name', they all sat down, to sit in silence for a good 10 minutes before Clara spoke up again. And this was where they were now.

"If I may, who?"

"...M..My Mother. That's it."

She stumbled. She looked confused, and slightly in pain, as she raised a now clammy hand to touch the side of her also sweating head.

"Thats all? Just your Mother?"

"...Y-Y…. Ye-... Yes… Only my…. Mother…"

Clara didn't want to continue asking questions, since they clearly told her that she was in pain of some sort, just by answering them. That only lead to more questions. But as she was charged and ready to ask another, Chloe almost fell out of her seat, when Doctor stood up, clumsily, gripping the table, and her head.

"I-I… I need to… I'm s-sorry…"

She stumbled, and ran over to the door, almost falling through the set of swinging doors and she flung pracfticaslly her entire weight onto them, grasping onto the thin silver painted handles, breathing heavily, her large purple jacket seeming like anchors, pulling her down.

By that time, both Clara and The Doctor had gotten up, The Doctor being the most ready to help if something indeed drastic took place. Chloe had shoved the chair aside, and immediately ran to her friends aid.

"Doctor, Doctor, are you alright?!"

She had a hunch of what was about to take place, another 'Scene'. And with the way she was starting thus, it wasn't going to be a light one.
Her friend sliud down from her cowering spot, and played on the tiled floor, panting, as she clutched her head, and her chest, trying to curl up in a ball, but Chloe forced her to stay still.
Clara and The Doctor then came closer, soon bringing her out into the open. Thankfully, no one else was outside, as Chloe shook off her friends jacket, as she started spasming uncontrollably, knowing she would tear, scratch, and bite at the article of clothing before the end of the first stage occurred.
Folding it, and setting it aside, she moved away from her friend, and told the others to move away as well. She knew during these, as they rarely happened, were dangerous to anyone too close, and to Doctor herself.

Whispering in an urgent tone, The Doctor spoke up for the first time in a while,
"Whats happening?"
He then got out his sonic screwdriver, as it immediately began glowing a bright green, and buzzing.
He was able to collect information, but it started to malfunction again in the middle of a scan, and he growled under his breath, smacking the acursed thing against his hand a few times, before trying again.
Still nothing.

And then started Stage 2- Where she begins to mumble.

Then came Stage 3- Yelling, screaming, thrashing.

Then Stage 4- Gaining consciousness, with a whole other personality.

They soon left. After getting enough information, Clara noted how The Doctor stumbled every so often, and his movements were jagged. Feeling this distress of the Time Lord, the TARDIS hummed in sympathy, as the raggedy man practically threw himself at the console, gripping the shining edge with a tight grip. Sensing he needed some time alone, Clara bit her lip, and walked over to his side, placing a gentle hand on his tense shoulder. He didn't sigh, or relax slightly like he does. No, he stayed in his hunched, frozen posture.

"...Goodbye, Doctor. I'll see you next Thursday. 8' sound okay?"
She smiled, trying to loosen up his heartache.
Yes, heartache.
Clara only knew that too well, that look in his eyes. It can show on his face, but no matter how much he smiles, and waves it off, his eyes, stay the same.
Though in the past times she's known him, that heartache had faded. Now, he still felt the wreteched feeling, but running away from Daleks, chasing foes, defeating more enemies, eating fish-fingers and custard, had always helped him in some strange way.

But now that heartache was back, and stronger than ever.
She wanted to help, she really truly did.
But as broken as he looked now, she just couldn't bare to break him even more, by reminding him of what hurt him.

So Clara, Clara Oswald, Oswin Oswald if you know the name, now stood at the doors of the TARDIS, as she(the TARDIS) hummed in reply to The Doctors shaking. She silently waved goodbye, and opened the doors to her room, seeing the small box-window at the pointed end of the room, open.

Closing the door behind her, she walked over and closed it, soon hearing the familiar loud whirring noises of the TARDIS taking off. Turning back from her closed window, she sat down on her bed, and watched the TARDIS fade in and out of her vision. Before she left completely.

"Doctor, just who truly is she?..."

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