My Rewritten, and Well Rehearsed Death

This IS Just For You, MY Prologue 2

AN:// I do not own Doctor Who, I only own the plot, and my character(s)/OC's.

Oh, and I don't own the song. Its something I really thought was sweet, and a nice lullaby for this story. Look it up, if you want, I only took the piece that I liked most. Might add more. But I swear, if you say ANYTHING, about WHAT type of fandom it is, I will personally seek you out, and smack you upside your head. Its not a bad fandom. I actually enjoy most of the songs, and Youtuber's who MAKE them. So, enjoy.

WARNING: Don't read if you hate weird sappy chapters. >:3


The years now before us

Smiling brightly, the young woman sat, unmoving in the large, retro styled chair. It didn't suit her. Yet she still smiled.

Fearful and unknown

Screaming, uncontrollable fury laced the tone of her misery, as she beat down against the impenetrable walls that surrounded her. Still, she would be able to witness the inevitable.

I never imagined

I'd face them on my own

With bleeding fists, and salty streaks sharping her features, sliding down her cheeks and lost their grip at the bottom of her chin, falling onto the pure white floor. She stared, with pleading, desperate and madness creating pain. As they continued to their endless trek, the orbs that were filled with this liquid shimmered, until the light slowly dimmed to nothing.

Locks, placed around her wrists, she stared. Still in that chair, her eyes never left that of those of the walls. Until her bright brown eyes sparkled with something silvery, and clear. They too, fell and fell.

May these thousand winters

As they continued to their endless trek, the orbs that were filled with this liquid shimmered, until the light slowly dimmed to nothing.

Swiftly pass, I pray

Never ending pain, surfacing once more, as the fleeting happiness of breathing, left her completely, as her hopes were crushed like her glass heart.

I love you; I miss you

Punished to watch, and left to die.

All these miles away

Only left to planets and fantasies, is she met without guilt. Is she never torn, at the hands of regret. Will it ever resurface, I howl and wish, that there will be someone there to keep you safe.

May all your dreams be sweet tonight

Surviving, only by the wish of her supposed, and bargained to another's Death. She continued, to wait, and watch. And live. She will forget, with time. And with change.

Safe upon your bed of moonlight

Left alone, to the world that decays, she will only wait and watch, as the rest of the worlds live out their days.

And know not of sadness, pain, or care

Not wanting to hear, and feel the pain that will always be there. She wishes for it all to stop, and so she climbs to the top. And waits. And watches. For the right time.

And when I dream, I'll fly away and meet you there

She can no longer meet with her supposed, but Bargained of another's death. For she cannot sleep. But she will wait. And watch. And wait.


Until she can.


AN:// If you haven't noticed by now, these two latest chapters are different, set different, just ARE different.

FYI: There are two people in this weird chapter. Not just one with a serious mental issue.

Meaning of Song to the Story(not the song itself, just my opinion and way it connects to the story wit its lyrics):

'Doctor was set to die, but her "sister" begged the ------ to let her to take 'Doctor's' place. And so, the ------- took her instead. But the ------- made 'Doctor' watch, as they took everything from her. Her only tie to her life, before everything. Her sister.

Ridden with guilt, 'Doctor' could only regret, and wish she could've taken her sisters spot. Now, as time continuous to fly, she can only wait, and watch, and wish. For a difference, for a change.

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