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Down with a Sickness

By DCgirl91

Romance / Drama

I'm not sick

Being sick is the worst. But for Detective Elisa Maza being sick is like the end of the world. She hardly ever got sick but when she does the sickness hits her hard. She woke up this afternoon with a massive headache. She felt like she was hit by a truck, twice. Her throat was very sore mostly because she'd been coughing all day and her body ache so much. Her appetite was none existence. Just the smell of food made her want to hurl. Her face was pale and flush. Even though she slept for good couple of hours beforehand she still felt very tired. Barely having the energy to get ready for work. ‘I hate being sick so much’ she told herself as she slowly walk upstairs to the precinct. Once she got to her desk she flopped to her chair, exhausted from the walk.

She put her head on her desk ‘Man my head is killing me...oh who am I kidding my whole body is killing me. Maybe a short nap will help.’ She slowly close her eye, trying to get some rest but that was short lived when Matt, her partner came in with a box at hand.

“Hi there Elisa, guess what?” Matt said with a big smile on his face.

'Oh crap, I forgot about Matt. If he sees me like this I'm screwed.' She thought. Elisa knew he was going to make her go home whether or not she wanted to. But she couldn’t do that. There's  so much paperwork to do and she promised her friends that she’ll visit them today. They haven’t seen her for the past two weeks. Elisa knew what she had to do. With whatever energy she had left, she lifted her head up and sat up straight, making it seem like nothing's wrong.

She gave him a small but weak smile “What is it Matt? Did you find out that the Illuminati using Britney Spears to brainwash the youth with her music or something?”

Matt gave her a small playful glare “No but it would make a lot of sense. Music is the way the Illuminati could control the youth.”

Elisa started to laugh but was replaced by severe coughs. Matt walk up to Elisa and started rubbing her back.

“Hey, you ok?” Matt notice how pale Elisa looked and her face was very flush. ‘Is she sick? No way Elisa never gets sick.’ He thought.

Elisa coughed a few more times. “Yeah…*Cough* I’m ok….*cough cough* it’s nothing really…*cough**cough*.”

Matt wasn’t convinced, “Are you sure, cause you look like your sick?”

 Elisa finally stops coughing but her nose began to run a bit, “What makes you say that *sniff*?”

“Well your pale, your face looks like crap, your coughing a lot and your nose is starting to run. I’m no doctor but those are the classic symptoms of an illness my friend.” Matt said with a smirk on his face.

She grabbed a tissue and blew her nose “Well you’re wrong. I’m fine. There is nothing wrong with me. I’m not sick.”  Elisa knew if she denied it maybe Matt will let it go. At least she hopes he does.

Matt, knowing how stubborn Elisa can be decided to let it go at least for now. “Well then, since you’re fine how about you eat some doughnuts with me. That’s what I was going tell you when I got in. I got a free box of doughnuts when I went inside the local bakery. I was there 100th customer. I didn’t want to eat all of them by myself. So I thought it myself ‘Who can I share these yummy treats with, no one but my best friend and partner Elisa that’s who’.” He opens the box and took out a chocolate covered doughnut.

“Here you go Elisa, I know chocolate is your favorite. Eat up.” He said with a big smile on his face.

‘Oh man I can’t eat that, just the smell is getting me nauseas but I can’t be rude to him’ she thought. There was only one thing to do, eat it.  

She took the doughnut from Matt’s hand, “Thanks Matt that’s very sweet of you.” She swallowed hard and took a small bite. As soon as Elisa took that small bite, it was all downhill from there.

When she swallowed the piece it didn’t stay down too long. She ran to the nearest trash bin and puked her guts out. Matt quickly ran next to Elisa, making sure she’s alright. After a few moments she stops puking. Matt help Elisa back to her chair. She slowly sat down; her face was even paler than before. Matt lifted his hand and places it on Elisa forehead.

“Elisa you’re burning up. That’s it I’m taking you home right now and don’t even think about arguing with me.” 

“I can’t Matt, there’s too much work to do here and I promised the guys I would visit them today.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen them and I want to make sure there ok.” Elisa started coughing hard and even started wheezing a few time.

“No Elisa you’re very sick, by the looks of it you may have the flu. I’m taking you home right now. I’ll talk to the captain and the guys for you ok. I want you to get better. Please Elisa… I don’t want you to get worst.” He said worried about his best friend.

‘He’s right I don’t want to get worse.’ Elisa though. The only way to get better was to go home and rest.

“Ok Matt you win, I’ll go home and get some rest.” She gave him a small smile.

He smiled back, “Good, why don’t you get your things while I talk to the Captain. I’ll talk to the guys when I come back.” Matt walked towards the Captain’s Office, while Elisa got her things together. ‘It’s the good thing I don’t have a lot with me. God being sick sucks’ She thought as she slowly grabbed her keys and wallet.

 Matt came out a few minutes later. “Captain said to take as much time as you need. You ready to go?” She nodded “Ok let’s go” Matt helped her up, took her keys and walked to her car. Once they got inside Elisa let out an exhausting sigh. Matt felt horrible for Elisa. ‘Poor thing she must be very sick.’ He thought as he started the car and drove off.  Halfway through the drive Elisa's exhaustion finally caught up to her and fell asleep. Ten minutes later they arrived at her place.

“Elisa we’re here.” He gently shook her to wake her up but to no avail. “You’re gonna make me carry you upstairs, aren’t you?” Still no responds. “Ok have it your way.” Matt got out of the car and walked to Elisa’s side. He opens the door, unbuckles her seatbelt, and carefully placed her in his arms. Elisa unconsciously wrapped her around his neck and snuggled her head on his shoulder. “Thanks Goliath you’re the best.” A big smile appeared on her face when she said that. Matt couldn't help but chuckle a bit. ‘Boy, how embarrassed would you be right now seeing that it’s me carrying you and not a certain gargoyle.' He thought. Making sure she was secured in his arms Matt walked towards the apartment building. Taking the elevator to the top floor, he got to her apartment, opened the door and walked inside. Once inside he walk to the couch.

“I’m gonna put you on the couch so I can get the bed ready for you.” He whispery said. He gently put her down and touched her forehead again. “You’re really burning up maybe there’s some medicine in the bathroom. Better check.” He starts walking towards her bathroom. Elisa groggily began to stir.

“Wha… how…how did I get here? *cough* *cough* *cough* Oh my head is killing me.” She looked around and was surprised to see that she was home alright. The last thing she remembers was being in the car.

“Oh you’re awake." Elisa turned and saw Matt coming out of her room. "I was just getting your bed ready for you. I also check to see whether or not you had some medicine for the fever.”

He then sat next to her. “In case you’re wondering, I carried you upstairs. You were so exhausted nothing would have woken you up. Not even an explosion haha.” He laughed.

She too laughed “Wow that out of it huh. *sniff* *sniff* *sneeze*” She grabbed a tissue from the small coffee table and blew her nose. “Well, thanks Matt for carrying me. I didn’t say anything in my sleep right?”

He smirk, “Well let's just say even though I was the one carrying you, in your mind it was a certain special someone or should I say certain special gargoyle carrying you home.”

Her whole face turned red, “Oh man, how embarrassing.” She couldn’t believe it. She buried her head in her hands.

Matt laughed at how embarrassed she was, “Hey there’s no reason to be embarrass about. It’s perfectly natural to think about someone you care for, even if it's in your dream. Don’t worry your secret safe with me. Besides I’ve seen the way Goliath looks at you and how protective he is. If that not love I don’t know what is.”

Elisa smiled at what Matt said. “Thanks Matt you actually made me feel a little less embarrassed haha.”

“You’re welcome, now come on go to your room and change into something comfy. Call me when you’re done so I can give you some meds for that fever.” Elisa rolled her eyes. “Yes dad.”

“Ha Ha very funny now go.” She laughed and walk to her room to go change. Her bed was already set for her. ‘Matt you’re one sweet guy.’ She changed into a pair of shorts and a white cotton shirt to help cool her body and hopefully bring her fever down. She sat up on her bed and brought the bedsheet up to her waist. “Ok Matt you can come in now.” He walked to her room with medicine at hand.

“Here you go this should help with the fever and sore throat.” He measured the right amount on the measuring cup and gave it to her.

“Thanks” She took the medicine and gave it back to Matt. He placed the medicine on the table next to her bed.

“Make sure you take it every few hours ok and check your temperature too. Is there anything you need before I go?”

She shook her head. “I’m good Matt, thanks. I’m just gonna sleep some more. Can you make sure the guys know and that I’m sorry. I will make it up to them.”

“No problem, I call later on to see if you need anything. Get some rest.” He gave her a small pat on her hand before leaving. She laid down and quickly fell asleep.

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