Down with a Sickness

Soup for the soul

Matt got back to the precinct shortly after leaving Elisa’s. When he got inside he was greeted by the Captain. “Hey Bluestone how’s Maza doing? By the way you described her it seems pretty bad.”

“She’s sleeping now. She has a fever but took some medicine to bring it down. I think she'll be just fine after a couple of days.” He reassured the Captain.

“Well she’s not stepping into this building until she’s 100%, I don’t want her get worse. Thanks Bluestone, it’s a slow night tonight so just work on catching up on paperwork.” With that the Captain walked back to her office.

Before he deals with the craziness known as paperwork, there was one more thing he had to do, see the guys.

The clan awoken from their stone sleep an hour ago. They were inside the clock tower anxiously waiting for Elisa. Everyone was excited to see her, especially Goliath.

“I can’t wait to see Elisa. It feels like forever since we last seen her.” Broadway said

“Yeah I know what you mean. I can’t wait to show Elisa the remote control car I rebuild.” Lexington said proudly

“Well I can’t wait to tell Elisa about the cool rock concert that happened at the park last week.” Brooklyn said

“Aye lads we are all excited to see the young lass tonight.” Hudson said while flipping through the channels.

Goliath smiled, hearing how much his clan care for Elisa. She became a part of their lives after all. She was the one who introduce them to the new world as well as protect them in many ways. But lately he’s feeling towards Elisa have changed in the last few months. Since the incident with puck and the mirror, his feelings went for friendship to something more. Something he never thought he would feel again; love. He loves Elisa with all his heart. There was no denying it. His smile grew bigger as he kept thinking about Elisa. But his thoughts were in interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. He wasn’t the only one who heard the footsteps. The trio too heard the footsteps and quickly ran towards the staircase. Lexington was the first to reach the steps.

“Hey Eli…oh Matt it’s you. I thought you were Elisa.” Lex was surprised to see Matt instead of Elisa. Broadway and Brooklyn were also surprised.

“Hey guys how’s it going?” Matt noticed the trio looking behind him thinking Elisa was going to show any second.

“Where’s Elisa? She said she was coming tonight.” Brooklyn asked

“Yes, where is the young lass?” Hudson asked.

Matt sighed. “Sorry guys Elisa not coming tonight.”

Goliath got worried when he said that “Why? Is she alright?”

Matt shook his head, “She’s sick. For what I can tell it’s the flu. A bad case of the flu actually. She’s taking a few days off from work to get better. Don’t worry she’ll be up and about in a few days.”

Though Matt assured them that Elisa will be fine, Goliath still was worried. Everyone was.

Then Brooklyn got an idea, “Hey since Elisa can’t come to us, why don’t we go to Elisa.”

“Great idea, we can go and take care of her.” Lex said

“I think Elisa would like that. It would put my mind at ease knowing you guys are there watching her.” Matt said.

“I heard somewhere that soup helps with illness. I can make her some while we’re there. What do you think Goliath?” Broadway said

He smiled “I think it’s a great idea. Let’s go see Elisa. Bronx you stay here and watch our home.” Bronx barked in response. They all walked outside and stepped onto the ledge.

Matt followed suit, “Tell Elisa I’m going to call her later to see how she’s doing.”

Goliath nodded “I will let her know, thank you Matt for taking care of her.” And with what they jumped off the ledge and glided to Elisa’s.

They got to her apartment in no time flat. They slowly walked inside. The first thing they noticed is how quite it was. That is until they head a weird noise coming from Elisa’s room. “What's that noise?” Hudson asked. Then they heard the noise again.

Goliath listened carefully as to where the noise came from, “It sounds like it's coming from Elisa's room. I better go check on her. Why don’t all of you start making the soup.” They nodded as he walk towards Elisa’s room. When her got their he was surprised to see that she wasn’t in her bed. He started to become concerned but then he heard the noise again coming from the bathroom. He reached the bathroom and saw Elisa kneeling over the toilet throwing up. He ran to her and kneeled next to her.

“It’s ok Elisa, I’m here you’re going to be alright.” He said as he gently rubbed her back.

After a few moments, Elisa took a deep breath as she flushed the toilet. Goliath gently placed against the bath tub. “Go…Goliath… what are you doing here?” She was surprised to see him here.

“Matt told us you were ill and we wanted to see how you are doing. The trio and Hudson are making you some soup for you. Mat also said he'll call you later to see how you’re feeling.” He got up and got her a cup of water from the sink. “Here drink slowly.”

She took the cup and slowly drank the water. “Thanks Big Guy.” Elisa slowly took few deep breath making sure her stomach was settled. After a couple of more deep breaths Elisa slowly got up from the floor.

“Here let me help you.” Goliath picked her up and carried her to the bed. Elisa blush a bit remembering what she said when Matt carried her to the apartment. He placed her in her bed and pull her sheets over her waist. Then he did something to make her blush even more. He lifted his claw and placed it on her forehead.

“You feel very warm; have you taking anything?” He asked as he removed his talons away from her forehead.

“Um…Yeah I took some medicine before I went to sleep.” She couldn’t stop blushing. ‘Come down Maza, pull it together here.’ She told herself.

Goliath couldn't help but stared into her beautiful brown eyes, “I was very concern for you Elisa. When Matt told us you were very sick I didn’t know what to think.” He gently took her hand into his.

“Sorry Big Guy, I didn’t mean to scare you like that. Don’t worry I'm going to be fine. It's just the flu.” She squeezed his talon to reassure him. They kept looking into each other eyes, not wanting to look away. Suddenly they started to move closer towards each other inch by inch. ‘I can’t believe it; he’s going to kiss me.’ She thought as they got closer to closer. Their lips are inches away; Elisa closed her eyes as Goliath lips are hovered over hers. As they were about to close the gap until…

“Brooklyn you’re making a mess!”

“Hey, it’s not my fault! Broadway bumped into me!”

“Alright ye two, knock it off.”

Goliath and Elisa quickly pulled away from each other. “I… Umm… I better see what’s going on in the kitchen.” He quickly got up and walked to the kitchen.

Elisa just stared at him as he was walking away still surprised at what almost occurred. ‘He almost kissed me.’ She touched her lips and smiled just thinking about it. She put her head back against her pillow. “Look at me; I’m acting like a teenage.” She said to herself.

As Goliath walked to the kitchen, he too couldn’t believe what almost occurred between him and Elisa. ‘I almost kissed her.’ He had a big smile on his face, just thinking about it.

Hudson couldn't help but notice the big smile Goliath has on his face. “What are ye smiling about lad?”

This snapped him back to reality,“Oh…I’m just happy to all of you helping Elisa feel better. She said she’s feeling a bit better though her fever is a little high.”

“Aye I see. Well the soup is ready. Broadway made enough for everyone. The boys wanted all of us to eat together.” The trio each had a bowl of soup in their talons.

“The soup smells great Broadway, Elisa going to love it.” Brooklyn said

“Yeah I can’t wait her to try it.” Broadway proudly said.

Lexington walked up to his leader and handed him two bowls. “Here you go, one for you and one for Elisa.”

Goliath gladly took it, “Thank you Lexington, come Elisa waiting for us.”

They walk to Elisa’s room and sat around Elisa in her bed. Elisa couldn't help but smile at her friends. Goliath handed her the bowl of soup. “Thanks Big Guy. Wow this looks delicious. You guys are amazing.” She took a nice spoonful of the soup, blew on it and tastes it. “Yummy. this really hit the spot. Thanks guys.” She took another spoonful of the soup.

“Actually thank Broadway; he did most of the work. We just did the simple stuff and the mess haha. Don’t worry though we cleaned the mess up. But we’re glad you like it.” Lex said

“Yeah, hopefully this will make you feel better Elisa. When Matt told us how sick you were, we all got worried. Even though Matt told us not to, we couldn’t help it.” Brooklyn said

Elisa felt bad for making the guys worry about her. “I’m sorry guys; I didn’t mean to make you worry so much. And I’m sorry I couldn’t visit you guys at the clock tower tonight.*sniff* *sniff* *sneeze*”

Goliath reached over to the small table and grabs a tissue. “Don’t be sorry Elisa. It couldn’t be helped. All that matters is that we are here together now.” Goliath said as he was handing her the tissues. Elisa gladly took it and blew her nose.

“Thanks, well enough about me. Tell me what you guys been up too.” She happily listened to all of the fun stories the guys told. She couldn't help but laughed when Brooklyn re-enacted the guitar solo from the rock concert. When Lex told her how he rebuild a remote control car, she became very impressed by the young gargoyle. ‘He never seizes to amaze me’ she thought. Broadway told her about the new recipe he’s been working on for the past week, wanting to comes out perfect. He shyly asked Elisa if she could taste it once the illness has gone away. She smiled and gladly agreed to be the test subject. Hudson told her about the new television program he saw about New York and was fascinated by the history he learned. She was glad to see Hudson enjoyed the history of New York. They talked the entire night. Dawn was approaching soon which meant it was time to go home.

“Dawn is near, we must take our leave.” Goliath said

“I hope you feel better soon lass.” Hudson said and gave Elisa a pat on her shoulder.

“Thanks Hudson.”

Then the trio went up to her and each gave her a hug.

“Sleep well Elisa.” Lex said

“Get better soon.” Brooklyn said

“There is more soup if you get hungry later on.” Broadway said.

“Thanks guys” She smiled at the three as they walked away. The only one left behind was Goliath.

“Thank you, you guys really made me feel a lot better.” She was glad to have friends that cared so much.

“You’re welcome. We will always be there for you…I will always be there for you.” Goliath lends forward and kisses her forehead. She blushed.

“Now get some rest Elisa, you need it if you want to get better.” He help her laid down on the bed, pull the sheets over her and he gently put his talon on the left side of her face. “Sleep well Elisa.” With that he walked out of her room. Elisa smiled widely. Just then the phone rang and knew who it was; Matt. He asked how she was and if she needed anything. She told him that she was fine, and didn’t need anything. "Besides the guys were here with her throughout the night so it’s all good." She said to him. He laughed and said to get plenty of rest and hope she feels better. They both hung up after a few minutes. After that she laid back down, pulled the sheets over and fell asleep, smiling knowing she was going to have a good night sleep.

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