Down with a Sickness

This is no flu

The next day, Elisa woke up a feeling worse than before. Her headache was still as bad and she woke up in the middle of the afternoon and puked up the soup. Her muscles were aching and her throat was very sore. Reaching over to her the table near her bed, she grabbed the medicine Matt told her to take. Elisa notice she didn't have medicine left. ‘Oh boy, looks like I need to get buy more.’ Measuring the amount needed to take, she gulped the medicine down. ‘Yuck I hate medicine.’ She threw the empty bottle of medicine in the garbage bin next to her bed. Something else dawn on her too, the coldness her body was feeling. Chills were running through her body. She wrapped her blanket closely around her to keep warm. While laying in bed, she couldn't help but remember what almost happened between her and Goliath. The kiss that almost was. The electricity she felt when Goliath lips were hovering over her. A big smile appeared across her face. But the smile disappeared when her phone rang.

She groaned. The ring from the phone made her head pound, “I bet I know who it is.” She looked at the caller ID and sure enough her suspicious were right.

“Hi Matt *cough* *cough*”

“Hey, how’d you know it was me?”

“I’m psychic. Didn’t you know?” She laughed a bit.

He laughed, “Haha very funny. Serious how did you know?”

“I have caller ID Matt *sniff* *sniff* *sneeze*.” She grabbed a tissue and blew her nose. “So what’s up?”

“Just calling to see how you were doing? Feeling any better today? Have you check your temperature yet? Is there anything you need?” Matt knew that he was being a little too overprotect of her but he couldn't help it. Seeing Elisa so sick made him concern.

Elisa heard the concern in his voice, “I’m alright Matt. I haven’t checked my temperature yet but I will after we’re finish. It should have gone down at least a bit. At least I hope so. But I did finish my medicine though; it will be great if you can bring me some more. If that’s ok with you.”

“Of course it’s no problem. I’ll come by and drop it off before work.”

“Thanks Matt you’re the best.” She’s glad to have a best friend and partner like him.

“Would you say I’m the best in the world.”

Elisa laughed “Don’t push it”

He too laughed, “Hey I had to try haha. I’ll be there in few.”

“Alright see you then bye.” She hung up the phone and lay back again. Just talking on the phone took all the energy she had. “I hope this flu goes away soon.”

She reached for the thermometer and placed it in her mouth. When she heard it beep she took it out. “101.3 it’s high but not by much.” She was just glad it wasn’t too high. Just then she began to cough severely. She sat up from her bed hoping that will help. But it didn't. The coughing got worse and began wheezing not getting enough air in her lungs. After an eternity Elisa was able to control her breathing and the coughing subsided.

‘Oh man, that was horrible. My chest feels like it’s on fire.’ She starts rubbing her chest to help relief the pain. It somewhat work. Her chest didn’t hurt as much but the pain was still there. Slowly, she lay back down. The cough fit really took a toll on her body. Her head was pounding like never before; her muscles were aching more, and now she having some trouble breathing. Tiredness began to creep in, ‘Maybe…some sleep….will…help…’ Slowly closed her eyes Elisa let her exhaustion take over.

A couple hours later Matt showed up to the apartment with medicine at hand. He gently knocks on the door not wanting to make too much noise for her.

“Elisa, its Matt. Can you open the door?” He patiently waited for her to answer the door.

Elisa groaned when she heard the door knock. She had hoped that sleeping would ease her symptoms but it didn’t. In fact she felt even worse. She slowly got up and move to the edge of the bed. As soon as she sat on the edge of her bed, a wave of dizziness hit her. She held onto the bed, praying for the dizziness to stop. After a few moments, it went away. Another knock was heard. Slowly, she got up and with whatever energy she had made her way to the door.

Matt knocked on the door once more, ‘Maybe she’s asleep.’ Just then he heard the doorknob move and the door opening. What he saw his heart sank. Elisa's face was very pale and in pain. Her body barely able to support her. She was using the door for most of the support.

She gave him a weak smile, “Hey Matt *cough* *cough* *cough*.”

“Elisa, you look terrible. Here let me help you.” He walks inside and closed the door behind him. He gently grabs her arm and when he did he couldn’t believe how hot she was.

“You’re really burning up. Come on we need to cool you off.” She just nodded, not having the energy to speak. Matt led her back to her bedroom slowly.

He sat her down at the edge of the bed and grabbed the thermometer. “You said you were gonna check your temperature after we’ve talk right?”

She nodded, “It was about 101.”

He kneeled in front of her “We need to check again, open up.”

She gave him a small glare, “Matt I’m not a baby. I can do it myself.”

Matt laughed, “I know you’re not but do you really have the strength to do it yourself?”

‘Damn he’s right’ She sighed in defeat and opened her mouth. Matt places the thermometer in and Elisa closed her mouth. Once it beeped Matt took it out of her mouth and was shock at what the number said.

“Elisa, it’s 103.9! That's it I'm taking you to the hospital.”

She shook her head no, “I don’t need to go to the hospital Matt, I hate hospitals. Besides once I take some medicine I’m sure the fever will go down. I’ll even take a bath to help cool my body down.” She then began to cough and wheezed profusely. Matt quickly sat next to her and rubbed her back to help. After a minute her coughing stop but she was short of breath.

He shook his head, “Elisa this isn’t good you have to go to the hospital. You’re very sick. Please let me take you.”

“No, please trust me. I’ll be fine. The cough was nothing, really.” She wasn’t going change her mind.

Matt wasn’t convinced, “I don’t know Elisa. What if you get worse? It will put my mind at ease knowing you saw a doctor about this.”

“I’ll tell you what, how about I call you if I start getting worse ok." Elisa wasn't going to change her mind but at least this would help put his mind at ease.

Matt sigh knowing he wasn't going to win this battle, “Do you promise that if you get worse you will call me as soon as possible?” She nodded.

“Ok you win.” Matt looked at the clock, “I’ve got to go. Now I know you said you were going to call me but I’m going to call you later on tonight just to check in? Cool?”

She gave him a small weak smile, “Cool”

“Ok then.” He gave her a small hug. “I’ll call you later.” He got up and walked out.

Elisa smile grew a little bigger, “Matt you’re one swell guy. Guess I should take a bath. Hopefully it will begin the fever down.”

She took a deep breath and slowly got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom. Turning on the water she let the tub fill up while getting undress. Once finished Elisa felt chills going through her body. ‘Oh man it’s so cold in here better get in the tub.’ The tub was filled so she turned off the water and slowly lowered her body in. “Ahhh this feels good.” The water felt so good on her body. Suddenly the pain in her chest return and her breathing became rapid. It took awhile to get her breathing under control. “Ok…ok glad that’s over.”She took a few deep breaths for good measure. “Ok Maza just relax.” She closed her eyes and relax as best as she could. She stayed inside for nearly half an hour. The water started to get cold so she knew it was time to get out..

Getting up from the tub was rough. There was no energy left within her. As she stood up the dizziness came back but she was able to shack it off. She dried herself off and walked to her drawer. Grabbing a pair of sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt to keep her warm. The chills were still there. The warm bath didn't have the effects that Elisa was hoping for. She climbed into bed and lay back. Just as she was about to get comfortable she began coughing severely and wheezing. Try as she might she couldn’t control her coughing. After for what seems like forever, her coughing finally subsided but caused her body to hurt even more. ‘Everything hurts. Maybe Matt’s right I should go to the hospital. I should call him.’ She tried to reach for the phone but she didn’t have the strength to move her arm. Her head began to pound and her breathing became very rapid. Darkness started to creep onto her. As try as she might, she couldn’t fight it. “Help…me…Matt… Help…me…Goliath…Go…lia…th…” It was the last thing she said before darkness took her.

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