Down with a Sickness

From Bad to Worse

Back at the station, Matt was working on some paperwork or at least trying too. Ever since he left Elisa’s he couldn’t stop thinking about how sick she was. 'I wonder how she's doing? God I hope her fever doesn't get any worse.' Just then the Captain made her way to his desk.

“Bluestone, did you get chance to see Maza today? How’s she doing?”

“Yeah, I went by her apartment when she asked me to drop off some medicine. She doesn’t look too good. Her face was very pale and she hardly had any energy. Her coughing and wheezing made me nervous though. It was if she wasn't getting any air. Her fever made me nervous too. The last time I check it was 103. I wanted her to go to the hospital but she refuse. She can be so stubborn even with a sickness. But did promise to call me if anything.” At least he hopes she does.

The Captain shook her head and smirk, “Elisa is a stubborn one. I just hope she gets better soon. It’s pretty quiet here without her.”

Matt agreed, “Yeah it is.”

“Well I'll let you get back to work.” The Captain walked back to her office.

Matt went back to work but couldn't stop thinking about Elisa. 'Argh, I can't focus. Maybe I should call Elisa. It will help ease my worry.' He picked up the phone and called. After a few rings, there was no answer. ‘Hmm she must be sleeping, I’ll call her back in half an hour.’ He went back to work. Half an hour passed but still no answer. He called her home every half hour for the past two and a half hours still no answer. “Ok, now I’m starting to get worried.” He wanted to check on Elisa but he had to finish his paperwork or he’ll be in big trouble. "If only there was a way for me to check on her without leaving. Wait, Of course!" He quickly got up and ran towards the janitor’s closet. He climbed up the stairs that lead to the clock tower. Hoping he wasn’t too late to catch them.

The clan just finished with their "breakfast" and prepare to leave for patrol. Afterwards they were going to visit Elisa. Goliath couldn't help but smile thinking about what almost occurred between him and Elisa. He never thought that he would find love again but he did. Hudson notices the big smile on Goliath face. He shook his head with amusement, ‘Ah young love’ he thought. As everyone jumped onto the ledge and prepared to glide for patrol, they heard Matt voice screaming to them.

“Guys wait up!” Matt ran towards them. “Man, I’m so glad I caught you guys before you left.”

“What’s up Matt?” Brooklyn asked.

“It’s Elisa.”

“Is Elisa alright? How’s her illness?” Goliath asks.

Matt sighed, “Honestly not well, her fever very high and coughing pretty badly. She has trouble breathing too. I wanted to take her to the hospital but she said no. I let her be but I couldn't focus on my work so I called her. For the past two and half hours I called but there was no answer. I’m worried that something is wrong and I was hoping if you guys could check up on her.”

After hearing what Matt said the clan grew concern about their dear friend, especially Goliath. ‘If something ever happens to Elisa….I don’t know want I’ll do.’ He thought. He just had to check on her.

“Don’t worry Matt, I’ll check on Elisa. The rest of you go on patrol understood." They all nodded. “Good, I will see you all later on tonight.” With that the clan jumped of the ledge and glided away.

Goliath then turned his attention to Matt, “I must get going.” Just as he was about to leave Matt stopped him “Goliath wait, take this with you.” He handed him a communication device.

“Use this device to contact me once you get to Elisa. Let me know if everything ok.” He nodded “I will Thank you.” He then jumped and glided towards Elisa’s.

Goliath got to her apartment in no time flat. He slowly opened the window and entered making his way to her bedroom. When he enter the room his eyes widen at the sight in front of him. Elisa, his beloved Elisa in pain and breathing very rapidly.

“Elisa!” He ran to her. As he got closer he couldn’t believe how weak and frail she look. Goliath gently touched her left side of her face. When he did that he couldn’t believe how hot she felt.

“Elisa…Elisa please wake up.” He gently shook her to wake her up but to no avail. He tried a few more times but still nothing. Goliath didn't know what to do. He then remember the communication device. Turning the device on Goliath quickly contacted Matt. “Matt can you hear me?”

Matt was working on paperwork when he heard Goliath’s voice coming through the communicator. Taking a quick glance around Matt walked to the janitor's closet. “Hear you loud and clear. How’s Elisa doing?”

“Not well, her breathing is very rapid and she feels very hot. What should I do?” Goliath became extremely concern for the woman he loves.

Matt had a feeling something like this would happen, “Listen to me carefully Goliath there's a small device on her table next to her bed. I need you to turn it on, put in her mouth. Keep it in there until you hear it beep. Then you can take it out. Let me know what the number on the device says. You understand me?”

“Yes, I understand.” He grabs the small device and turns it on. He took his talon and gently opened her mouth. Placed the device inside and gently closed it. Once he heard the beep he removed the small device and read the number. “Matt, I have the number on the device. It says 104.5”

He couldn’t believe how high it has gotten in just a couple of hours, “Shit! Goliath listen to me you have to take Elisa to the hospital. Her fever is extremely high and she needs to be treated right now. Meet me at the back of the hospital. I'll get there as soon as I can.”

“Alright I will meet you here.”

Matt’s worry level were through the roof. He quickly got his keys and ran out the door. ‘Please God don’t let my best friend get any worse.’

Goliath gently picked her up. Elisa began to stir and slowly opened her eye.

“Go..Goliath…is that you?” She said very weakly.

“Yes, my Elisa it’s me. Please save your energy. I’m going to take you to the hospital.”

She gave him a small weak smile, “I knew you would come help me. You’re always there for me. *cough* *cough* *cough*”

“I will always be there to catch you, my Elisa.” He lends forward and kisses her on her forehead. Elisa felt his lips on her forehand. Darkness overtook once more fell into unconsciousness. Goliath noticed her eyes were closed again. “Elisa…Elisa! I must hurry.” He quickly ran outside to the roof. Making sure Elisa was secured in his arms Goliath leap from the rood and glided towards the hospital.

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