Down with a Sickness

Wish Upon a Star

Matt reached the hospital first. He looked around trying to find any sign of Goliath, “Goliath, where are you?” Just then he saw a figure gliding towards him. It was Goliath. “Thank god.” Goliath landed next to him.

“Here Goliath give her to me. I’ll take her inside.” Goliath didn’t want to let her go, he was afraid too. But he knew Elisa needed help and fast. Slowly he handed her to Matt. Matt got a good look at Elisa and couldn’t believe how pale she was. “Oh Elisa. This is my fault; I should have brought you here sooner.”

“Matt this isn’t your fault. You didn’t know she was going to get worse. None of us did. The important thing is Elisa here now.”

Matt understood what he was saying. But he still couldn’t help but blame himself, “You’re right. Elisa is here now and going to get help. You should get back to the clock tower. Keep your communicator on, I’ll talk to you as soon as I can.”

Goliath shook his head, “I’m not going anywhere, Matt. I may not be able to go inside but I’m not leaving. I will be waiting on the rooftop if anything.” Goliath began to climb up the wall to the rooftop.

Matt watched him he climb the wall. He wanted to stop him but knew it wasn’t going to do any good. He quickly turned his attention back to Elisa. She was still unconscious. Holding her tight in his arms Matt quickly ran inside. Once inside, he spotted a doctor and a nurse walking down a hallway.

“Doctor! Nurse! Please I need some help.”

They both stop died on their tracks. They turned around and saw a man running towards them, carrying a young woman.

“What’s wrong?” the doctor asked.

“My friend is very sick. Her fever is extremely high; she’s been coughing and wheezing a lot. Her breathing is very rapid as well. Please can you help her?”

“How high the fever?”

“About 104.”

The doctor saw how pale the young woman was and immediately took action. He took out his stethoscope and placed the metal part of the stethoscope on Elisa’s chest and lungs. After carefully examining her breathing the doctor knew what he had to do. “Don’t worry you friend is in good hands. Nurse, please prepare a room for her. Then meet me at X-Ray.” The nurse nodded and ran to prepare a room.

“I need you to follow me to X-Ray quickly.” Matt gave the doctor a confusing look. “Just trust me, come quickly.” They quickly made their way to the X-Ray room.

When they got there the nurse was there waiting. The doctor quickly told the nurse to get a gown for Elisa and put it in the room. He then turned his attention to Matt, “Sir, I’m going need to you to wait out her.”

“Why can’t I go in with her?”

“We can’t put you at risk with the radiation. Please sir, give her to me.”

Matt understood what the doctor said. He passed Elisa to the doctor, “Please take care of her.”

The doctor smiled at him, “Don’t worry, I will. She’ll be out in a couple of minutes. Please wait in the waiting room.” The doctor carried Elisa inside the X-Ray room. Matt let out a deep breath as he took a seat in the waiting room. “Man I hate this.” He decided now was the best time to tell Goliath what’s happening.

Goliath paced back and forth on the roof. His mind was racing. Seeing how weak and frail Elisa was in his arms, how sick she looks really scared him. He can still feel how hot she was on his lips when he kissed her forehead. Goliath stops pacing and looked to the sky. Seeing all the stars in the sky, shining like diamonds, reminded him of Elisa eyes. They shined like diamonds in the moonlight. But not this night. Her eyes they were dull, as if there was no life inside it. As he continued to look up at the sky another one flew by. Elisa once told him that if you saw a shooting star you make a wish on it. He smiled remembering that night…


Goliath and Elisa walked around the park very late at night. Since no one would dare walk at this time it was safe for Goliath to be down in the city. As they continued their walk Elisa looks up at the sky.

“Goliath look a shooting star.” He looked and saw the shooting star. Elisa then closed her eyes and folded her hands together up to her chest. Goliath was confused at what Elisa was doing. When she was done Elisa saw the confusing look Goliath had.

She blush a bit, “Sorry about that. I just had to make a wish on the shooting star.”

Goliath was still confused, “Why must you make a wish?”

“Oh, you see whenever you see a shooting star and make a wish your wish will come true.”

“Does it actually work?” He asked

She laughed, “Not really, no. It’s just a fun. You should try it next you see a shooting star. You never know what will happen.”

He smiled, “Perhaps I will, someday.”

End flashback

He really enjoyed that night with Elisa. It was the few times in his life where he felt normal, not an outcast from the new world. Elisa had that affect on him. Another shooting star flew across the sky. He closed his eyes and made a wish. “Please shooting star, grant my wish. Help my Elisa. Help her get rid of this illness. She is my whole world. I can’t live without her.” He opened his eyes when he heard a voice came through the communicator.

“Goliath can you hear me?”

“Yes, Matt I can hear you. Do you have any news on Elisa?”

He sighed, “Somewhat, right now the doctor with Elisa taking X-Rays. He might have found something. I wanted to go in but the doctor wouldn’t let me. So I’m just waiting.”

“I see. I just hope the doctor is able to find something.” Goliath said.

Matt notice the doctor was walking towards him, “Goliath I got to go. The doctor’s coming. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Alright, keep me posted.”

Matt got up from his chair scared to hear what the doctor had to say, “Doc, how’s Elisa? Is she alright?”

The doctor gave him a reassuring smile, “Elisa is going to be just fine. My suspicions were correct. Elisa’s getting the treatment as we speak. She’ll be up and about in about a week.”

Matt had the biggest smile on his face, “You’re serious. Oh Thanks Doc! I can’t believe it. But doc what was wrong with her? Why was she so sick?”

“I’ve diagnosed Elisa with bacterial pneumonia. With the description you gave me and my examination of her chest and lungs, I had my suspicious on what it was but I needed to do a chest X-Ray. Sure enough my suspicious were correct. Her chest and lungs had fluids in them. That’s why she had trouble breathing. I put her on some IV and antibiotics to help with the fever and remove the fluids in her chest and lungs. It’s a good thing you brought in when you did. Any later her condition could’ve gotten worse. Pneumonia can be dangers to a person if left untreated.”

“But we thought Elisa had the flu, I mean the symptoms she had were like the flu.” Matt said

“Pneumonia and the flu do have similar traits of symptoms but when you told me about her wheezing I knew it may not be the flu.”

Matt couldn’t believe what the doctor just told him. Even though the doctor said she was going to be ok, it still scared him. The doctor noticed the scared look on the poor man face. “Don’t worry son, she is going to be fine. Pneumonia can be scary but very treatable. You did the right thing by bring her in when you did. You’re a good friend.”

“Thanks doc. Can I see her?”

He nodded, “Of course, follow me.” The doctor led Matt to the room where Elisa was resting. They quietly entered. Matt walked up to Elisa’s bed. He noticed how her face wasn’t as pale as before. Some of her color came back. He smiled, knowing that Elisa will be ok.

“Elisa should be waking up soon. I’ll give you some time with her but only a little bit. Elisa needs all the rest she can get.”

Matt nodded, “I understand, Thanks again doc.” With that the doctor left.

He gently grabbed a hold of her hand and gave it a small squeeze. “Elisa, I’m so glad that you’re going to be ok and I know a certain gargoyle will be glad too.” Matt reached for his communicator.

Goliath was become more and more inpatient by the minute. Matt still hasn’t given him any more information about her condition. ‘What’s taking so long?’ Then he heard Matt’s voice coming from the communicator.

“Goliath, I have some news on Elisa.”

“What news do you have? Is she alright?”

“Elisa is going to be just fine. The doctor was able to find what’s wrong with her and she’s getting treatment right now. She’s sleeping now but the doctor said she will wake up anytime now. I know she would like to see you. We’re staying on the top floor.”

“I would like to see her. I’ll be right there.” Goliath breathed a sigh of relief ‘Elisa is going to alright.’ He looked up at the stars, ‘Thank you, for making my wish come true.’ He walk up to the ledge, opened his wings and jump off the roof heading towards Elisa’s room.

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