Down with a Sickness

Love is the best cure

Matt looked out the window waiting for Goliath to show. He then heard a small moan. He turned around and saw Elisa slowly waking up. While Matt had his back turned from the window, Goliath landed on the window ledge and entered the room. He closed the window behind him and walked inside. Noticing that Matt was staring at Elisa, he thought something was wrong. He put his claw on his shoulder.

“Matt, is there something wrong with Elisa?” He asked

Matt almost jumped out of his skin, “Jeez Goliath, you scared me. Were you trained by to Batman to sneak up on people or something?”

Goliath didn’t understand what he was talking about and asked him again, “Is there something wrong with Elisa?”

Matt smiled, “No, in fact it looks like sleeping beauty waking up.” They watched as Elisa slowly opening her eyes.

“What...what happened?” she asked very groggily. She sat up and saw Goliath and Matt standing next to her, “Hi guys.”

“Hey there, how you feeling?” Matt asked

“I feel pretty good. Better actually.” She said

“I’m glad to hear that. The doctor said you’re going to be just fine. Though you may be here for a couple days. Having pneumonia takes a big toll on your body.”

Elisa couldn’t believe what Matt said, “I have pneumonia, but I thought it was the flu.”

“We thought so too but the doctor said that pneumonia and the flu have the same traits of symptoms. It wasn’t until I told the doctor about your wheezing he knew it was wasn’t the flu.”

“I see. So how did I get here anyways. I don’t remember much about tonight.”

“Why don’t you ask your knight in shining armor over there?” Matt and Elisa looked at Goliath when he said that.

Goliath blush a bit, “Well, you see Matt was concern about you and asked me to check up on you. I arrived to your apartment I saw how pale you were and your breathing was very rapid. I contacted Matt and he told me to check your temperature. It was very high so he told me to take you to the hospital.”

“You gave us a big scare, you know.” Matt said.

Elisa lowered her head down, “I’m sorry guys. I didn’t mean to scare you like this. I should have listen to you Matt and gone to the hospital earlier. If it wasn’t for you guys, I don’t know what would have happened to me.”

Goliath gently grabbed her chin lifting her head up. “Elisa, none of this is your fault. You didn’t know your illness was going to get this bad. What’s important is that you’re going to get better.”

She smiled, “You always know how to make me feel better.” She took his claw into her hands. “Thanks Big Guy.” They stared into each other eyes, not wanting to look away. Matt saw the look they had and smiled. He knew it was time to leave.

Matt cleared his throat to get their attention, “Well it looks like it’s time for to take my leave. I’ll come by tomorrow.” Matt looked up at Goliath. “Don’t stay too long. Sleeping Beauty still needs her rest.”

Elisa gave him a playful glare, “Haha very funny. See you tomorrow Matt and thanks for everything.”

“Hey, what are best friends for.” He gave her shoulder a small squeeze and left the two love birds alone.

Silence soon took over the room. Neither of them didn’t know what to say. After a few minutes of complete silence Goliath finally spoke, “I am very glad that you are feeling better Elisa. I was so afraid. You look so pale, so fragile in my arms…if…if something would have happen to you I don’t know what I would do.”

He brought up his talon and cupped her left side of her face. “You’re my whole world my Elisa. You stood by me through the toughest of trails. You’re my light that shines brightly even in the darkest of times. I…I love you with all of my heart, Elisa. I wanted to tell you so many times but I didn’t have the courage too.”

Tears fell freely down her cheeks. “Goliath…I… I love you too. I’m very glad you told me.” They both stared at each other once more. They leaned closer to each other and shared a kiss. The kiss was sweet and gentle. A few moments later they pulled apart. They couldn’t believe it, they shared their first kiss.

“Wow that was nice.” Elisa said.

“Yes, it was.” Goliath noticed dawn was soon approaching. “I must leave Elisa, dawn is approaching and you need your rest.” He helped her lay back down making sure she was comfortable. “I’ll come see you again tonight.”

“I would like that very much.” Elisa’s hands were still holding onto Goliath’s, Neither of them wanted to let go. Slowly they let go of each other.

“Sleep well, my Elisa.” He leans forward and gave her another kiss.

“Goodnight Big Guy.” Elisa closed her eyes smiling about what just happened and quickly fell asleep, dreaming about Goliath. Goliath turned back once more before leaping out the window and gliding home.

Later in the afternoon Elisa woke up feeling better than ever. Her fever was down and her coughing and wheezing was under control. Goliath came by that night as promised. They spend majority of the night talking and making sure she was comfortable as possible. He knew how much she hates being here. Matt also came to visit her. He even snuck in her favorite snack. She was very happy about that. Over the next few nights, her recovery was going well. The clan even came to visit her. They made her a special gift, a necklace for her to make her feel better. It was the best get well gift ever. She felt blessed having friends like them who care so much. Elisa reflected on what occurred these past few days. From her getting sick, to enjoying a nice bowl of soup with the clan in her room, her illness getting worse, and her kiss with Goliath. ‘Who’d have thought that something positive would come out of this illness.’ She thought. As she slowly closed her eyes and counted her lucky stars to have a best friend in Matt, great family with the clan, and a great love in Goliath. She could never ask for anything more.

The end.

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