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Minghao (The8) Smut


Just a short smut about Minghao from Seventeen.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

You and Minghao have been dating for 3 years now. He wanted to spice things up in the relationship, but you weren’t ready yet. You were mostly scared to mess up, totally kill the mood, or hurt him or yourself somehow. But you only told him you weren’t ready. He asked you why you weren’t ready or what scared you, but you just said, “I don’t know, I’m just not ready.” So Minghao just forgot about it and waited for you to come to him. You have been noticing him looking quite sexy lately in his comebacks, so you decided to face your fears and ask your friend Mina for some help. You told Minghao you were going out for the day and you might spend the night at your friends house, so he had your shared apartment to himself for the day. You went to Mina’s house and thankfully her boyfriend was out of town. She invited you in and said, “You ready for the birds and the bees little girl?” you rolled your eyes and said, “Whatever.” You both giggled together. You sat on her couch with some fresh raspberry tea. You talked about what you wanted to do and Mina told you how to do it. You left her house a lot earlier than expected, sex wasn’t as complicated as you thought. You decided to go to the mall and get some lingerie like Mina suggested. You got white, black, and red. They were simple yet sexy, the white one was a flowy lace tank top with some cheeky style panties, the black one was a pretty lace bra and thong, and the red one was a short lace dress/nightgown (sorry I really like lace). It was 21:17 (9:17pm) and you had arrived home, you came in quietly expecting Minghao to be sleeping, but to your surprise, he was on the couch watching something on his phone with his earbuds in. You quietly walked over to see what it was and it was, porn. Your eyes widened in shock but soon a smirk formed on your face. You quietly made your way to your shared bedroom and put on your white lingerie and a bit of perfume. You made the bed and lit a few candles, trying to make everything perfect. You stood in front of Minghao and took his phone from his hands and put your legs on either side of his, straddling him. He was shocked to see you home all of the sudden, but what shocked him more was how confident you were being. You put your arms around his neck and he put his hands on your waist. He asked you if you were sure you wanted to do this and you nodded connecting both of your foreheads. You kissed him and started grinding on him, making him moan into the kiss. You rocked your hips more and you felt him grow. He picked you up and you rapped your legs around his waist. He laid you down on the bed and complimented the way you decorated the room. He admired your body right before slipping off his clothes, and your lingerie. He hovered over you licking his lips saying how beautiful you are. He kissed you deeply and bit your lip, you immediately opened your mouth wider and his tongue slipped in exploring every inch of your mouth.
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