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Jurassic World: New Era


This story is based after the events of Fallen Kingdom. How will Claire and Owen get the dinosaurs to Isla Sorna?

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Chapter 1

"Hello, and thank you for inviting me to this conference to talk about dinosaurs" I said " Now, let's go straight to topic. Dinosaurs, we need to move these dangerous, yet wonderful beings back where they belong. On Isla Sorna. A safe distance from the mainland and no volcanoes. I walked away from the podium. " Ladies and gentlemen, Kayla Malcolm." I heard a man say. I heard a crowd clap. My name is Kayla Malcolm, and I hope to get these monstrous reptiles back where they belong. No one can survive with these animals, or use them as weapons. But I just needed help....

{Writers POV} Sorry guys if it's so short and I know it sucks but this is my first book! Thanks for reading! Lots of love: Jurassiclover

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