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Manan- an unexpected love story


Its a love story of a high-spirited broken girl and a bad ass boy. A saga of friendship ,family ,love. will the couples be able to walk past the differences. will the couples sail into the ocean of love or succumb to thier own demons. peep into know

Romance / Drama
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A Ray of hope

The rays just made their way through the window but today she was not happy about the morning as she was going to leave her hometown for her college life .she never wanted this she thought she just wanted the best life for herself and according to her she was living it with her sister and her gang of friends(aditya ,tanya,navya,nelson).she was not ready to leave all this.she cant leave the only people in her life who love her and care for her.she cannot leave this place full of greenery and peace.The place where she found life after she has been through lots of difficulties to survive .The phrase” survival of the fittest”she related to it very much.she cant leave the beautiful scenery and waterfall which gave her hope that good also exists.she cant leave the place which she considered her heaven two years back. Just then nandani’s thoughts were broken by her elder sister anushka. she was elated and seeing her nandini got furious and started on with her blabbering.

Nandini “Di how on earth can you be so mean. Can you for just once act like humans in front of me .I very well know that i am the only one left for you to love and the same is with me. I know you are shattered at the thought of parting with me and even i am .I dont want to go i know that you are carrying on with this facade to encourage me to go . so i must tell you loud and clear.“At this before she could complete her mouth was shut by her sister.

anushka- “how on earth u get those thoughts in your head .I know that you dont have a mind so i suggest you to use less because the way your thoughts are going i must say they will drive me crazy.Well forget it i just wanted to tell you that I am also coming along with you to mumbai because there are better avenues availble for my business and i can join your college as well to do my MBA so that i can have more knowledge and can “.This was it nandani shouted in excitement and landed on her sister hugging her.

nandini- “love u di. You are the best sister anyone can get in this whole world.“But soon nandini’s excitement faded as she thought about her friends.Sensing nandani’s tension anushka was all set to drop a bomb of happiness on nandini .

anushka-“listen nandu i have to tell u something i know that all your four freinds have cleared the entrance exam of four colleges and there parents are not allowing them to go to space academy with you”

nandini with a frowning face” hmmed”

anushka”i had a conversation with the parents of your friends with your freinds backing me and i convinced them and now we all are going together”

nandini was shocked on hearing this new found information.She didn’t see that coming. Anushka understood her and she expected something like that as she knew her inside out.she knew that she must be fighting inside herself that how come so much happiness came her way .she knew that because she has faced the pain with her. she knows it but this time she tried to be her saviour rather than her she did what nandini did in the past. For the first time she felt contended with her actions and thought that she did something which an ideal elder sister should do.Her thoughts were broken by nandini’s sudden outburst which came after she got hold of the situation and registered her words carefully.

nandini-“You cant imagine di what you have done love you di. You have gifted me life before we are leaving our heavenly home and going to create another in mumbai.“she said this and hugged her and gave a peck on her cheeks. She messaged her friends that no one can part us and then happily went for packing her bags.After 2 days all 6 of them left for mumbai and boarded the plane happily . They were happy because all six considered each other family and were shattered even at the thought of parting . They all had peace in each other and never wanted to leave each other even at the cost of their career.There freindship was so strong because nandini and anushka joined all four of them who were shattered because of their family problems and gave them strenght to fight and taught them the right way to voice their opinions along with filling their lives with hope and happiness with their freindship. Anushka and Nandini changed the definition of freindship for them and they thanked their stars to have freinds like them.


Anushka agnihotri- she is 2 years elder than nandini. she loves nandini and her four freinds and considers her to be her family.she and nandini had a horrible past which will unfurl in the upcoming story. she and nandini are mature girls at such a tender age due to the situations which they have faced in the past. They consider that maturity dosen’t comes with age but with experience. They landed here running 3 years ago and then anu started a website and a small business to survive and they got this house on rent and started living in lucknow.

nandini agnihotri- she is 18 years of age. she is a fearless and high spirited girl. she kills people with her sarcasm and rudness when she is angry. she is a practical girl thatiswhy they were able to survive the horrible past because unlike her anu is emotional and gets scared on small things . she is the one because of whom she is living.she likes to motivate people to fight for themselves and also tells them the right way to put their point forward so that it hits the right spot.Due to her rebel as well as helpful nature she got the most precious thing of her life her four freinds.

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