Jenny encountered a strange robot that looks similar to her and seem to be impersonating her she was knocked out by that evil robot, she meets robots from different places and universes, and they formed a team to stop the evil Chaos Jenny from doing her evil plans! see what happens in the story

Action / Adventure
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Later a new robot found her, he has black hair, and black shorts with a green belt, he brings her to Metro City on where he lives as he put Jenny in their guest room, Jenny wakes up, "H-huh? Where am I? Hello?" Jenny said, That boy starts to make snacks for Jenny, as he went to where Jenny is sitting "Oh, you're awake" that boy said, "Who are you?" Jenny Asked "I'm Astro, Astro Boy, but you can call me Astro" he replied "Oh, I'm Jenny, it's nice to meet you" Jenny said "Its nice to meet you too" replied Astro Boy "say, are you a robot?" Jenny asked "Yes, indeed I am" Astro replied "I see that you're also a robot,you seem to have this titanium metal, and those sharpigtails of yours" said Astro "Oh, haha, mom made this a part of me" Said Jenny "Cool, we did examine you a little" Astro said "What do you mean examine?" Asked Jenny, "We looked through your memory bank, see if there were broken parts, and you know, other stuff for robots." Astro said
"Oh, hehe, was I good?" Jenny asked "you got a little damaged in your main power core, so I gave you some of mine" Astro replied "What do you mean? What is your power core?" Jenny asked, Astro Boy opened one part of his chest as he shows his power core, it is like a shining blue core that has the blue positive energy, Jenny checked hers and found out that she has the same energy too, but a little, "wow, does this mean that I won't have a life span?" Jenny asked "Ahhh... yeah, I think it's kinda like that" Replied Astro Boy "What did make you knocked out? How did you end up in lying in the ground?" Astro Boy asked as Jenny tells Astro Boy what happened to her earlier.
After telling the story and what was going on, Dr. Tenma the creator of Astroboy came, "Oh, Toby? Who is that?" Dr. Tenma asked "Toby?" Jenny says it in a questionable tone "Oh, that's my original name, my dad calls me that" Said Astro Boy "So Toby, where did you find her?" Asked Dr. Tenma "Oh, uh, I found her lying in the ground in Tremorton, she looks banged up that's why I decided to bring her here" replied Astroboy "Oh, so you fixed her?" Asked Dr.Tenma "Yeah, I also got a little help with Professor Ochanomizu" replied Astro. Dr. Tenma walk towards Jenny "You look like one of those robots who saved the city of Tremorton" said Dr.Tenma "I am indeed sir" replied Jenny "My name is Dr. Tenma, the creator of Astroboy" said Dr. Tenma, as Jenny introduced herself to the others.
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