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The voice he'd missed

Why was there a little girl in his garden? Mal frowned. He gestured to her, “Hey, kid.”

The girl in question looked to him, with her big brown eyes full of curiosity ad apprehension- his breath caught in his throat. Her big, brown eyes.

He carried on, “Whatcha doin in there?”

The girl shuffled warily, her eyes looking everywhere except him, “Playiiing.” She gathered some courage, “Do you know my Mommy?”

Mal felt sweat build up on his back. He hoped he didn’t. But then... the little girl looked about five. So maybe-

Hope was rising up through his chest, it sweeping up his throat and to the top of his head, “Well that depends sweetheart, who’s your Mommy?”

Before the little girl could answer though, Mal heard the voice. That voice, the voice he’d missed, that voice he’d dreamed of out in the black-

“Lucy? Lucy what’s up- Oh!” She stood there in the doorway with some overalls on, staring at him. She looked white. Ashen. Mal opened the gate to go to her- but as soon as he pushed on that little white piece of fence, he knew. He just knew.

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