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Scarlet and Ivy fanfic


my first book, may be really bad but please refrain from putting hate comments -Leah

Adventure / Fantasy
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a new beginning/day one - 1/2

Chapter 1 (Ivy)

My heart was beating furiously in my chest as I exited the train, I ran towards the next station.

My sister was behind me struggling with our bags. I stopped to listen, look, and breath in all the familiar scents. Damp grass, soppy woodchips, and drizzling rain trickling down the rooftops. Each drop was making a light ping as it hit the floor.

It was foggy but I made out a faint silhouette of a person waving at us. A flowery dress, the scent of mint, and a pattern of footsteps. I knew who it was! I ran towards my Aunt Sarah who wrapped Scarlet and I up in a warm hug.

We were going to spend the summer at Aunt Sarahs and Aunt Phoebes cottage. It was on a little island they had just purchased last year. It was like a fairy-tale house. Old bricks, warm sun shining on every corner, vines, and a treehouse in the back. We only saw pictures though.

So far this year at Rookwood nothing had gone wrong, everything was fine if I may say amazing. Our father was engaged to a new woman and they were going to get married in a month! This woman had ocean blue eyes, a smile that could melt even the hardest ice, long sunny hair, and an open heart. Her name was Evelynn.

Evelynn had daughters our age named Ava and Cattia who were twins just like us. We did not know much about them, so at first, I was scared Cattia, Ava and Evelynn would act like our last stepmother and her sons. But I was wrong, they were the complete opposite they were very gentle and understanding. Ava was the younger one like Ivy and was as quiet as Rose. Cattia was like me, the popular and older one.

Cattia and Ava came with us to the cottage. Father said that this would be a nice time for bonding. We planned to show Ava and Cattia around and make sure that they would not get into trouble with our enemies at school. We also made sure that they put all of us in the same dorm.

We stayed up talking for a long time until we decided to go to bed.

Chapter 2 (Scarlet)

I woke up to a pillow fight quite chaotic if I must describe it. The smell of bacon, eggs, and toast traveled upstairs, and we all came back to our senses.

We all bolted down the stairs to get the best seat first. During breakfast Cattia laughed so hard, her milk came out of her nose. Ivy was very silent during breakfast.

Most of the day was a quick blur so here are some details.

After breakfast Ivy went upstairs and did not come down until we went to the beach. While we were at the beach, she took out a notebook though I could not see the title. I assumed it was a diary.

At lunch Cattia, Ava, Ivy and I cooked a meal, most of it was a mess so Aunt Phoebe helped us clean up while Aunt Sarah taught us how to cook properly.

That night Ava was a little homesick and was very silent probably because she lived in L.A but moved here when father and Evelynn met each other. I feel bad for her but there seemed to be something she was not telling us.

I went to the kitchen at night because I could not sleep. When I was at the top of the stairs, I heard Aunt Phoebe on the phone. I heard her say Mortimer this is not possible, the girls would be devastated especially Cattia and Ava, they were having so much fun today. What had happened?

P.S please keep in mind this is my first book, it may be really bad. sorry :( Also my first time on Inkitt :)

- Leah

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