The 72nd hunger games


A young girl was selected to participate in the most dangerous tv in history, the hunger games. Her name is Astrid Bailey and she is put into the game with 11 other tributes in a fight to the death. Will she make it out alive or will she suffer death!

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Astrid’s eyes were squinted. She hated mornings. Even more so today. Reaping day. The capitol and President Snow said that the Hunger Games were supposed to be something to enjoy. Try telling that to every family that had lost their child to it.
The Hunger Games were a despicable excuse for a holiday! Every year two children one girl and one boy between the age of 12 and 18 were picked from each of the 12 districts. They were all put together into an arena to fight to the death! Until a single child remained and was the victor!

It’s said that winning the games brings honour to families but in reality just sweet relief, that their child had survived these awful events. Many people that went in and made it out came out mad.

Astrid was 16 this year which meant it wasn’t long before she was out of it for good. Her mother Evangeline and her father George believed the games to be good, crazy if you asked her!

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