Freaky Friday


Future fic. Superman & Lana's futures intertwine.

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Author's Note: This was written way back when, so apologies if the any continuity's been disrupted by the later seasons.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the rights to Smallville or its characters. Also, the main story idea was stolen, with permission, from the writer then known as butterfly-brain (userid=394133) over at Also, the ending was inspired by (i.e. stolen without permission from) an episode of the UK sitcom Only Fools And Horses. Apart from that, everything's completely original (except for the title that's stolen from a Disney movie).

Freaky Friday

It was late Friday night and Superman slumped down next to Lois on the sofa, both of them shattered. It had been like this every night recently.

Superman had been busy ridding the world of evil, but whereas, in the good old days, it had been just a freak a week plaguing him, now it seemed more like a mutant a minute. Lois, on the other hand, was risking repetitive strain injury with her attempts to type up all of her husband's exploits.

"Finished for the day?" asked Lois, concerned about the shadow of the man she married sitting next to her. Of course she knew the answer before she asked the question.

"'Fraid not, Lois, the bad guys just keep multiplying. I just popped back for five minutes."

"Here, have some coffee. It'll help keep you awake," she said, passing him the pink carton of coffee with the familiar three Ls logo on the side.

Superman, too tired to get into a fight with Lois, started to drink the coffee. Despite his invulnerability, Lana's coffee could still make him queasy, even though everybody else adored it.

Lois looked at Clark as he drank his coffee, and, looking at the pink carton, her thoughts turned to Lana, who'd no doubt be relaxing on her luxury pink yacht this weekend, while she and Clark would be working as hard as ever. Who'd have realized all those years ago back in Smallville that Lana Lang would grow up to be a coffee mogul, richer than Lex, with her La La Land chain of shops soon eclipsing Starbucks? Of course Lana's success was mainly down to her delicious secret recipe, but even Lois had been unable to prise the details of that out of her.

Her thoughts then returned to Clark, as she noticed that he'd fallen asleep. Slowly, being careful not to disturb him, she placed his coffee carton on the table, took his boots off, loosened his cape and then, throwing a cover over him, she went into the bedroom and her waiting laptop - she didn't have the luxury of sleep, there were still deadlines to catch up on.

Meanwhile Clark slept soundly. Lois had switched the light off on her way out and he was surrounded by complete darkness, apart, that is, from the imperceptible green glow coming from his unfinished coffee.


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