Freaky Friday

One Year Later

Clark sat on the hospital chair opposite Lana, with Lois sat next to him, clinging tightly onto his arm. It was exactly the same scene as a year ago, when the doctor had announced that the brain transplant between Lana and Lex hadn't been completely successful, and that Lana would spend the rest of her life totally paralyzed.
Still, according to the doctors she could still hear and see everything they said, so Lois would keep dragging Clark to visit her even though it hurt him so much inside. With all of his powers this was the one time he couldn't save Lana.
Clark sat there silently, unable to bring himself to say anything, as Lois talked to Lana:
"Hi, Lana. It's me again, Lois. I know how you love our visits. As you can see I've brought Clark along again - not that he says much. Poor Clark. Anyway, I thought I'd bring you up to date with what's going on outside."
"Well, as you know, after Superman caught Lex and they did the highly experimental brain transplant stuff between you and him, Lex lost all his short-term memory, so he forgot the secret identities of Superman and Batman, which was highly convenient. Anyway, he's still undergoing his punishment - it must be torture for a man of his intellectual capabilities to do such a mind-numbing task day in and day out. But hey, somebody's got to be President."
"Then there's Martha. After Batman dumped her, she moved on to Virgil, and then Perry, but none of them could ever replace Jonathan in her heart. Clark sorted things out by asking Pete if he could think of any way that Jonathan could still be alive. The next day Jonathan turned up. Turned out it was his twin brother's clone from a parallel Universe who'd died the first time. Jonathan had been busy doing a repair in the barn all these years. Who'd have thought it?"
"Of course, Pete Ross is still a problem, but now that he's in charge of La La Land (with their new recipe coffee) he's got a lot less time to be creative. Still, we're pretty sure that he's responsible for Lex's recent pink carnation allergy. And Lana, you wouldn't believe the idea he had just after he was rescued by Batman. What were his words? What if Lana Lang was lying when she said she could only use her power once? Just imagine - you might not be stuck in that body, but some other poor schmuck. Unbelievable."
"As for me, I've given up writing those stories with big words and settled down to have babies with Clark. Now that the mutants have died down, it's a perfect time for a family. In fact you've probably noticed that I'm heavily pregnant at the moment. If it's a boy, we'll call it Clark Junior, but if it's a girl we'll call it after you, Lana, and dress her all in pink."
"Oh look at her, Clark. She's so happy for us. Look at that tear running down her cheek."
"Oh well, got to go now. Nice swapping thoughts with you. Bye."
The End
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