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Lust found love


An intense passionate deep love story of two individual when one ran away from home and went to other city due to some mysterious reason and met other individual who get totally lust on her and elope her in his house. Will his lust ever turn into love? What is the reason behind her running away from her home where her family love her more than anything.

Romance / Thriller
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Khushi Gupta, a younger daughter of Gupta family, being loved and pampered by her parents, were found to be cute innocent, bubbly girl but one incident changed everything. She is no more a girl she used to be. A girl who never seen outside world, going to take the biggest decision of her life.

''I know my decision would never get approval by any of you..I know you are very hurt by my decision of leaving the house. It would hurt you terribly but I have no other option. I can't go on with my life, without getting my answer. I love you mumma- papa please don't take anything to heart..you are the world best parent any daughter could have. Keep bless to your doll and pray for me, what I am seeking for. I know you are scared for me but your daughter is not weak either. She is stronger enough to face the cruelty of this world. Gave me your blessing, hopefully one day I will be back after getting my answers''.

Yours khushi!!

This is the only letter she left last time, while leaving her home.

Her life always been full of bed roses but from now it would be not easy for her to survive in a vivid city without any support where she don't know anyone except herself. Its going to be lot of hurdles in her way but she is ready to accept it open hearten. No matter what she would not broke and face everything come to her way. Shimla is the city where she step first time from Mumbai. She is not sure if she would succeed or not, but the contentment of trying would always gave her relieve. After that she didn't have regret that she didn't tried once instead of crying for her fate.

Train departed to shimla. Taking a deep breathe to exhale cold air of new city, she nervously took her feet int new city. Her past is painful, future is blur but she was confident she would not let her parents moral values into drained. Clutching her bag closer to her heart, she keep walking to the lonely street. She is scared, very scared. There is darkness around. Her Mumma Papa face came before her eyes. She was missing them like hell. For a moment she is thinking to go back home but the past memories not let her go back. She never used to live without them. Being a younger daughter of family, her father always been proved best father and never let her daughter to face all cruelty ever alone. He is always beside him and stand with her in every decision but now she is alone. She is only one who choose this path and now she cannot be weaken.

She gasped seeing few men following her. They are eyeing her lustfully. She increase her pace and started walking as fast as possible.They are chasing her like hungry animals to grab her.

''Hey sexy chick, where you going?'' one guy commented among them making her shiver.

''Miss sexy beauty,stop it or else we will kill you!!'' Another one shouted.

She don't know what mistake she committed that she is facing all this. ''Devimaiyya save me..'' For the very first time, she is facing the ugly cruelty. She is feeling weak like she been felling in her own trap. She was running in a fast speed and they are not less that are continuously following her without fail and now distance are very nearer between them. Fortunately she found a club and immediately dashed inside to save herself from those lustful eyes but least she know what future beholds for her when she collide with the biggest Casanova by which her entire existence going to change.

The path is always chosen by destiny. No matter how much we try to but we are slaves in the hands of our fate. We have no control what our destiny holds for us. It is her fate that brought her here, to change her life permanently. This was the day when she meet the playboy, Arnav singh raizada.

His night out with girls is very common. Arnav singh raizada, a business tycoon of india and MD of Raizada industries. He was sitting at his usual spot having drink with girls roaming around him and seducing him. He lifted his head to glance around boringly as nothing cold ever hold his interest to make him stare for sometime. This was when his eyes fell on the beautiful angel like face. He shrugged those girls away from him and glance at her nervous eyes with uncertainty that is tried to hide herself from someone. He never notice anyone so curiously but she is something he cannot avoid his gaze from her. She is something different.

''Hot and breath-taking'' Only one word escape from his mouth while eyeing her from head to toe. He keep staring at her with raw passion and desire. Her glossy pink link was slicked with pinkish gloss. Her dark long hairs reaching till her waist. The lust filled his veins and traveled through his whole body. He wanted to taste those quivering lips that is giving him open invitation to taste her. He tried to divert his mind thinking but nothing seems working. He cannot think anything other than her.

Who is she, for the first time someone able to hold my gaze, he wondered eyeing her from top to bottom. Khushi was totally oblivious a pair of eyes was watching her. Wetting his lips, he began gulping his drink with an unfamiliar urge and desire. Finishing his drink in one go, he threw the glass on table and directly strode toward her. His lips curved a sarcastic smile when he reached near her.

The atmosphere is awkward and strange to her. She have never entered in any club or pub in her entire life. People around was dancing and slipping drink mad. Girls are dancing on stage in half nude state. She turned her gaze away from the scenario seeing their shameful dance moves with men in their arms. Girls was seducing them by throwing their body. While in different corners, some are making out in front of everyone while other are smoking. She clutches her eyes tightly thinking at which place she came and stacked herself. She is feeling suffocating. She turned to walk out from this place but then saw those goons are just near her and was approaching her. In the process of running away, she collide with a man. She carried her gaze and saw a young dark handsome man before her eyes.

''Hame bacha lejiye..voh log hamara picha kar rahe hain...'' (Please save me..they are following me..'') She said in pleading voice. She don't know why she ask his help but right now she don't find other man that could help her. The man looking quite decent may be he could help her. The goons was standing right behind her and was advancing toward her. Drastically, she shifted herself behind that man, to save herself from them.

Turning around, he stare at her mesmerized figure. She was breathing hard. Her eyes were cold and she was breathing with terror. Loosing his patience, arnav swing her by grabbing her hand. Khushi shivered again and he strengthened his grip on her waist. She instantly open her eyes and found him stare at her with unreadable expression. His eyes fell on those men who was commanding him to surrender this girl to them. An unknown anger rose upon him. The bubble that had building him from so long finally burst and he immediately lean her closer and slammed her lips upon him to indicate them she only belong to him. Shock radiate her body that griped her piercing skin. She thought he became her savior and protect her from evil eyes but he is more dangerous. He was claiming her lips without any pray.

Least they know both are merely trapped with each other till eternity.

Will ever lust within him ever found love? It is the journey between two different individual having different thoughts in which one is struggling for past and entered into new world to earn something and other is engulfed into lust!!

Precap: ''Arnav offer her one night stand...''

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