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Lust found love

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Wild encounter

She was breathing hard. Her eyes were cold and she was gasping with terror. Loosing his patience, arnav swing her grabbing her hand. Khushi shivered again and he strengthened his grip on her waist. She instantly open her eyes and found him stare at her with unreadable expression. His eyes fell on those men who was commanding him to surrender this girl to them. An unknown anger rose upon him. The bubble that had building him from so long finally burst and he immediately lean her closer and slammed her lips upon him. Shock radiate her body that griped her piercing skin. She thought he became her savior and protect her from evil eyes but he is more dangerous. He was claiming her lips without any pray. He get mesmerized to have her breathing into his alive form like someone have gave him birth once again. She was so fragile yet so tempting. Khushi was struggling in his grip and he increase the pressure in the mouth more rapidly. She tried to scream. yes scream! She opened her mouth to scream but her mouth was closed by his. Both of them didn't realize that the goons that were following her already left assuming them to be a couple. Lifting her up, he dragged her in one corner in the lonely place. She was struggling but it is making it more difficult. He was devouring her lips like anything. He increased the pace of his lips on her, as she was not responding. He sucked her lips and wanted them to to open but she was giving hard time to him. She was stubborn and not letting him do anything.

She shivered when his hand roaming on her slim waist and slowly moving upward. She wriggle to get herself free from this monster and he strengthened his grip on her waist and kissed her more furiously. By comprehending she is not letting him entered her mouth, he pinched her petite waist hardly making her gasped. He smirked using the opportunity and entered his tongue and began kissing her wildly. He was in cloud 9 now and completely lost into her. She started hitting him on his chest making it more difficult for him to kiss her back and bite his tongue before he go further.

Did she bite me? He get startled and leave her. She was breathless and dropped on the ground the moment he left her. Anger ragged him by her rejection. Damn the girl! How dare she bite me and now he won't get leave without punishment.

Arnav: ''How dare you bite...do you know who I am? If I want I can bring you and your family in the streets and ruin your life completely by messing with me. he barked.

Khushi(Pouncing back): ''Whoever you are..i don't care. I just asked your help as some boys following me but I didn't know you are an animal...'' she pushed him losing her temper. ''What the hell you think of himself...who gave you right to touch me..i am not your private property..'' she continuously pushing him against his chest making him stepped back but his time he held her both hand and pinned her on the nearest wall. He raised his eyebrow by her dare arrogance. No other girl resist him. He was frustrated and again grabbed her in his strong arm.

''Arnav singh raizada! My name is Arnav singh raizada. No one girl treat me like this.. You did a grave mistake pushing me off now suffer the consequence...'' Her eyes popped out hearing his name. She had heard a lot about him in news headlines and magazine. His changing girlfriend was like changing clothes. She trembled by the way he was glaring at her. His eyes were dark and the way he was eyeing her from top to bottom. she felt as if she was standing nude in front of him. She feel uneasy by his lustful gaze and tried to adjust her dupatta but his grip was firm.

And before she make a move, he lean down and bite her neck making her hitched. He started biting and sucking her neck causing red mark on her skin.

Khushi: ''Leave me!! I will call the police...'' Khushi tried pushing him away but unable to him. Knowing, she was again not responding, he get mad and again bite her neck and this time it was harsh while his hand playing on her stomach and shoulder. He looked up and saw her if he hurt her badly and he see her shut eyes with tears tripping her face and her neck and lips was swollen by his assault. As soon as she felt his hand stopped moving and gripped loosen, she pushed him away. By merely gazing into her eyes, he could read the pain in her eyes that had pierced her soul.

She had heard lot of times from her friends and read it in magazines about the physical intimacy and sometime seen couple kissing but what today she experienced was totally unexpected. She hated every minute of it and feel disgusted of letting him to touch her so intimately. She wished to crushed his bones but he is more stronger than her. Currently she have to save herself before he do anything further and she have no one in this city who can protect her. She stepped back and turned to ran away from this desolated place but he is much faster than she had ever imagined. He pulled her back trapping her body between walls and himself.

Arnav: ''You are not allowed to leave this place until I won't gave you permission...'' She tried to pushed him away but he didn't budge.

Khushi: ''What do you want...why can't you spare me..?'' she shuddered in disgust.

Arnav: ''Kissed me back then you can go wherever you want..'' Her breathe stopped for the moment.

Khushi: ''Are you mad, why you hell behind me..let me go..'' She pleaded with teary eyes.

Arnav: ''Don't show useless drop of tears..I don't value them..they meant nothing to me..nothing..'' He said jerking her away and now little bit calmer than ever. ''So, where were we? As I was saying that you denied my every touch so now you will have to repay me and kiss me as a payback..'' She didn't believe what she just heard.

Khushi: ''You are a disgusting man...never in my dreams I will kiss you..do you got that, now leave my way else I shout..'' She yelled.

Arnav: ''There is no one who can help you, this is my club and no person can come in and out without my order...'' He said calmly folding his arms.

Khushi: ''Don't come near me, I will not allow you..you wanted to rape me..you coward ill-human man..i have never seen a guy like you in my entire life...'' She accused.

Arnav: ''How can you see when I am only one piece in entire earth and did I say I am going to rape you..you yourself kiss me with your own will..'' He challenged with attitude.

Khushi: ''Are you out of your mind..i will not kiss you now let me go...'' She argued.

Arnav: ''Kiss me back then you are free to go..'' He said moving toward her. She get extremely terrified. 'I am warning you last time kiss me else I didn't leave you and you have to pay big time for refusing me...'' He said straightly in a stern tone.

Khushi: ''I will not..no never..What you will do..tell me? You will kill me or what..?''

Arnav: ''No, I will not leave you after that and make your life hell..'' he paused and moved back. She glued numbed without blinking her eyes.

Arnav: ''You have 24 hours to decide, you make leave now...'' He moved back giving her space. She looked at him with wide mouth in unbelievable expression.

''You are still standing..are you wanted me to repeated the same action..i said leave now!! He repeated in husky voice.

She failed to understand him but she cannot leave the opportunity to escape. Hurriedly, she ran out of club as this place nothing more than hell for her. It was her first kiss she had experienced. Like every traditional girls, she had dream to give to a man with whom she fall in love. But this monster had brutally snatched it right away.


Clamping her mouth, she ran aimlessly without caring about anything. She can never think in her wildest dream people like this would ever exist. She wanted to cry and went back to her home but its to late. She have no money, no shelter nothing. She took some saving from her home and kept it in bag but seems she lost her handbag somewhere. Now she going to contact her family. And then that man? He is so dangerous. Whenever she think about him, her blood boiled.

Did he really serious? She don't want to see his face ever again. She will go far away that he won't able to caught her. A chilled run down her spine thinking about that encounter she experienced few hours earlier. She feel tired. Her breathe caught in her throat. Suddenly she saw a small lawn and went inside and sat on the bench for sometime. Hugging her knees, she closed her eyes. The images of her mumma papa came before her eyes. Tears rolled down her cheeks remembering them. She is missing them like hell.

How were they? Did they also missed her? Mumma have made the fountain of tears by now and papa, he bring the entire house in his head by my sudden absence and probably searching me everywhere.

Khushi: ''I m sorry mumma papa, because of me you are facing all this.. I have hurt you a lot..i know you are very hurt by my decision but I have no other way rather than coming in Shimla...This is the only place where I can made everything back to normal. I know it is difficult and quite impossible but there is still a last ray of hope. Her future was unseen and motive was unknown. It is going to be difficult Slowly sleep taken over her unaware what disastrous day waiting for her.

Next morning:

Sun rose up high in the sky and khushi was sleeping in a bench in an uncompromising position. She was trying to adjust herself but the moment she turned she fell down from the bench. Rubbing her eyes, she tried to open her eyes. Her neck was paining like hell. She had a habit of sleeping in her grand bedroom with soft pillows around her and everyday she wake up seeing her papa face and him calling her so lovingly.

''My darling Princess, wake up baby..your mumma is scolding me..wake up fast..'' A beautiful smile creep on her lips playing his sweet words but suddenly she open her eyes and saw no where around.

Khushi: ''Papa!!!'' Her heart arched. ''I miss you papa..'' She started sobbing but instantly composed herself. She have to be strong. She tried to stood but laying on the same position, her body shoot pain and she again closed her eyes.

Suddenly she felt someone shaking her. She get irritated.

''Papa please let me sleep, just 5 minutes...'' She muttered annoyingly in her slumber but then again felt someone again shook her. Lazily she rubbed her eyes and yawned while opening her eyes. Her eyes flew wide open seeing two hawaldar with their hands on hips. She look around and realized she is not in her home. She gulped seeing them.

Hawaldar 1: Hey girl, what you doing here? She get scared and inched backward.

Hawaldar 2: ''Where is your house and why you sleeping in garden..'' She remain silent trying to found words to say.

Khushi: ''Woh hum..yaha..'' She grumbled. They look on suspicious suspecting something and passed a look toward each other whispered something to each other. After a minute of silence, she heard one of them say.

Hawaldar 2: ''Get up and come to police station..'' She narrowed her eyes anxiously.

Khushi: ''No please..don't take me anywhere, I was about to reach home but then my scooty get puncher. I didn't saw garage or mechanic anywhere and came here without realizing when I get sleep..'' She lied brilliantly making an innocent face. His heart melt seeing her puppy dog face.

Hawaldar 1: ''Okay beta, don't worry now go back to home, your parents must be worried. It is not safe to spend night in lonely streets..anything would had happened..'' He made he understand politely. Khushi felt touched by his concern. She remembered her father and nodded obediently. She took step further when other policeman stopped her.

Hawaldar 2: ''Wait a minute, you said your scooty got puncher but I haven't see any vehicle here? Khushi was tongue tied.

Khushi: ''Erww.. actually I took my scooty for repairing in nearby garage and then walked in the street to find telephone booth to call my parents but I saw this lawn and..'' She looked down, don't want to lie anymore.

Hawaldar 1: ''Why you troubling this girl, can't you see how much she is scared, let her go...'' He scolded. Khushi feel bad by his trust upon her. ''Beta, you go to your home and take my mobile number if anytime you need me then rang me..hmm?'' She smiled soothing taking his card and immediately went off. She sighed finding one good person apart from other evils.

Eventually, Khushi was ruthlessly walking in the streets few more hours. She is feeling damn hungry and if it continues she will die due to starvation. Anyhow she have to manage money from somewhere else it gonna be difficult to survive. Neither she go back home nor take money from any of her relatives. Sudden she remember her friend Tanisha who stayed in shimla along with her husband. May be she can help me? She wondered hopefully

She checked her wrist watch and didn't realized 24 hours completed. No he cannot come here..don't think about that man. He is mad and cannot harm her again. Just forget him like a dark nightmare. Khushi glanced around and crossed the road to reach the foot path. She stood and waited for traffic to pass so that she can take auto and reach her friend home but again her thought shifted toward him. Absent minded she scanned on one side and began walking looking at one direction. She failed to see one car coming toward her. She was in the middle of road and didn't realize a car was about to hit her. But the moment she realized its too late and she closed her eyes in fear, waiting for pain to occur. But she didn't feel anything instead a strong arms pulled herself by her waist in one side.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and found a pair of eyes glaring her with so much intensity.

''Aap..?'' The thing she had fear come true. The same man she wanted run and hide herself again came in front of her.

Arnav: ''Your 24 hours is over, now come with me..'' Khushi expression was horrified.

Why he was here? What does he want and how he know I am here? She was confused and unable to comprehend the reason of his presence. To her utter surprise, she found ground slipping under her feet and he put her on her shoulder.

Khushi: ''Where you taking me? Bachao..someone please help me..'' He didn't gave damn to her plead and began walking taking her into her arms toward his car.

Khushi: ''Leave me, you monster..what the hell..'' She protested struggling into his arms.

Arnav: ''Can't leave you until you won't kiss me. You are going to stay with me..'' He commanded. Her jaw dropped by his stubbornness

Khushi: ''Shut up..i hate you..i just hate you..get off me..'' She yelled hitting his back with her tiny palm and he smiled considering it to be his victory.

Precap: ''I don't want to stay here!!'' She shrieked tried to hide her fear.

Arnav: ''Kiss me and go..!!''

Khushi: ''What make you think I will oblige your shameful demand like a robot?

Arnav: ''Its your mistake you didn't take my warning seriously and now bear the next payback...'' Her eyes grew widen in shocked listening his demand.

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