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Love is Complicated but that's why I have YOU

2. Routine

~Next day~

I woke up fresh as new, ready to start the day. I’m happy because I can have free time to look you up on social media.

I looked you up on Facebook, and there you appeared, with a radiant smile, and beautiful glowing skin. I clicked on your profile, but you appeared as a private account.

Damm it.... Looks like your really smart Natali. This reminded me of Beck, and how she posted many things on her social and kept it public so that everyone could see. I like you Natali, you dont care about showing off, you like being distant.

Well I can say you do have many friends, you have 2k friends, and not that I’m jealous, but I hope theres no friends after you. Poor Peach, she really thought she had a chance with Beck. I keep scrolling at least to see your information, and I saw your status.....

Relationship status : Dating

Fuckk!!! You really gave me a hope that you could be easy for me. You see Natali, I want to change, I don’t want to do horrible things, I don’t want to be a murderer anymore. But if you keep it this way, I’m going to make an exception and start being ruthless.

Anyway I have more work to do now. I have to know who you are dating, and I have to get rid of him.


Well, I looked you up on Instagram and I see your profile, this one was public. Weird? I scroll on your pics and something interested happen! I saw a picture of your so called” boyfriend”, hopefully lets see if you tagged him. And of course you did! Thanks Natali.

His name is Rafael Jones, he is 20, and from New York. Let me say you are picky aren’t you, his father is the owner of a famous restaurant, and his mother is a business woman in cosmetics. He works with both of his parents, and it looks like he is in Miami, Florida with his mom trying out a new product they are sponsoring.

Just be seeing his pictures, I can tell he is bad for Natali. He don’t deserve you, he doesn’t show you off, and isn’t loyal. The girls that comment on his pictures are drooling for him, and he comments back on them. What a jerk! He doesn’t even post anything about you! What a shame! Natali, I dont see why your with him, unless you of course just want him for benefits.


I see a pictures of his dad and his phone number. Let me read the caption.

“Anybody interested in being a waitress at the Raffaello Ristorante. Paying $12 an hour and no experience. Call this number to get in touch with me and set up an interview!”

That’s it. This will be my opportunity to meet Rafael. Natali don’t worry, I wont kill him unless he really hurts you.

My phone rings.

“Hello this is Joe, who is this?”

" Hiii Joe, my name is Natali from the bookstore. I um wanted to ask about the Great Gatsby, I don’t know if you remember me”

Jeez your voice makes me want to be with you right now love. I am so happy that you remember my name, that might give us a start.

" OHHH, yeah I remember. What do you need, I’m not working at the library today so..”

I don’t know the reason why she is calling but I’m glad she did. I don’t even know how she got my number, that is insane.

" Yeak I know, I actually passed by like 10 minutes ago.”

Okay this is getting more awkward, but at the same time I’m loving it. You are interested in me and so am I.

" Oh what did you need?” I ask.

" Well you know about the Great Gatsby and well, I wanted to ask if you could help me on the assignments”

I know you had a trouble saying this to me, I can hear your breathes, and how nervous you sound talking to me. You shouldn’t be nervous, I am your sweet angel.

" Oh yea, of course that will be fine but -” she cut me off.

" I will pay you, I promise. You don’t have to worry about that”

I smile. She thinks I want money, sadly I don’t want that all I want is to see you.

" No your fine, don’t worry. I would love to help. How about this, lets meet up somewhere and begin. I have a Gatsby book, and since were are beginning to know each other I’ll let you borrow it”

I hope you agree, because I can’t wait to see you, love. Why are you taking a long time to answer? Are you texting your boyfriend while talking to me?

" Yea, sure . Sorry I was just thinking a place to meet up. ”

You sound happy, and let me say I’m pleased.

" Why not the library and then walk to the coffee shop right around the block?”

Say yes, please. I want to walk with you, see how your hair moves along with the wind, to smell your attracting perfume odor, and see how you walk. I need to have some time with you to know you, and while we are walking will be a perfect timing.

" Yea that sounds great, I’m kind of new here so I’m glad you said the library”

You are new here? Well I didn’t expect that, they day you came in the library it looked like you knew exactly where you was at.

" Thats okay Natali, where are you from, if you don’t mind me asking?”

I hope not to sound like a stalker, but I really want to know where she is from. She intrigues me.

" I am from Jacksonville, Florida. Came here because they offer great programs and because the place here is beautiful. How about you?”

You are more beautiful Natali. Well what can I tell you Natali? That I came here because I murdered my ex, her boyfriend and her bestfriend just because I loved her and she cheated on me.

Los Angeles is full of places to hide a body, but when the person inside the body doesn’t love you, it’s not an easy thing, turning that breathing person into a dead one.

" Well I am from New York, yeah so I came here for a better life, everything is expensive over there and there aren’t many beaches. ” I lied.

" That’s true, there are many beaches here I suppose. I haven’t went to one, so much work in this program that I can’t even relax.” I hear here trying to laugh it off, but deep down she’s hurt. She wants to go to the places and have fun, but her boyfriend it so busy.

" I could take you sometime, if your boyfriend wouldn’t mind ” I joke. Hey, what can I say, you Natali are making me more confident. I know what you need, and I know you feel that chemistry between us.

“Hahah, how do you know I have a boy- well right now we are taking a break. Umm he does many businesses with his parents, and well-he-”

I cut her off. ” I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be in your business. I was joking.”

I feel guilty, she wants to be loved and that bastard Rafael, is just using her. I can feel her loneliness, and how she wants to be loved. Can’t wait to fuck her, and maker her moan with pleasure, kiss her neck, until she tells me to stop, to make her all mine.

" How about this, we meet up at the library go to the coffee and get some drinks, and head our way to the beach?”

Please say yes. I want to see your wearing a bikini, and tear it right off in the middle of the ocean.

" I- I don’t know what to say Joe. ”

“You don’t have to, I mean we are just going to walk and look around. Not actually swim-in the beach. We are going to talk about Gatsby, and start.”

Lets see what you say Natali, you think I want to take advantage of you, but I’m trying to keep this professional, make you think I’m a nice man.

You are taking a long time Natali, what you texting Rafael and ask him permission?

Come-on answer. Each second that goes by, I feel like my heart will jump out my chest.

“Yeah, but why not enjoy the beach too. We can swim and later read the book, right?”

Yesss. I got you where I want you to. You see Natali, I have to pretend that my intentions are appropriate, but going to the beach and just walk is something you don’t want to do. You want to have fun, make the spark grow between us, and let me say I do too.

“Okay, yeah whatever you think.” Is all I could manage to say.

" See you between some 10 minutes?”

I couldn’t tell if that was a question, or if a statement.

" Yeah that will be fine see you soon Natali”

Then she hanged up.

I have to get ready Joe, I will wear my normal clothes, I want to play the hard to get. Soon she will be mine.

See you in ten minutes, love.

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