Chapter 10

Winter was coming. Amy was pregnant. And John was leaving London. TODAY.

For last two weeks, Rose felt dead inside. Thought, of loosing him didn't let her to function normally. She couldn't eat. She couldn't sleep. Almost forgotten how to smile or enjoy her everyday life. In a chest, instead of her warm heart, now could sense only painful emptiness.

And it could be so great... she had wonderful friends, a place to belong, a job where she met new interesting, nice people, who were already becoming important to her. Even unexpected news of Amy's pregnancy turned out to be much less frightening, than she suspected. Rory behaved like the real man should, declaring how happy he was and that surely everything would be amazing. Dear Rory, always so quiet, so modest, once again proved his greatness.

Still, John was going to Edinburgh and nothing else seemed to matter now. Six months. Whole long six months. How she would survive that? Without him... without their endless talks about everything and nothing. Silly, ordinary things but also these the most important ones. Without his smile and wise, brown eyes so full of light. How could she live further without John? Rose didn't want to see him, too often lately. It already hurt too much. Moreover, needed to get used to his absence. But today was the last chance to bid farewell to him, before he would be gone. GONE. What a big, sad word...

Anyway, now she should go for the classes. Just... didn't feel up to it. She needed to talk to someone. To Donna. Only, Donna could help her now. Suddenly, Rose felt she really had to go there, before it's too late, or something bad, something irreversible would happen. Guided by this strange premonition, she quickly grabbed her blue leather jacket and left home.

Pretty soon got on place, gustily ringing the doorbell. In a moment, somebody opened the door. It wasn't Donna, yet some older, unfamiliar man. Rose thought it could be Donna's Grand Dad. She told her about him, always saying how wonderful man he was, whose she definitely should get to know finally. Also John smiling warmly mentioned about dearest Wilfred and watching stars with him, on the hill, where he used to spend most of time. Probably, that's why Rose never met him, despite the sincere willingness. Famous Wilfred... now looking at her a little puzzled, surely waiting for some explanation.

"Good morning, I'm sorry for bothering you, but looking for Donna. is she at home? I'm a friend of her. My name is Rose. Rose Tyler."

"Rose, of course! Is so nice to meet you finally. I've already heard a lot about you... I'm Donna's Grandfather. But you can call me Wilfred or Wilf if you want to..."

He confirmed her conjectures and added with nice, welcoming smile:

"I was just going to my special place, where I usually watch all these miracles in the sky. Would you like to come with me?"

Rose looked back at him. His face - so friendly and honest, full of kindness and real concern. Concern about an unknown girl, a stranger to him. Nevertheless, he didn't stint her of his own time. She realized, that already liked this man, can trust him. Moreover, she felt way much better now, like he could cure and help the others, by his presence itself. So, she simply answered:

"With a pleasure. "
Very sure, he knew she really meant it.

Wilfred leaded her towards this famous hill. What a beautiful view... They sat on a blanket and looked into they sky.

"It's not yet dark enough to see the stars, but is nice anyway, don't you think Rose? By the way, you've got beautiful name. And rare... "

"Oh thank you, honestly I never thought about it this way..."

"Maybe, you should then... I think the snow will fall soon, just look at these clouds..."

"Would be great. I really love snow..."

He looked carefully at her face, apparently searching for something in it... With these wise, bright eyes.

"Rose. Yesterday, at the same place you're sitting at the moment, sat a friend of mine, very dear to me. He was so sad, as you are. I really wanted to help him but yet had no idea how... Rose... we've just met and... in your eyes I am probably just a crazy old man, but could you trust me this time?"

"Believe me, you are so much more than just a crazy, old man Wilfred... I don't know why, but I already trust you..."

"Oh my dear child... there's something so very special in you... who could blame him... wait a minute..."

He got up, looking for something in the tent. Rose, touched by his words, didn't know what to say. Just... about what 'him' he was talking about... Soon, Wilf came back on the blanket with a big, envelope in intense blue color. He gave it to Rose and looking deeply in her eyes said:

"Rose, maybe I have no right to do it, anyway I'll take this risk... you should read it. You really must read it, as soon as possible!"

"But... what is it?

"Something very beautiful and very important, so please treat it carefully... and don't waste time..."

"You want me to leave now?"

"Don't get me wrong, as I really enjoy your company... but you need to read it, before it's too late."

"Then I will. Thank you Wilfred. I am so glad, I met you..."

"So I am! Will you come one day to watch stars with me?"

"I can't wait..."

She smiled with much lighter heart, ready to go back, yet Wilfred had something more to say.

"Rose... and please remember, that sometimes even if we are afraid or unsure of something, we should risk anyway, cause many years later looking back, can regret we were not brave enough..."

Rose walked down, thinking about these words and this wonderful man, who already helped her so much. She decided to find some cozy bench in the park to read this 'mysterious thing' in the envelope. Wilf said it's important, so she believed him. It was just after 2 p.m. If remembered well, John's train was leaving about 5, still a lot of time to goodbye him... She even spotted a nice bench, turning into its direction, but suddenly heard some voice calling her... In a moment recognized this pretty, dark skinned girl, who talked to John once...

"Rose, right?"

"I'm sorry, but do I know you?"

"Not personally, however I've heard a lot about you from Mickey. I'm Martha."
(Martha? THIS Martha?!)

"From Mickey?"

Then Rose reminded herself, in what 'special' circumstances, they met...

"Oooh right... a big, dirty puddle?"
Martha laugh at that.

"Indeed funny story... actually I should thank you... in fact if not you we'd never know each other.."

"Wait... you like him, don't you? Are you two..."

"Who can tell what future brings..."

The girl smiled warmly, with bright eyes.

Oh she had to ask...
"I thought you and John..."

"Me and John?! Noo! Well... I tried to get his attention for a long time, but he's very not interested, then you you appeared, so... Anyway, I gotta go Rose. I hope we'll talk again soon."

So that was Martha, seemed very nice. And wasn't dating with John, just with dear Mickey. What a big surprise. Only... did she say 'since you appeared'? Strange...

Finally, Rose sat on the bench.


by John Smith

So that was John's novel... he didn't want her to read it before... curious why... 'Let's find out, then...'
Rose read first sentences and when she started, couldn't brake away from it, until the last paragraph.

"... but she still lives, somewhere among this heavenly stardust. And as long, as the Doctor loves her, every time he looks at the sky, all the stars blossom out like bright flowers, all of them are smiling to him... And maybe one day... one wonderful he will find her again..."

She finished, feeling tears in her eyes. Because suddenly realized that this beautiful, sad story is about him. And about her. Everything written between the lines. Rose understood John felt exactly the same way she did. She must tell him... tell him before he would go... Oh it was so late! So late... Rose had to run.

So she run madly, like her life depended on it. So fast as they were both running, on that memorable day during the rain, for the first time holding each other hands... The fastest, she could almost loosing breath, but apparently still not enough... Too late, the train was moving yet ... faster and faster... John was leaving. Now he would never know. Think, she didn't even come to say goodbye. That she didn't care at all... Rose was standing on a platform in the middle of the crowd. So many people passing her by, so many different stories to tell... Tears were running down her face, one by one, but she didn't care.

Suddenly, she felt a warm hand of her shoulder and turned around.

Asked her beloved voice. No, impossible... was that a dream?

"John... aren't you in a train?"

"Oooh I've missed it. Will have to catch the next one... you didn't even come to say goodbye Rose..."

"Well I came now, seems just in time..."


He smiled sadly.

"So... you are taking the next train...?

"Rose... do you want me to go?"



"No! At least, until I tell you..."

"Tell me what, Rose?

"That... that I've read your novel..."

"You what? Ooooh... and...?"

"And... and I... I think we could write the next chapter... TOGETHER."

John, also thought It just had to be dream... a beautiful dream. And if it was, he wanted to dream it forever...

In a moment little snowflakes started falling from the sky, slowly covering up streets, homes and trees. So far gloomy, sad landscape pretty soon looked like from a fairy tale, whole buried under the white, soft quilt. Rose and John both waited for snow, but now they didn't even notice, as right now sank in the the most wonderful kiss, which last and last, like it would never end...

So many varied persons still passing them by, hurried to their own matters. And hardly anyone noticed, that there were two more happy people in this world, who just have found a safe haven in each other's arms...

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