5 years later, still inside the car, Donna was thinking about all these people who came here today. All these people, so important to her, whom she loved so much. She thought about Mum - sometimes too solicitous, but loving, now so proud of Donna. About beloved, wonderful Grand Dad, always supporting her no matter what happened. About her fantastic friends. Ponds with their pretty, little daughter Melody, constantly stirring up some troubles. Martha and Mickey, already married. How full of surprises this life sometimes proves to met in so funny way. Both sad, brokenhearted unexpectedly found their own little piece of heaven in each other's arms. Even Jack - this notorious philanderer, eternal free bird seemed to finally settled down, thanks to Ianto.

Finally about Rose and John, now so happy, that it was such a joy to look at them. From the very beginning, she knew these two are true soulmates, who just must be together. And here they are. Two great writers, but also still cute nerds living in their own - luckily common world. Today they even brought their sons. Tiny twins were laying in the blue double pram. Yet so similar to proud parents...

Then, she thought about Shaun. Her wonderful Shaun! How happy they were and how much they loved each other... All of them waited for Donna there...
Suddenly the doors opened.

"Ready? By the way, did I already tell you, you look gorgeous?"

Dearest Wilfred smiled warmly, offering his arm.


Donna answered, taking it. When they came into the church, she saw all these loving faces, now looking at her and suddenly felt that was ready indeed. Wonderful future waited for her so close, just at her fingertips, filled with beautiful moments like this one, shared with these people, who would always be somewhere around. She made the first step and moved towards the altar, where her future husband was already waiting.

And this once, everybody lived - happily, ever after...

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