Chapter 2

Rose barely opened her sleepy eyes and instead of getting up, just bundled up deeper into the pink bedding. She really had to hurry up, but it was so hard to leave this safe haven, which her own bed seemed to be now. The true was, that she felt a little scared and insecure. It was her first day in the college. New friends and teachers, new challenges. New, new life for her.

She always had some difficulties with getting to know people, probably because of her shyness and felt really lonely and small in the crowd of unfamiliar faces and strangers, who were passing her by, like she was invisible. Honestly, right now she really dreamed of staying at home and reading whole day, not going anywhere. What a perfection: herself, cup of hot coffee in hand and third part, of book series, she was completely addicted to lately.

At least, she had Mickey! Good, old Mickey. Rose had known him for ages and probably he was her best friend. Although, for a few last years she had suspected, he would like to be somebody more than just a friend to her. And in fact, when last month he decided, he wants to go to the college too, it only confirmed her presumptions. He was never too interested in learning and used to say, that as soon as he finishes school, he will never come back to it. Now he was going to the University for studying Social Science (because he didn't get to the Literature course like her) and apparently planning to keep an eye on her. Of course, she loved Mickey, but like a brother. Anyway now Rose was happy, he will be around. Maybe she won't be feeling so terribly lonely then... Suddenly her Mum's shriek broke her of these thoughts.

"ROOOSEEE! What a hell are you still doing in bed?! You want to be late in your very first day?!"

Then she just entered her room with a bang.

"I am getting up...5 more minutes, Mum please... "

"2 minutes! I will make you a breakfast. Honey, don't worry it'll be all right, you'll see!"

She knew her so well... Rose felt a little better and in fact really had to pull herself together at last. Mickey will be for her in a half an hour! And he was. On their way to the University Rose could see, he is much more relaxed than her. But Mickey was always opened to other people and not shy at all. Anyhow, his presence helped her in some manner and until they came into place, she was much calmer.

After first classes, she decided it's not so bad here. She even met one friend, who was studying History, but they had some lectures together. Amy was a tall, slim girl with amazing legs (about which Rose could only dream of...), great red hair and maybe she was a little too talkative but very nice. During their break, she already learned Amy was living with her boyfriend Rory (whom she loved very much - well she didn't say that, but Rose could feel it from the way she was talking about him) and have some great clique, which Rose obviously must get to know. She also started recounting about one of her best friends - some John, studying Literature too, who of course could help her with any problems and that they really had to talk about books one day!

Thanks to Amy, Rose came to other classes with much lighter heart. During the lunch break, she came to the canteen to get some coffee, decided to stay there and read her book what, as always absorbed her completely. At the end of the chapter, guided by some strange feeling, she looked up and her gaze met some older student, who at once escaped his eyes from her. 'What a great hair' came into her mind... Oh, not that she could look at him "in this way". After all of she got through during this terrible story with Jimmy Stones, she really didn't need any new problems in her heart, which by the way still hurt. But she couldn't resist to smile to him, when he looked at her once again. He seemed so... different. Like he wouldn't belong to this world, and she was feeling exactly this way so often... Anyway, luckily he had left the place with his friends and she could come back to Westeros...

Time was running fast and finally first day of classes finished. Not that bad indeed. Against her own will, an image of the mystery student from canteen crossed her mind. Mickey was waiting for her next to the main doors, and apparently couldn't wait to tell her about his lectures and people he met. With a smile, she went with him towards home, passing by THAT boy, who was staying with 2 other guys. 'No way, Rose Tyler! No more heart troubles!' she told herself. But couldn't help this odd warmth, which was again awakening in her stomach...

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