Chapter 3

'Rose. What a beautiful name...' was the first what came into John's mind. After a while he noticed all his friends are looking at him with amusement and decided to come back on Earth.

"So you know her, Amy?"

"Yes John, I do. In fact, once she started talking, I thought I must introduce her to you. You two have so much in common...and she is really cute. She studies Literature too, you know?"

"Oh don't tell me, there is a woman in this world, who could seem interesting to our dearest nerd!"

Jack obviously, was still having a lot of fun of him... But John, truly wanted to know something more about her. About Rose. Oh this name truly suited her perfectly!

"Come on Jack, stop laughing! You know well, our John needs somebody very, very special and if, as Amy is saying, this Rose is special indeed, they absolutely should meet. Who knows what can happen then..."

Dear, old Rory, tried to smooth situation.

They called Donna and told her to join them in their favorite small restoration, as soon as she'll be free. They liked this cozy place, with great food and reasonable prices. Moreover, nobody was looking at them sullenly, when they were remaining there for many hours, buying nothing more than just a cup of coffee or tea. But today they ordered also some food while Amy was summarizing her whole day. She told them about new teachers, interesting and 'boring as hell' subjects and lectures, about people she met and of course about Rose.

"Rose is the nicest of all of them. A little shy, but very sweet and clever. She also has great sense of humor."

"You mean she understands your jokes, Amy?"
Asked Jack with a smirk.

"Yes, she does you smartass! You would get it too, if you were more intelligent!"

"Oh, don't be offended my beauty! You know I'm just joking. We all love your sense of humor!"

These two loved squabbling with each other. Meanwhile John wondered how to ask about one matter which was still bothering him - that guy, who was waiting for Rose in front of the university...

Before he made any decision, Donna stood in the restroom door, so the whole group naturally focused on her, forgetting about making fun of him. After spotting their table, she started coming into this direction with a smile on her face. John really liked her, and in fact she was probably his closest friend. Of course, he had wonderful contact with Rory and Jack, maybe a little worse with Amy, but Donna could understand him best, often even without words. She was very like him. Usually sarcastic and funny, when he had some bigger problem, needed a support or help, was becoming really sensitive and full of empathy. He could always count on her and tell her everything. Surely it worked in both sides, although John couldn't be sure, if she thinks about him in the same way... He also loved Donna's Grandfather - Wilfred, a wonderful man, who was very special to him, like a father he never had...

"Heyyy guys, hello space man!"

Donna greeted them. She liked to called him like that and maybe had some point in this, considering how far from Earth his mind usually was...

"Donna, finally! I must tell you so much about my classes! And people! Where have you been for so long?"

"Amy, I came the fastest I could, have just finished my lectures, so you know....And anyway I am quite sure, boys have made a great audience..."

She was on a forth year of history, so they didn't have any classes together, but many notes and useful information about teachers and subjects instead.

"Surely, we have! But you've missed many interesting things, Donna. About John for example..."

Of course, Jack was starting once again...John could already feel warmth on his cheeks...

When they told Donna about Rose, she looked at him with comprehension. Dearest Donna, could see how uncomfortable he is about whole this situation, she tried to change the topic, but with not too big success. After the dinner, they decided to slowly come back homes. Finally, they all had to wake up rather early next day. Before sleep, John tried to read, but was not able to focus on the book at all. His whole night was filled with dreams about the exceptional blonde, at the beginning even realistic. They were walking through the green grass and having an absorbing conversation, but when suddenly met strange creatures looked like cat - people or something and Rose looked at his amusement with a smirk, saying "You know nothing, John Smith" he realized it must be just a dream, which from this moment started being more and more ridiculous.

In the morning, he woke up in a very peculiar mood. He had a strange feeling that something important will happen this day...

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