Chapter 4

The alarm clock rung and Rose opened her eyes. Lately she slept well, not being nervous or stressed out. After first few days she wasn't afraid of studies anymore. In fact, she even though it may be a beginning of something great. A new, really interesting chapter in her life. People from her group seemed nice and some of the lectures were so fascinating! They already had a lot of work to do, but considering it was connected with writing and reading - two of her biggest loves, she could totally deal with it.

However, she had to go to the Library today to borrow some useful books and meanwhile maybe something just for fun too. She almost finished the third part of the series, was reading and very soon will need the next one. She looked for her cell phone, which still was in her bag and saw some new messages. Of course most of them were from Mickey, who apparently wanted to mark his presence in her mind any moment he could. Good, old Mickey. What should she do with him. Rose truly appreciated their friendship but was sure, she could never love him 'in this way'. Actually she was very surprised that he wanted her to. They were like brother and sister, knowing each other from childhood. He used to spend a lot of time in their house, because his parents weren't too interested in him. At least he had a great Grand Mum, who took care of him. But he loved being with Rose and her Mum, who in fact treated him like an own son. And now after all these years, he suddenly wants to be her boyfriend. Oh if he could meet some nice girl this crazy idea would fly away from his mind immediately...

One message was from Amy and she couldn't resist to smile seeing it. Amy was a little too talkative and noisy, so very different from rather reticent, calm Rose, yet she was so nice and full of some good energy. Rose already liked her and who knows, maybe they can even become good friends one day...

'Rose sweetie, remember tonight you're going out with us!!! '

Oh my, of course she had forgotten! From the beginning Amy was still repeating, Rose absolutely must meet her friends, who seemed to be really great from her relations...just she felt a little insecure about it anyway. They all knew each other for years and were surely very close, being a harmonious team. She will feel like an intruder among them... But she couldn't refuse now, however she didn't feel so confident anymore.

Absorbed in all these thoughts, she quickly took a shower. The time was running fast... Fortunately, Mum was awake so she made her coffee and some breakfast. Probably, she will have to go for this meeting, directly from Uni... After a short research in her wardrobe wanting to find something what didn't need ironing, she decided to put on her favorite jeans skirt with braces and light pink t-shirt. She packed her bag and went out.
Exceptionally, Mickey didn't escort her, because his classes started earlier today. She put on headphones and drown in her own world.

During the break Rose went to the library looking for all she needed. Sadly, there was no fourth part of the series...Slowly, she moved forward. With a stack of books in her hands, she could barely see anything... And suddenly, she bumped into someone like a total milksop dropping out all volumes around. Rose was sure her cheeks are already red, but seeing whom she just fall over, totally froze her. It was this student from the canteen, she saw the first day. Later she noticed him a few times, in the corridor alone or with his friends, however she decided not to think about the mysterious student and this strange sensation she felt that day. And now he was standing right in front of her, surprised and confused, surely thinking how clumsy she is. Oh she must say something...

"I am so sorry! I...I haven't seen you..."

"No problem, really! Is my fault too in fact... Are you alright?"

Surely, it wasn't his fault, she just should have focused more. Not known why, he seemed so embarrassed and tentative as she was... Against her own will, she thought how nice his voice is...

"Yes, yes...and you okay?"

"Safe and sound. Wait, let me help you..."

He smiled giving her hand and suddenly she had an impression like some sparkle flushed between them. Together they picked up all the books quickly.

"I am John, by the way..."
He added still smiling shyly.

"Rose. Nice to meet you..."

Why wasn't she able to say reasonable right now?! Her mind was completely blocked.. He surely though she was just stupid...

"I must classes starts in a moment. Once more my apologize and thanks for help."

She added. In fact her lecture was in a half hour, but she yet made enough fool of herself.

"You're welcome, no problem at all...and Rose, be careful next time"

For a moment it looked like he wanted to say something more, but finally just smiled to her. So, Rose smiled too and run away from this awkward situation.

Of course, she couldn't focus on her classes anymore, still thinking how stupid and pathetic she is. She had the last lecture with Amy and talking with her, she forgot about it a little. She told Rose, they will join her friends in their favorite place, where they are already waiting. Actually, maybe that wasn't so bad idea to spend this evening with them. At least, she won't have time to thinking about her stupidity. This small restroom seemed very nice indeed. When they came into, soon Amy noticed her friends so she lead Rose in this direction.

"Guuuuyyyys! And this is Rose."

She said aloud and the whole group immediately payed attention on her and started greetings, outshouting one another. Rose was smiling, because they all looked really nice and opened.

But, when she saw who is sitting in the corner with a warm smile on his face, she petrified...

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