Chapter 5

John was sitting comfortably and sipping cold beer, with Donna, Rory and Jack by their favotite table, next to the window. They waited for Amy, who as Rory had said, was going to join them soon. He was talking with Donna, but in fact his mind was still flying away, to the library and one pretty blonde... After today's incident, he really couldn't get her out of his head. She was so cute and nice... just why she run away so fast... maybe she thought he is a bore...

"John why aren't you listening to me at all?! "

Donna's voice broke him off these thoughts. Seemed, she asked something and was waiting for his answer...

"Yes, yes sure I'm just tired... could you repeat the question?"

"I've asked what you are going to do about it?"

"About what?"

"Ooooh how long time ago have you flown away to your crazy world, Spaceman!?"

She tried to sound severely, but he knew well she is mainly amused.

"Hmmm... we were talking about your new 'sexy as hell' professor... right?"

"Dear Lord... so about 10 minutes ago. John I love your wool-gathering, but this is important, so please try to focus for a moment, okay? I was telling you about Martha. Are you going to do something about her?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know well what I mean! She was questioning me about you again yesterday. And was also very curious what is your phone number, because this one you've given her is not working..."

Oh dear... Martha was Donna's acquaintance. They met on some Spanish course, a few years ago and once she itroduced her to him. He would have nothing against that... Martha was nice, smart girl and they could even be friends one day. But... from the very beginning she was staring at him with this specific, puppy eyes and trying to do everything to seduce him, what only made him terrible uncomfortable and vexed. John really liked Martha. but was very sure, he could never fall in love with her. He was showing it, every time they met, but apparently she didn't see it at all or ddidn't want to see. When she wanted John's phone number, he just made up one, cause was sure otherwise, she won't leave him in peace. And now the same story once again...

"Ooooh...maybe I made some mistake with the number..."

"John stop fooling me... we both know well, she is totally in love with you and you are so not interested! Why won't you just say it to her? Will you be playing in a mouse and cat game endlessly?"

"I am always suggesting it to her..."

"And she still thinks you like her, but are too shy to do anything... you must truly talk to her about it sooner or later."

"I will try to do something about it, okay?"

"Please do, because I feel awkward too. Every time she asks me about you, I have to made up some silly explanations..."

"I know, you are an angel Donna."

"Have you ever doubt it?!"
She answered with a smile and turned to Rory, who was absorbed in some conversation with Jack now.

"Rory, where is Amy by the way? We are waiting here for ages..."

"Oh, she text me they will be here soon."

"They? I didn't know Amy will come with somebody..."

John was a little surprised. They usually didn't bring any other friends to their meetings. It really had to be some one special. Soon Jack dispel his doubts, saying with a wide smirk.

"Ooooh, you don't know, John? Amy finally, decided to, introduce Rose to us. Reportedly she is a great material for a new member to our dream team. Have we forgotten about telling you she will come?? Nooo way..."

Jack surely had an amazing fun of John, who quickly start blushing. He couldn't decide if he was more nervous or happy that he will see Rose again this day. However, he got no time to think about it, because in that moment, Amy showed up in the doorway drawing somebody along her.

Like always, as soon as Amy appeared somewhere, she started making a lot of noise and movement around her. Rory must have an angel patience... he looked at his friend and saw he was gazing at Amy with a blissful smile. Probably, he would never believe if someone told him, that pretty soon he was staring at the second girl, who of course turned out to be Rose, with the same face expression.

Rose was looking around with a shy smile on her full lips, but when he noticed John, her face expression changed, becoming more nervous and a little insecure. It looked like she felt ashamed. But why? John unconsciously, was still smiling to her like an idiot and in a moment, she smiled him back.

"Roooose! Finally! We have heard so much about you, that I feel like I know you for ages!"

Sometimes, John was really jealous about Jack's socializing skills... Rose turned to his friend, surely noticing how handsome he is, and answered noticeably already emboldened.

"Oh I am quite sure, Amy didn't tell you so much about me, as me about you guys! And you of course must be Jack!"

"Jack Harkness, at your service my lady!"

Rose couldn't resist to laugh and very soon she seemed much more relaxed and comfortable in their group. Naturally, she wasn't so talkative as Amy, but anyway John learnt some new things about her. She was living with her Mum, because had no money to rent anything for herself yet. She wanted to find some job soon, but on the other hand was still worried about Mother, who would stay alone in an empty house.
After a while, even Rory seeing how nice Rose is, decided to entertain her with a talk, asking about her favorite music genre and bands she likes. It appeared she mostly loves alternative rock (like John!) and generally, she just couldn't imagine life without music. They all at once, wanted to ask her about many things, so John even had no time to talk to her himself.

"Rose, Amy told us you are such a big bookworm as our Johny!"

"Jaaaack! I've never used these words you moron!!! I just said Rose likes books."

"Oh no, don't worry. In fact a bookworm, probably suits me quite well"

"It's weird, you haven't met in the library yet then."
Added Jack, who seemed again reading in John's mind.

He and Rose simultaneously, glanced at each other, both a little embarrassed so John decided to use this opportunity and try to change this whole awkwardness between them into a joke.

"In fact, we have already met in some way..."
He said smiling.

Rose apparently could feel his intentions, so she added:
"Indeed, but I literally attacked him with books..."

Donna, was observing them for a while and she noticed all these subtle signs between them so full of hidden emotions. She could already understand what was happening here, even if they weren't aware of it themselves.

"Well, John is always saying books are the best weapons in the world, so..."

She joked, and the whole group burst into laugh. The atmoshere by their table became idyllic. All John's friends were behaving, like Rose was always a part of their team and in fact she fitted to it perfectly... At this moment, she was totally absorbed in some interesting conversation with Donna, who seemed charmed with her. It was a meaningful sign to John, considering how important Donna was to him. She also never had too good contact with any girls, preferring male company. Now, he wanted to get to know Rose even more. Like a friend of course! He decided not to think about this strange sensation in his stomach, which was appearing there every time, he saw her, at least not now.

That was really enjoyable evening, in fact much better than John had expected. But all good things must come to an end...
Very soon, Rory and Amy decided it's late and they need to go home. Rose told she should go too, cause had a lecture early next day. Before, John could make any move, Jack proposed to escort her, as he had some misery business in the neighborhood. He wasn't very happy about it, but now it was too late. They all said goodbye to each other. Rory and Amy took a cab, while the rest separated, going into two different directions. Rose with Jack and Donna with John. Seeing Rose waking away in a company of his hot friend made him a little sad, in fact. But when after a few steps, Rose suddenly turned back and gave him one of this beautiful smiles, the world became wonderful again.
So John was coming back with Donna. They were both very quiet, what was rather unusual for them. Usually, she was talking endlessly or they were quibbling about something.Tonight Donna was looking at him with a mysterious, warm smile. Finally he broke the silence.

"Did you know, Amy will come with Rose tonight?"

"Nooo, I was as surprised as you were John"

She was still gazing at him strangely, evidently looking for something in his face and added:

"You like her, right?"

Fortunately it was dark, because he could feel his cheeks must be red now.

"Well, I think all of the team likes her... she seems really...nice, doesn't she?"

"Nice? I'm sure you could find some more sophisticated word Spaceman. Anyway, you really must get to know her better. Trust me, she is worth it. "

"Is she? " John asked silly, already being sure she was right.

"You know that yourself best, don't you?"

She looked at him. Everything became clearer. John didn't need to say a word seeing Donna knew well, what he felt right now. That she was happy, full of hope and good emotions like he was. So they just smiled to each other, both enjoying their company and together moved forward in silence.

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