Chapter 6

After the memorable evening, when Rose was introduced to Amy's friends, everything has changed. Actually, she was rather nervous before this meeting. She didn't know anyone, except Amy, while they already made a harmonious team. Rose suspected they will treat her like a stranger, an intruder. But she was very surprised. All these young, nice people were so friendly and open. Among them, she could be true herself, no one was judging or evaluating her. Apparently, she was pretty soon accepted by them as a new member of their group, she could really feel it. And finally, she found herself in this new life, she belonged somewhere.

There was only one problem, however a big one. John. The mysterious man, who was obtrusively haunting Rose's mind, against her own will, since she saw him for the first time. Who still could't leave her head, causing perturbations and some peculiar warmth in the heart, every time he was around. Amy leaded her into the restroom, that evening and then she realized he is this famous John from stories about 'the team', almost froze. Especially, after this embarrassing event in the library... Rose surely blushed like a ripe strawberry and started panicking. But when she finally dared to look at him, he was smiling warmly, like she didn't made an entire fool of herself at all, barely few hours ago. His smile was so contagious, that she just had to smile him back!

The whole group wanted to get to know 'the new one' better, overwhelming her with dozens questions simultaneously and quickly she realized how much they all have in common. It was a little worse, when Jack accidentally call out the dangerous 'library topic'. Yet it seemed John wanted to laugh off, that stupid situation, so she gladly joined him. Soon, the whole team was laughing loud, hearing how she attacked poor John and Rose felt way much better. The ambiance at their table became idyllic. Unfortunately, time was running too fast, so finally they had to say goodbye. That was really enjoyable evening, hopefully one of many others waiting for her in the future... Just somehow she felt a little disappointed, that John didn't propose to walk her home, instead of Jack. In fact, he was the only person, she had no opportunity to talk to more this evening, while somehow he seemed the most interesting one... Besides Donna of course! They had so interesting conversation together, so many common themes to talk about, despite the fact each of them was different. Rose had a feeling Donna could become her real friend one day, maybe even the best one... All of these people, she met were great. Rory seemed full of compassion and very cute, rather shy, but she knew this feeling well. He couldn't take his eyes of Amy, who rarely showed her true feelings, however it was visible how much she loves him back. Rose deep down dreamed, that one day she will meet somebody who will love her like that... On the way back home she had an opportunity to get to know Jack better. He turned out to be a great companion, funny, talkative, well maybe a little too flirting type. Perhaps, it was his natural way of talking to people, no matter men or women...

Still only John was remaining mysterious to her and Rose was hoping, soon she will get a chance to know him better, naturally as a potential friend nothing more! Especially, that it seemed he was already interested in someone. After Jack smirking mentioned about some Martha, John noticeably lost countenance and flushed. 'But what do I care?! I am ABSOLUTELY not interested in this way too!' Rose thought, sudden angrily, hiding even from herself how jealous she really was...

A few days passed by and Rose could see 'the team' truly liked her. Once she run across Rory in the corridor between lectures. They had a little, nice chat about music and books. Other day, Jack spotted her in the supermarket, deciding he must help the shopping, meanwhile entertaining girl, telling funny stories. Yesterday, she noticed Donna in the park and they had another fascinating conversation. She even told, Rose must visit her one day, so they could have more time to talk. During the lectures, Amy assured Rose that the whole gang already 'totally loved her!'. She also reminded about the party this Friday in her and Rory's flat. In spite of herself Rose wondered if John will come too and whether he will bring this Martha then. Anyway she was glad, that will spend more time with her new friends so soon.

This autumn was very hot, so although the end of October, today's morning Rose decided to put on her favorite gray blouse with bare shoulders. Now she really regretted it. The weather changed completely during the classes. It became much colder outside, the sky darkened dangerously and gusty wind started blowing.'If it will start raining, I will surely freeze over...' she though, angry at herself. She really should have taken some hoodie or jumper, just in case.

Rose left the main building, heading for home. Maybe she could get it before the downpour... In a moment, heard someone's calling her name, so turned around. It was John. He was smiling shyly and looked a little sheepish. As if he was feeling in exactly the same way, she did... 'We must look like two frightened rooks.' she thought with amusement and greeted him. Farther they walked together, at last getting a chance to talk more. After first timidity, soon it turned out how much they had in common. Absorbed in conversation about the series of books, they were both reading right now, didn't even notice, when it started sprinkling. Only abrupt, heavy fall of rain awakened them. John looked at Rose, apparently making some decision, suddenly grabbed her hand and said firmly:


And they run wildly, looking for some place to hide. Finally, found an opened gate in some old tenement house, where they could wait out the worst rain. Both of them were wet, Rose even soaked through, in her light blouse, which now was adhering her body definitely much too tightly... Firstly, they burst into laugh, seeing how funny must look now. But John quickly, rallied and really concerned noticed she surely was freezing. Indeed, she was already quaking. With no doubt, John was way much better prepared for the unpredictable weather. Wearing long, wide coat on her favorite brown, striped suit and white converses, what somehow suited him so well...'WAIT WHAT?! HER?! No, no HIS of course she meant! And what a hell she is thinking about?! It's all this cold's fault...'. Anyway, he surely was way much better dressed than Rose.

"Come here, it's really wide, there is enough place for two."

And, before, she could protest, he pulled her closer, covering her shoulders with his coat tenderly.

"You are right, it's bigger on the inside!"
She answered jokingly.

Wrapped in John's coat, protectively embraced by him, she started warming up. They were so close, Rose could feel the warmth of his body, his masculine scent - subtle, fresh... and so intoxicating... She was totally dazed, confused but also it was so safe in his arms... Didn't hear anything except rain, their breaths and some strange, noisy but regular thud. In a while, she realized it was her own heart, beating madly... They were so close, that she could feel John's heart is thumping fast in the same way...

Meanwhile it stopped raining. He loosened the hug, proposing she should stay in his coat. Rose protested, but he forced her to wear at least his jacket. So she, in fact gracefully, put it on and suddenly, if on cue, they simultaneously looked deeply into each other eyes, not saying a word.
It lasted long, maybe for 20 seconds or a minute, or hours, days, for all eternity... like time didn't exist... Again, at the same time they looked away from one another, as some important matter was solved and slowly went towards the road. In natural way, crossing the street, John took Rose's hand leading her into the right direction.

Why were they still holding their hands? Why none of them said a word since they left their shelter? Rose decided, she won't be wondering about it now. Moreover, this silence between them was full of some hidden delight and excitement, so right now, she just decided to enjoy the moment, not thinking what will be later...

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