Chapter 7

Yesterday, John realized he's completely lost. Before, always so sure can control his life and own emotions, now found out that was only fooling himself. He noticed Rose, so decided to say hello (sadly not rethinking long enough if it's really a good idea). After first awkwardness, in a while they started conversation, finding out how much had in common. Everything seemed to aim into the right direction. As John suspected, Rose was very clever and well-read, but also could listen (not usual feature). She had a great sense of humor, this specific type he liked so much. With a huge relief, he thought they really can become just good friends, forgetting about all these strange emotions between them.

But everything changed during the rain, under his own coat... When she was so close that he could feel her soft skin, her stunning scent and wet hair on his cheek, his mind couldn't work properly anymore. With a burning head full of crazy thoughts, heart pounding madly - he was feeling like drugged. Drugged by her... his newly discovered self-confidence quickly disappeared and suddenly he realized she is not only an intelligent, cute person but as well very attractive, beautiful woman. Some inexplicable strength was pulling him towards this amazing girl, who probably wasn't even aware how strongly she affected him. He noticed her completely drenched blouse, which now clung tightly to her body, emphasizing seductive shapes. With burning cheeks, John decided to better focus on rain. All these sensations, he could feel now were frightening but really exciting at the same time. He didn't want this moment to end so soon, sadly the weather calmed down, so they had to leave their cozy shelter. In fact, he regretted a little... Then he looked deeply into her beautiful, hazel eyes seeing so many emotions there... his own emotions. They were glowing, filled with warmth and some mysteries happiness full of hope, like she's sure that so many wonderful things were ahead of them - them together... He didn't regretted anymore. Without useless words, he took her fragile hand into his own, softly leading her forwards.

How differently it all looked in the day light! Now John could see how ridiculous whole that evening seemed. He surely imagined most of this, assumed (who knows why) that Rose felt exactly the same, he did. It was dark, she - cold and drenched. In her eyes was nothing but a kindness, cause she's very nice person, maybe even liked him - as a little weird friend, nothing more! He had almost forgotten, she's seeing someone. This Ricky, no Micky! John saw them with his own eyes, more than once... they seemed very close, not even saying about the way that guy was looking at her... Rose even mentioned him a few times talking to Donna. Obviously, it was her boyfriend. He felt like a complete idiot. What was he imagining himself?! How could he look into her eyes now? Hopefully, didn't expose his true emotions too visible, so she didn't notice them... And today was this Pond's party, where they'll probably meet. What if she will bring this Micky? Oh, no! He really needed to calm down! In this situation, at least everything will become clear. Painful but clear. Whatever! He had to hurry up, if he didn't want to be late for classes again. No time for pointless brooding now!

After classes he wanted to visit Donna, give her back one book. Well, he could take it to the party, as well, however needed to see his best friend and occupy his mind with something else than Rose. Wearing the same jacket what yesterday, he could still feel her scent on it. It surely didn't help... Unluckily Donna wasn't alone. John would gladly meet Wilf, but instead of him he saw Martha.


She greeted him all smiles.

"Hi, Martha. Is Donna at home?"

It sounded rather harsh, maybe even rude. Anyway, he definitely had no power to handle her wooing at this moment.

"Here I am Spaceman!"

Donna regaled him a good tea, quickly noticing he would like to talk, however there was no way to get rid off Martha. At least they could talk about books for a while, always interesting subject, also a safe one. She told him about one book she just had to read as soon as find some time finally.

"Oh I don't remember the title now, Rose would know... She had read it recently."

Rose... he felt an odd sensation in his stomach, smiling like an idiot unconsciously.


Asked Martha, suddenly very interested. Apparently, she saw something suspicious in John's face expression. Something, what she surely wouldn't like to see as a reaction to any female name other than her own.

"Oh a new friend of ours. She's wonderful, you should meet her one day!"

Donna explained, smiling warmly to John. She had read in his face many things too. With this difference, she was happy about it.

"I just can't wait ..."

For a moment Martha seemed very similar to a little shark... John decided it's time to go. He knew, will see Donna tonight, so hopefully they will have an opportunity to talk, at last. Now, she escorted him to the doorway.

"Sorry, I know you didn't expect this kind of surprise.. Are you okay by the way? We need to talk tonight, don't we?"

"Oh yes. Don't worry we'll talk later, Donna."

He convinced her and went home.

The time was running fast... soon he was going to Amy and Rory's flat with Jack. He was bubbling about some 'cute' bloke, named Ianto. Old, good Jack, notorious philanderer and free bird. Thought, John smiling. Of course, they were late, as usually. He always had problems with punctuality but Jack was even worse in this matter. However, when they reached the place, it turned out were not the last. Still no Donna. And Rose.

"FINALLY! I've already thought you got lost!"

Shouted Amy smirking. Rory greeted them happily, telling they must try wine his dad had made on his own. John noticed the whole barrel of it. He looked around, recognizing familiar faces. Rory's old friend Danny was sitting on a coach with his girlfriend Clara. They were both studying at the other uni and, as he heard wanted to be teachers.

Good music was playing in the background (they all had rather similar taste), wine proved to be very good (although strong), so his mood positively improved itself. It could be a great evening, if he just won't make anything stupid... John decided he should treat Rose in natural friendly way and everything will be fine. Actually, perhaps he overreacted yesterday with all his feelings, at last his own imagination was often making him jokes... In a while girls arrived - together like best friends. Not any Mickey at the horizon! (not that he cared...) He surely could be Rose's friend too, no need to worry... (though this short skirt, she's wearing wasn't very helpful ).

"Beautiful ladies! Welcome, welcome!"

"Jack, it's not your apartment, remember?"

Amy went to the doorway, but guests were already greeted heartily by Jack. He was trying to embrace both girls at the same time, what looked rather funny. Mostly considering Donna's reaction.

"Oooooy! Get your filthy hands off, you dumbo!"

"Oh I've missed you too Donna!"

They usually talked to each other in this way, however with honest sympathy. Rose seemed amused, grinning cordially. When she noticed John, something hardly visible changed in her eyes, but they were still warm, so he calmed down a little.

"Hello, John"


He answered, not very clever, probably smiling like an idiot. Very quickly (before Jack could take care of them himself), Amy leaded girls to the living room, introducing Rose to Danny and Clara. Rory poured them wine and the party proceed in rather ordinary way. Pretty soon Rose seemed to feel comfortable, talking to everyone (besides him), right now with Jack. He heard a part of their conversation.

"...and then they started calling me 'the face of Boe', can you imagine?!"

Rose burst into laugh and everyone who already knew this story could understand her easily. The atmosphere was better every moment, their minds already a little fuddled with wine, so finally he also felt more relaxed. Suddenly, even decided to sit next to Rose at the table. She talked to Donna, who seeing him immediately declared he must drink with them some wine an tell Rose about that movie, they had seen together last month (because he can describe it way much better - as she explained). So he did (thinking he must repay her somehow for that). Rose seemed really interested, however Donna in for a while went to the bathroom and didn't come back (discreetly moving to the kitchen very content of herself).

Surprisingly, they didn't even notice it, both involved in an interesting conversation, enjoying their own company. Talking about many things, not bored at all, they totally lost the sense of time. In a moment found themselves next to the music player (one God knows how). John decided to show her a few of his most favorite songs. They were standing very close to each other, still absorbed in a quiet confab, both smiling brightly with glittering eyes. When he looked around, realized it must be really late. Clara and Danny were gone yet, Amy sleeping on one armchair with Rory, cuddled up to him, whereas Donna vanished somewhere in Jack's company. Meanwhile, Rose seemed closer and closer. Maybe, because of her addicting scent which together with wine started dazing his mind, or beautiful music or dimmed light, anyway John felt like in heaven. When Rose tenderly touched his arm, he almost decided to accomplish the crazy idea and kiss her. It could be only an impression, but had a feeling she wouldn't mind at all...

But suddenly someone burst into the room, completely ruining this magical moment. Jack - of course!

"I'm sorry lovebirds, but must steal you for a minute John..."

What could he do... Rose assured she's not going anywhere so can wait here. Unfortunately, when he came back, found her on the couch, nestling to Donna, both already asleep. He felt a little disappointed, however his heart melted at this sight. They looked so adorable together. His two most precious woman under the Sun, deep in wonderful dreams... Smiling warmly he took a soft blanket, covered them gently and quietly left room to find Jack. Apparently, party was over.

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